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“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
    John 8:32  

Listed here are the video presentations of Dr. Hovind's Creation seminars. These are my own rips, this way (1) seminar 5 and 7 are guaranteed uncensored; (2) they have the correct aspect ratio; and (3) they are all much better quality then previous uploads by other people that you find on YouTube and elsewhere.


Back to Main Index Seminar 1: ‘The Age of the Earth’

DVD introduction by Eric Hovind:  Have you ever thought about it? I mean really, what is the purpose to life? Why are we here? Where did we come from? For that matter, where are we going to go when this life is over? This seminar talks about the age of the earth. Dr. Hovind gives solid evidence to show that this earth is not billions of years old. In fact, the evidence points towards a literal six-day creation. Just like we're told about in Genesis chapter one. Hi, my name is Eric, and we hope you enjoy this incredibly powerful seminar. It is presented by Dr. Hovind. It's called The Age of the Earth.

Back to Main Index Seminar 2: ‘The Garden of Eden’

DVD introduction by Eric Hovind:  The brachiosaurus was about 85 feet long and weighed between 30 and 80 tons. But there is a problem. The nostrils were about the same size as a modern horse's nostrils. Did they suffocate? Or was there a different atmosphere on the earth 6,000 years ago? Learn how the environment of the original creation was vastly different from ours today and for over 900 years. It produced huge plants and animals, and provided perfect conditions for the growth of the dinosaurs.

Back to Main Index Seminar 3: ‘Dinosaurs and the Bible’

DVD introduction by Eric Hovind:  For many years dinosaur fossils were thought to be a problem for the Bible. Hi, my name is Eric. And what you are about to see is a powerful seminar that combines the last 30 years of research done by Dr. Kent Hovind. It is in a field called, crypto-zoology. Which is the study of, hidden animals. This seminar is tilled: Dinosaurs and the Bible.

Back to Main Index Seminar 4: ‘Lies in the Textbooks’

DVD introduction by Eric Hovind:  Dr. Hovind taught science for 15 years. Then he got his PhD in education. He's always had a love for teaching. But one thing that he has discovered is that in many of the science textbooks across America today there are some fallacies; some false information being presented. Why is this information in the science textbooks? What are they trying to prove? Hi, my name is Eric. And in this seminar called: Lies in the Textbooks, you are going to find out some of those lies that are being presented, and what you can do about it.

Back to Main Index Seminar 5: ‘The Dangers of Evolution’

DVD introduction by Eric Hovind:  You know people say evolution is not a bad philosophy, but at the same time, it was Hitler's religion during the third Reich in Germany. Hi, my name is Eric. In this next seminar, Dr. Hovind exposes some of the terrible things that have been done in the name of evolution, cause dictators throughout time have used the evolutionary ideas to support their brutal tactics.

Back to Main Index Seminar 6: ‘The Hovind Theory’

DVD introduction by John Gusty:  Throughout the world, geologists and paleontologists find physical anomalies that they cannot explain with the evolutionary theory. Hello, I'm John Gusty, and through a blending of scripture and scientific observation, the Hovind Theory is a fascinating explanation of the Flood, the ice age, the formation of coal, mountain ridges, and the Grand Canyon.

Back to Main Index Seminar 7 (pt 1): ‘Questions & Answers’

DVD introduction by Eric Hovind:  Questions! Everybody seems to have a question that they need answered in life. Hi! My name is Eric. In this next seminar, Dr. Hovind takes a large variety of questions that he's been asked on a regular basis, combines them, and gives his best explanation for what's happening. He covers a variety of topics, such as; The Red Sea crossing, primitive man, What about radiocarbon dating? Hey, Are there really contradictions in the Bible? Find out for yourself in this creation seminar entitled: Questions and Answers.

Back to Main Index Seminar 7 (pt 2): ‘Questions & Answers’

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