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This is a personal website. Once started in 1998, and that went through various phases. It reflects on and presents a selection of the designer's interests, some are favourites of sorts, and we see collection area's. It also offers studies performed in various subjects. The Wise Old GoatA few visitors have responded with that they found the mixture of topics a bit bizarre. Well, is it really? I think they are not. For the casual superficial viewer this may be so, I would rather say that they are all creations of a particular kind. It is the kind that never really dies, and there is a reason for it. It can be taken as if there is a line going through all this that in a sense pretty much relate all of them. They are creations in themselves. See, there is something to be gotten, something to be learned, something to be experienced, or to become aware of. Don't look at the phenomena or some outer appearance, look at the interaction. How have people perceived these, and so on. On this website there is also a bit found about books dealing with these topics of interest. Then you find that there are some wantlists included, so if you have something that would interest me.

Feel free to communicate with me about what you'll find on these pages. Have any suggestions, something not clear or do you see incorrect data? Well, throw a line!



Who is this?  What is he about?

Me: Norhtwest coast of USA
Stormy weather: Northwest coast USA, September 2011

He is basically just a traveler. Has been residing for a while now in Sweden. His origins are found in the Netherlands (some will call it for Holland, however this is strictly taken only a small part of these lowlands). Had some adventures in USA, living and working there for some 3 years, some time in Denmark and some other places. Some good experiences there and some not so good, but without opposition you will not learn and start seeing what there is to see. Therefore if you want to learn, you have to invite problems and oppositions, and then continue keep being loyal to your own integrity. The question then is how one is going to cope with the not so good. The choice we have is to go effect of it or be at cause over the situation and this we can do through observation which eventually will lead to understanding. In that way a not so good experience will transform into a good experience, a lesson taught so to say. There is the intent to get to the bottom of things. He will be as thorough as need be. What is his cause? Solving some mysteries, ... maybe? Who can tell? He might be determined enough? Whatever it is, he is very scientific about it, and he will not allow anyone to tell him how things are. He will listen to what you have to say, but don't try to control or persuade him by use of authoritiveness or any other such undignified means.

Rupert runsHas a go for old things. Antiques, historical relics, and such. A passion you can say he has for books, he collects them, examines them and for a while occupied himself with categorizing bibliographical data when this was lacking. Many of these books have to do with the spiritual in some way, however books about history, particularly middle age, old mysteries, witch hunt, mass hysteria phenomena, and so on, may have caught his attention. You see recorded writings tells a tale of a past, with that you can forecast what will happen next. A scientific ingredient however permeates it all. And so naturally, books about science certainly could not be missing here. Today's science books however require evaluation. We are being told a lot, and people assume a lot, copying from others and going in agreement is easy, but where is the actual truth found?

If required he can spend whole days and weeks in dusty archives, researching, looking and collecting information. Who want to bake his body at the beach when there are places you can learn about stuff? He mixes the past with the future, he finds it interesting to figure out things. In particular the more complicated questions and mysteries of life. His interests are rather broad and he always tries to learn something. He by far is no superficial person, there is more to life than just these little problems man is so very eager to occupy himself with. Has performed extensive studies in history (ancient and middle ages in particular), philosophy and religion through many years. Worked also with archaeology for a number of years, out in the field, and in the laboratories when he was a bit younger. Always trying to find and establish common denominators. For each problem there is a solution, that is if the mind is not too fixated. Many people out there however suffer from a fixated mind. Any problems met may be sometimes ... well devastating, but if you persist, ... a lesson will be learned. That lesson learned you will take with you, but not your earthly possessions, so who cares about these. He studied also computers for some years full time, a helpful tool to help you organize things and enabling you to do all sorts of things. For example reaching out on the Internet by putting together a website like this. He may move to Crete at some point, living high up in the mountains over there! We'll wait and see what happens!

A word about ‘spirits’

(Frontispiece from an early American publication of ‘A Romance of Two Worlds’ by Marie Corelli, a book   dealing with exteriorization)

I actually address here the matter of authority. A very troublesome topic, indeed it is. Because ..., people adopt authorities all over the place and then literally swear by them! They are a replacement for personal insecurity no doubt! Being independent in oneself is hard to do for very many people. Still this is the only thing that will allow you to learn about you. And so here we have the matter of spirits. Spirits may be defined as those who past away and at this time are having some sort of existence elsewhere. A popular topic these days. And yes, something will remain of you, as energy just does not disappear in thin air. I just want to make it well understood that I do not, I repeat … I do not advocate contacting or dealing personally with spirits as such. For one thing you do not know with whom or what you are dealing, basically there is no way of verification that they are whom they say they are. Secondly, what is the actual use of it, besides curiosity for this phenomena? Thirdly, there is no guarantee that those who did pass away should have acquired some special knowledge now that they are living in the spirit! What reason is there to believe that those having been blind here on earth should come to see after finding themselves awake in that so-called other side? True knowledge is something which is implemented in one's own life, it does not come down to only knowing and spreading some information! And thus, make your own observations, and have your own experiences.

Quite recently (late ’90s now) I passed the following quote of Marie Corelli, it is taken from a letter which she wrote on 6 December 1923 (a few months only before she herself passed away):
“It grieves me to think that you - a clever man - should even in half theory accept ‘Mediums’ - as between living and dead. There is no need of them. A great man departed has no use for an illiterate vulgar person to convey messages from his state to ours.”

The riddle of life is solved quite easily by those willing to see, but it requires a vast amount of self-knowledge and self-criticism. Sounds boring? No, it really isn't, it is merely becoming able to change unwanted circumstances or conditions permanently. L. Ron Hubbard puts it as follows: “Price of Freedom: Constant alertness and willingness to fight back.”. This indeed involves some ramifications where it concerns the mental plane! I do not adhere any particular religion of some sort, I take what is useful. Before all it has to be able to provide for results. That is the criterion! Religion and even social interaction with people are usually heavily absorbed with dogma and/or groupthinking, I have observed that this is quite true. Some of my encounters are discussed on these pages.

There is a riddle to be solved, and the biggest one is you. Understanding of others only occurs in the degree one understands oneself. Man however is rather afraid of himself. But there are ways to go about that.

Enjoy the trip! ..., and after you've taken your trip you may as well do like me:

Have a nice day!

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