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  The subject of creationism:
      Scientific creation The True.Origin Archive (Exposing the myth of evolution)
Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia 
Center for Scientific Creation
Scientific Facts & Evolution
Answers in Genesis 
Institute for Creation Research (ICR)
A Creation Perspective (David Plaisted)

Revolution Against Evolution (RAE)
Omniological Society - California Institute of Omniology Web Site - Believe in Evolution?

Creation Magazine Live! (YouTube channel)
      Dinosaurs alive today? Cryptozoology Research Team, tracking down the world's last natural mysteries
Dennis Swift website
      Creation museums and parks Creation Evidence Museum (CEM)
Dinosaur Adventure Land (Creation Science Evangelism)
Creation Museum (Answers in Genesis)
MT. Blanco Fossil Museum
      Biblical archaeology Wyatt Archaeological Research (museum)
The Wyatt Family Website - The Discoveries of Ron Whyatt
      About Charles Darwin (or relating to) Darwinism Refuted
A Scientific Dissent form Darwinism
The Darwin Papers
Was Darwin Right?
Creation seminars of John Pendleton Scientific International Creacionistas
Information and a treasure of downloadable material (mp3, video) Arrival of the Fittest
Free Bible Resources Kent Hovind materials page

  Kent Hovind:  
  Dr. Kent Hovind's Offical Website
(since early Sept 2015)
  Dr. Kent Hovind's own YouTube channel (since July 2015) Kent Hovind OFFICIAL
  Facebook Dr. Kent Hovind, the official fan page
  Latest news about and from Dr. Hovind Dr. Kent Hovind's Blog
  The situation with Dr. Hovind while being unjustly incarcerated. Updates, related information, here he was also asked Bible and other questions YouTube channel: LoneStar1776
  Kent Hovind's Case, updates and information FreeKent Hovind Campaign
  Here you can (could) petition to get Dr. Hovind released from prison + additional information Free Hovind  
(original website at taken down 2015-01-01, it listed 19,458 signatories on 27 Oct ’14, see web.archive version here)
  About jury nullification (a last peaceful resort against injustice) (info here) Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA)

  Selection of websites that are opposed to creationism:
      Favouring the evolutional view The Talk Origins Archive (Exploring the Creation/Evolution controversy)
National Center for Science Education (NCSE)
(Defending the Teaching of Evolution in the Public Schools)
TalkDesign - Critical Analysis of Intelligent Design

  New World Order related World in Crisis
  Ed Conrad Man As Old As Coal
  Bible versus Scientology Holy Scriptures vs Scientology - A parallel


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