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Seminar 5    The Dangers of Evolution, part a
Dr. dino
(this seminar was given in 2003, with a few sections added from 2005 seminar)
(it would appear that the released 2005 seminar has been edited and only half its original size remains,
what is presented here is unedited)

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“Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? or who shall stand in his holy place?
He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully.”
    Psalm 24:3-4  
*vanity: “too much pride in one's looks, ability, accomplishments, etc.” (World Book Dictionary)

DVD introduction by Eric Hovind

You know, people say: “Evolution is not a bad philosophy.” But at the same time, it was Hitler's religion during the Third Reich in Germany. Hi, my name is Eric. In this next seminar, Dr. Hovind exposes some of the terrible things that have been done in the name of evolution, ’cause dictators throughout time have used the evolutionary ideas to support their brutal tactics.


Seminar 5: The Dangers of Evolution
(part a)
  What's going on on this planet?
  The times today are getting more and more unsafe
      - What you believe determines how you behave
- How to tell right from wrong if you're told you're an animal?
- Brief overview so far
  Satan wants to reduce the population; God wants to fill the earth with people  [added from 2005 seminar]
      - “Replenish the earth with people”
- Satan's course of plan to put it back to zero
  Opposing worldviews
         - Why is the teaching of evolution dangerous?
  Lies in the textbooks
         - Brief summary of lies covered earlier
Evolution teaching finding its way into the schools and into acceptance
  Scopes Monkey Trial
      - The evolutionists actually lost the Scopes Monkey Trial (1925)
- The film ‘Inherit the Wind’ suggests instead that the creationists lost the trial (play: 1955; movies -all based on the play-: 1960, 65, 88, 99)
- ‘Inherit the Wind’ as a means of propaganda for evolution
  Full integration of evolution accomplished (1968), although you CAN teach creation!
  Crusades pursued by evolutionists and creationists
             - ‘Keep evolution in the science classroom and scientific creationism out!’
-‘Fear Factor’: Teaching scientific creationism
- A ‘creator’ would be ‘outside of’ it's creation...
- Evolutionist: “‘Handle’ the creationist!”
- Teachers may teach creation in science class!
- Forcing creation teaching into the schools is the wrong objective
- Frequent atheist claim: There is a separation between church and state
Correcting the textbooks
  Actions that can be taken
      - Examining the textbooks; The language of money...
- Using textbook reviews and letters of recommendation
  What parents can do
      - Get creation materials into school libraries
- Practical steps for parents
- There are laws that require textbooks to be accurate
- Get on committees
- Getting exemption for your child attending evolution classes or other
  Practical steps for children and students
  More practical steps for parents
  Prepare for opposition (a guide for teachers)
         - Tactics used by the enemy to keep creation out of public schools
- Experiences from people that advocated and taught creation
- Things teachers can do
Evolution foundation philosophies
  The basic elements
- Why the theory is dangerous
- Why the theory is dangerous (continuation)
(part b)
      - Not God, but man is the supreme being
- Believing in evolution because of choice, not because of science
- Satan's plan
- Consequence of evolution theory teaching (elimination of the need for morals)
- Who is going to win this war?; Choosing sides
- Satan's plan (2)
- Book recommendations
      - Darwin: ‘Preservation for Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life’
- Darwin: “...exterminate and replace, the savage races...”?
- KKK: The black man has no soul...
- The Mormon church and the curse of black skin...
- The slave trade
- The Australian aborigines
- The ‘missing link’ alive and well, living amongst us
- The eugenics movement and forced sterilization
- The 1904 World's Fair display
- The American Indians
- A matter of superiority...?
      - Karl Marx (1818-1883)
- The Communist Manifesto (1848)
- Two philosophies of government (democracy & republic)
- The Communist Manifesto (1848) (continuation)
- School with the Bible...
- The Communist rules for revolution  [added from 2005 seminar]
- Comrade Josef Stalin; Pol Pot (Cambodia); Communism in China  [added from 2005 seminar]
- United Nations education programme; Using education to forward one's propaganda?
(part c)
      - Battle for the superior race
- ‘Mein Kampf’; Aryan supremacy
- Battle for religious supremacy (Talmud, Islam)
- Nazi Germany, the Jews and evolution theory
- The Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend), abortion and Aryan supremacy
- Hitler, Christianity and propaganda
- Japan and WWII
  New World Order (NWO)
      - The plan for a ‘one world government’
- Controlling the world's water/food supply and jurisdiction over (muzzling) churches
- ‘Declaration of Independence’  or ‘ Accommodate a global one-world society’?
- Satan's plan to rule the world
- Engineered events
- Perilous times shall come...
- The pattern of operation
- Where lies your allegiance?
- Groups and organizations supporting the plan
- Freemasonry and the Mormon church
- Recommended books
Our responsibility
  Perilous times
  What can we do?
      - Educate the people; The obligation of knowledge and understanding of what's going on
- Twelve things to do...
- What's your cause?
- Twelve things to do... (continuation)
- The virtue of taking initiative
- Twelve things to do... (continuation)

Seminar 5: The Dangers of Evolution

Back to Main Index Introduction

I taught high school science for 15 years, and now for 14 years I've been an evangelist traveling and doing seminars on creation, evolution, and dinosaurs. And tonight we are gonna share with you some of the dangers of this evolution theory. I don't leave my gorgeous wife and travel every week of the year because I like being gone. Folks, evolution is not just a dumb idea, it's a very dangerous philosophy. I've only got three things I want to cover, but it's probably gonna take several nights to do that.

  1. First of all, I wanna tell you what on earth is happening, and;
  2. Secondly, why is the evolution theory dangerous?, and;
  3. What do you do about it?

Pretty simple.

Back to Main Index What's going on on this planet?

Ok, what is happening? Tonight as I speak, our president is announcing we are about to go blow up Iraq, I believe, right. The world seems to be coming unglued at the seams. There are wars and rumors of wars every place we look.

  • Why on earth would Joseph Stalin order the execution of 14,700 Polish prisoner of war officers? I thought there was a Geneva Convention, why do you order the execution of prisoners of war?
  • Why did Hitler order the execution of nearly 6 million Jews plus others?
  • Why did Pol Pot the leader in the Cambodian Khmer Rouge order the execution of ⅓ to ½ of his entire population? His own people, he killed them. Why, why would somebody do that?
  • Why would the Australian aborigines be rounded up like cows and shot, so their heads could be put in museums, years ago? Why would somebody do that?
  • Why did Kip Kinkle murder his parents, 2 other classmates, and shoot 26 other ones? Why would a student do that?

Kip said: “If there was a God, He wouldn't let me feel the way I do. There is no God, only hate.” On May 21, 1998, 15 year old Kip Kinkle, a student at Thurston high school (that's in Oregon, near Eugene), allegedly entered the school cafeteria, and fired more than 50 rounds from a semi-automatic rifle. 26 students were injured, 2 killed. Later, the bodies of his parents were found in his home. He was then arrested and taken into police headquarters, where he attempted to murder a detective during his questioning. Kip said: “If there was a God, He wouldn't let me feel the way I do. There is no God, only hate.”


Back to Main Index The times today are getting more and more unsafe

Go back What you believe determines how you behave

Why have we had a nearly 1,000% increase in violent crimes since I was a boy? I remember the days when you did not have to lock your house. We'd go off on vacation for two weeks, and never..., I never had a key to my house growing up, never did have a key. I don't know if they even had one. You didn't need one in those days. Why would there be such a horrendous increase in unwed birth rates? So much of our moral structure is just simply unraveling. What on earth is happening?

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold made a video tape prior to the Columbine shootings, on that tape they said, talking about one of the football players: “He doesn't deserve the jaw evolution gave him. Look for his jaw, it won't be on his body.” Hmm, these two boys were very strong believers in evolution. They did the shooting on Hitler's birthday on purpose. They shot Isaiah Shoels just simple because he was black. They shot Cassie just because she believed in God, same thing with Rachel. What happened, why would somebody do this, what's going on in our thinking? Well, the newspaper article in Columbine High School said: “The clothes may give a clue to the thinking to these teenagers. The autopsy said one of the boys shirts said: ‘NATURAL SELECTION’ on the front.” Interesting. Textbooks used in Escambia County, Florida; this textbook; says: “Evolution and natural selection go together.” Huh, this textbook says: “Natural selection causes evolution.” Well, just what is this natural selection? Oh, you see Adolf Hitler thought he would speed up the process by eliminating the inferiors. Hitler honestly thought he was doing the world a favor, so did Joseph Stalin, so did Pol Pot. Why do people do these things though, what is wrong with our thinking?

Right after the Columbine shooting: “Almost instantaneously, 5 more students from within the Springfield School District were arrested for threatening to murder students, principals, or teachers. In the adjacent school districts, more students were arrested for violent threats, and in one case, an elementary school boy shot 5 of his classmates with a BB gun.”
[listing of shootings at schools in USA (1996-2005) as found on seminar slides, see here]

Could it possibly be that what we are teaching them is causing this behavior? You know, what you believe determines how you behave. If you are raised up in a head-hunting society, and you are taught from the time you are a boy, if you go off to war and shoot somebody, you ought to kill them and cut off his head and eat the brains because you get his spirit. I mean, if you really believe that, guess what you're gonna do when you go off to war? Your behavior is determined by your beliefs. What you believe determines how you behave. It's always been that way, and it's no different today. Could it be that this evolution theory is to blame?

Go back How to tell right from wrong if you're told you're an animal?

This textbook says: “You are an animal and share a common heritage with earthworms.” Question: “If evolution is true, how are the kids supposed to tell right from wrong?” I spoke in a public school in Pennsylvania one time, a kid sat on the second row, and he said: “Mr. Hovind, I'm an atheist.” I said: “Really?” He said: “Yep, there is no God.” I said: “Well, tell me son, are you sure?” He said: “Yep, I'm sure.” I said: “Well, son, do you know everything?” He said: “No.” I said: “Do you know maybe half of everything?” He said: “No.” I said: “Ok, well let's just pretend that you know half of everything. Is it possible God exists in the other half you don't know?” Brand new thought rattled around in his brain for a while and got lost, I believe. I said: “By the way son, if there is no God, how do you tell right from wrong?” He said: “Oh, that's easy.” He said: “I determine what's right and wrong.” He said: “I'm the god of my own universe.” I said: “I'm glad to hear about that son ’cause I'm going to shot you in five minutes.” He said: “You can't do that.” I said: “Oh, yeah I can. You see, I'm the god of my own universe, and I decided that it's fine for me to shoot you.” Question: “Exactly how do we tell right from wrong?”

Go back Brief overview so far

In the first couple of seminar tapes we talked about a variety of topics, like the big bang theory, how it's a big dud. We talked about the garden of Eden, and we talked about why the earth cannot be billions of years old, and why did the people lived to be 900 years old before the big Flood came. We talked about dinosaurs, and students are being lied to about dinosaurs, they did not live millions of years ago. And on tape #4 we talked about a whole bunch of lies in the textbooks. Now, here we are gonna talk about what's happened in the last 150 years since evolution became a popular theory, what on earth is happening, and what you can do about it. We'll get to that eventually. We are gonna review some of what we covered on tape #4, some of the lies in the textbooks, and then go on into how it carries into some practical steps we can take, what do you do about it.

We covered in the last sessions how that James Hutton wrote a book in 1795, and he said: “The earth is millions of years old.” Now during the late 1700's most folks believed the Bible, and most folks thought the earth was about 6,000 years old. ‘Cause if you add up the dates in the Bible you are gonna get about 6,000; 4000 BC. Not millions. So James Hutton came along and caused people to doubt the earth was 6,000 years old. Then, his book had a very strong influence on a lawyer from Scotland named Charles Lyell. Charles Lyell wrote a book in 1830, and in his book he developed what we call today the geologic column. Cenozoic, Mesozoic, Paleozoic. You know, maybe you say the movie, Jurassic Park, named after the Jurassic layer. This whole thing was made up by Charles Lyell in 1830, and the geologic column does not exist any place in the world, except in the textbooks. It's pure imagination, it doesn't exist. But all of evolution theory is based on that dumb geologic column, made up in 1830.

This fellow said: “I myself have little doubt that in England it was the long-age uniformitarian Geology and the Theory of Evolution that changed us from a Christian to a pagan nation.” He's right about that and England is a pagan nation. And folks, I don't know if America ever was a Christian country or not, but it's not now. We are a pagan nation also. What has happened? Charles Lyell's book had a very strong influence on a young preacher, named Charles Darwin. Darwin graduated from Bible College to be a preacher. In 1859; after 22 years of writing; Darwin finally published his book The Origin of Species. We'll get into more of that later, the real title to the book. Darwin's philosophy was strongly influenced by people like Charles Lyell, people like Thomas Malthus. Malthus had written a book that said: “There are more babies born than can possibly survive, so it's best if the weakest die off.” That greatly influenced people like Charles Dickens when he wrote The Christmas Carol. Remember the scene in there were Scrooge said: “Well, if he's gonna die, let him die then, and decrease the surplus population.” Remember that line in there? I don't think you can understand The Christmas Carol, the history behind that, until you understand how evolution ties in.

James Hutton's book made people doubt the earth was 6,000 years old. Along came Charlie Lyell and people began to doubt the Flood, ’cause instead of the Flood making all those layers they said: “Oh, maybe each layer is a different age.” And then along came Charlie Darwin, and people began to doubt the Creator. And so by the mid 1800's, the Western World at least was left in a bad situation; they said: “Well, if there is no God, who's in charge? Well, it must be us.” This led directly to the rise of humanism. Humanism is the teaching that there is no God, so we must be God, we make the rules, we decide what's right and wrong. For the next 50 years, after Darwin's book came out, many ‘ism's’ arose in the world: Marxism, Nazism, communism. These things..., communism would have been just a footnote in the history books if it hadn't been for evolution coming along at the right time. We never would have heard of communism, most of us wouldn't. If it hadn't been for Charles Darwin coming along and giving justification to that dumb idea of communism.

  • Hoyle said: “I'm haunted by a conviction that the nihilistic philosophy which so-called educated opinion chose to adopt following the publication of the Origin of Species committed mankind to a course of automatic self-destruction. A doomsday was then set ticking.” I agree, Fred. Once you start believing there's no God and we're in charge, then we're in trouble.
  • There was a Russian atheist astronomer, came to America one time, he spoke at one of the universities and he said: “Now, folks, either there is a God or there isn't.” I thought, boy this guys brilliant. Hah... But then he said: “Both possibilities are frightening.” I thought, wow, now that is brilliant. You see, if there is a God, we better find out who He is, find out what He wants, and do what He says. If there is no God, we are in trouble, ’cause we are hurdling through space at 66,000 miles per hour and nobody is in charge. Pretty scary thought.
  • Charles Darwin said: “Often a cold shudder has run through me as I've asked myself whether I may have devoted myself to a phantasy.” Well, Charlie, you did devote yourself to a phantasy. If you believe that you came from a rock, 4.6 billion years ago, you need help. You were designed for a purpose. Now what is it?

Back to Main Index Satan wants to reduce the population; God wants to fill the earth with people  [added from 2005 seminar]

Satan's plan is to reduce the population to zero. He hates humanity, exactly the opposite of Christianity. He wants to promise secret knowledge so that: “you can learn something that nobody else knows.” That's what all the lodges promise too, by the way; some kind of secret knowledge. Use the teaching of evolution to get people to accomplish his goals and have people go to hell forever. Satan wants to reduce the population. 

Go back “Replenish the earth with people”

The Bible says: “All things were created by him, ...and for him.” (Col. 1:16) God made a beautiful planet, beautiful garden and said: “Hey, fill it with people.” First thing he said to Adam, was a blessing. “Be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth.” (Gen. 1:28) Go fill it up. It's a blessing. This is the first mention of the word, ‘blessing’. ‘Blessed.’ “Adam lived 130 years and had a son named Seth. And then he lived 800 years and had sons and daughters.” (Gen. 5:3-4) Hebrew tradition says they had 56 children in that first family. I don't know where they get that number, but in 800 years you could have a lot of kids. You've got nine in how many years, brother? 17 years, nine kids, one every two years. Yeah, in 800 years you could have a family of 400. I met a family from Minnesota with 20 kids, all of them under 20. It's cold in Minnesota. They had huge families back then; that was God's plan. Fill the earth with people. Jim Duggar, friend of mine, has 15 kids in 15 years. God blessed Noah and said “be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth.” (Gen. 9:1) “As for Ishmael, I've blessed him; twelve princes shall he beget.” (Gen. 17:20) “And they blessed Rebecca and said, be thou the mother of thousands of millions.” (Gen. 24:60) Now that would be a little much, ok, but I can imagine a few dozen. Children are a heritage of the Lord.

Go back Satan's course of plan to put it back to zero

See, God's plan is to fill the earth with people.Satan wants exactly the opposite. The Bible says God formed it to be inhabited. It was very different in the pre-flood world. We covered that in Seminar #6. God saw everything and it was very good; that's perfect; that's the way I want it. Satan's plan is to put it back to zero.

  • He wants to reduce human population with reduced birth rates by abortion. Are you for proposition RU486? By the way, interesting; in the military, when they want to throw something away, what do they call it? You're gonna “86 it,” right? Are you for 86, for throwing the kid away? I wonder if they picked that number on accident or on purpose. Birth control, homosexuality, lower cholesterol (that lowers fertility), high cost of living, smaller families, eugenics.
  • High infant mortality rate with vaccines, SIDS, child pornography, reduced population.
    [more information about vaccinations as seen on seminar slides, see here]
  • High death rate among teens, suicide, drugs, alcohol, sexually transmitted diseases. Just kill everybody with chemtrails or wars or genetically modified foods that will lower disease resistance or with drugs.

Islam teaches: “If you don't join us, we have to kill you.” 100 times in the Koran it says they are required to kill anyone who won't convert. It's required. People say: “It's a peaceful religion.” Well there may be some peaceful people in it, but their religion isn't peaceful.

Satan wants to reduce the population.

  • Jacques Cousteau said: “We need to eliminate 350,000 people a day to save the planet.”
  • Ted Turner said that we need a 95% decline in population. Ok Ted, you first.

The serpent tricked Eve in the garden of Eden. And then the Lord said to the serpent: “That's it fella, you're going to crawl on your belly for the rest of your life.” And the then Lord said: “I'll put enmity between thee and the woman, between thy seed and her said; it shall bruise thy head.” (Gen. 3:14-15) Satan knows some seed of the woman is going to bruise his head. He didn't want that to happen so his plan apparently is to try to kill every human being on the planet. He wants to kill everybody. Remember when Herod wanted to kill baby Jesus in Bethlehem? What did he do? He slew all the children: “Let's just kill them all to be sure to get the right one.”

Satan wants to kill every human on the planet. And some of his followers and helpers down here are working at that goal right now.

  • Charles Wurster said: “People are the cause of all the problems; we need to get rid of some of them.”
  • Bill Clinton signed the Bio-diversity treaty that said: “We should reduce the population of the earth to 1 billion.”They already have the earth divided up into segments. Red areas are for animals only, no humans allowed. That hasn't been enforced yet, but it's been passed.
  • Peter Singer [of Princeton] favors abortions after the kid is born. Give the parent 28 days to decide if they want to keep it. I wouldn't be here, my parents probably would have killed me many times growing up. Some of you would have killed your kids too, right? Peter Singer said: “Christianity is our foe. If animal rights are to succeed, we must destroy the Judeo-Christian religious tradition.” Do animals have more rights than humans?
  • Alan Gregg said: “The world has cancer, and that cancer is man.”
  • Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth, said: “If I could be reincarnated, I would wish to return to earth as a killer virus to lower human population.” Nice guy, Phil.

Back to Main Index Opposing worldviews

There are four great questions that every single religion in the world tries to answer. Even atheism, which is a religion, you have to believe there is no God; there is no way to know that. The four great questions every religion tries to answer:

  1. Who am I?;
  2. Where did I come from?;
  3. Why am I here?, and;
  4. Where am I going when I die?

The way you answer these questions depends upon how you view the world. There are basically only two ways to look at this world.

  1. One view says: “You know there is incredible design. There must be a designer.” That's the creationist's worldview.
  2. Other people look at the world and say: “You know, nobody made it, it just made itself.” They don't believe God created the heaven and the earth (Gen. 1:1). They think a big bang just made this world from nothing. That's called the humanist's worldview. It just made itself. The first plank in the Humanist Manifesto, 1933 was “The Universe is” self-created, “self-existing and not created.” That is the first thing they have to agree to, to be a humanist. There has now been Humanist Manifesto II in 1973, and Humanist Manifesto III in the year 2000. They have to declare what they believe. Humanism is a religion, you have to believe there is no God.

Go back Why is the teaching of evolution dangerous?

So why is this theory dangerous? Evolution, I am convinced after studying this stuff for 30 some years, evolution is absolutely the foundation for communism, Marxism, Nazism, socialism, racism. We'll get into some more of that in a minute. Number one, I think evolution is dangerous because it's bad science based on lies. There is no scientific evidence to back up this evolution theory. We have been offering $250,000 for a long time at our ministry for somebody who can give us some real scientific evidence for evolution. It is funny, brother, to see the people try and turn stuff in. One guy said: “I've got proof for evolution.” I said: “Really, what do you have?” He said: “Well, I'm working in the laboratory right now and we have developed soybean plants that are resistant to frost.” I said: “Man, that's good, that will really be handy.” I said: “What did you start with?” He said: “Well, soybean plants.” I said: “Oh, what do you have now?” He said: “I've got a whole new species.” I said: “Of what?” “Of, ah, soybean plant.” I said: “I'm sorry, sir, that's not evolution, ok. That's a variety of a soybean plant. And it's interesting and I'm glad you are able to do that, but that's not evolution.”

There is no evidence whatsoever that any animal ever produced a different kind of animal, so why would anybody believe such a dumb idea? And, how can this be so dangerous? Well, we will cover some of the ‘isms’ in just a minute, but evolution is based on lies and bad science, there is no good science to back it up. This textbook says: “Evolution Is a Fact; Evolution is a fact, not theory. Birds arose from nonbirds and humans from nonhumans. No person who pretends to any understanding of the natural world can deny these facts any more than she or he can deny that the earth is round, rotates on its axis, and revolves around the sun.” Sounds like he's open-minded for discussion, doesn't it? This is not a fact, folks, evolution is a mantra, they say this over and over and over hoping it will become true. That's all it is, they just keep repeating it, oh hope, evolution is a fact, it's a fact, it's a fact. Well, you better define what you are talking about with evolution; we do that on videotape #4, the six different meanings of this word, ‘evolution’.

Back to Main Index Lies in the textbooks

This textbook says: “Evolution has evidence from fossils, from structure, from molecular biology, from development.” Any evidence that is used to support evolution has been proven wrong. I've said many times: “I'm not trying to get evolution out of the schools. I just want the lies out of the textbooks.” We almost got a bill passed in Arkansas a couple of years ago, and I went up to Arkansas and testified before the senate, before the House of Representatives Committee that is, that was looking at this bill HB2548, I believe it was. And it was, the bill simple said: “Arkansas will not use tax dollars to purchase materials if they contain knowingly fraudulent information.” We're not gonna buy books that have lies in them, and it gave a few examples like some of the examples I gave in my seminar. If it says the embryo has gill slits we're not gonna buy it. I stood up and testified for 45 minutes before this committee. After I got done the ACLU lady; uh woman, I mean; she got up and she said: “Folks, this is obviously an anti-evolution bill.” One of the representatives said: “Ma'am, evolution is not mentioned in this bill. All this bill says is that we are not gonna buy books if they have lies in them, and these things are lies so we are not gonna buy that book. How can you say this is an anti-evolution bill?” And she said: “Everything mentioned in this bill is used to support the evolution theory.” And the guy said: “Well, Ma'am, is it true that these things mentioned here are false?” She said: “Well, yes, but... obviously this is an anti-evolution bill.” She knew full well. If you took all the lies out of the textbooks there would be nothing left to support the evolution theory.

I was in a debate one time at University of West Florida, and the professor got up and he said: “Now, Mr. Hovind, you are claiming all these things are lies, and you are right, all these things have been proven wrong, but...,” he said, “I've got a question for you. You told us we got to take all this stuff out of the book, what are you gonna replace it with?” I said: “Folks, what he's trying to not say is, ‘We want the kids to believe in evolution, we have to give them some evidence, and all we have are these lies and you want to take these out of the book, so you better find some more evidence for my theory.’” I said: “Sir, if you don't have any evidence for your theory, I'm sorry, maybe you ought to consider getting a new theory. I could suggest one for you, if you'd like.” He did not like. He don't wanna hear about it, ok. All they have to support their theory are things that have been proven wrong many, many years ago.

Go back Brief summary of lies covered earlier

Here are some of the lies we covered in the first..., how many hours of this seminar so far. I'll just review them very very quickly:

  1. The Colorado River was not formed slowly or the Grand Canyon did not slowly form by the Colorado River running through it, ok.
  2. The geologic column does not portray earth's history. It doesn't even exist anywhere in the world.
  3. Rocks do not date the fossils. The fossils do not date the rocks. It is based on circular reasoning. We cover that on videotape #4.
  4. There are no index fossils. There's no such thing as an index fossil.
  5. The layers are not different ages. Petrified trees connecting them all prove the layers all formed at the same time. We cover that on video #4.
  6. Plants and animals are not related to each other. We have the same Designer, but not the same uncle and grandpa.
  7. Change in species is not the real meaning of the word evolution. That's not really what they mean. There's a lot more to that. We cover that on video 4.
  8. Natural selection does not cause any evolution. Natural selection selects, it doesn't create a thing. We believe in natural selection.
  9. The peppered moth story never happened. It's a lie.
  10. Comparative anatomy does not prove common ancestry. We cover that on videotape #4.
  11. Humans never have any gill slits.
  12. It's a human at conception, it is not a fish or amphibian or anything else. And abortion is murder plain and simple, ok.
  13. The appendix is not vestigial. You do need your appendix.
  14. The whale does not have a vestigial pelvis. That is a lie.
  15. The human tailbone is not vestigial; if you think it is I'll pay to have yours removed.
  16. Dinosaurs did not live millions of years ago.
  17. Man did not evolve from animals or cave men.
  18. The big bang is a big dud. It didn't happen.
  19. The horse series in your textbooks is a lie. Proven wrong 50 years ago.
  20. Life cannot evolve from non-living matter like the textbook says.
  21. The law does not ban teaching creation science like some people would like you to think. It's perfectly fine to teach creation science in the public schools. We'll get into more of that later.
  22. Smaller is not simpler. A little paramecium is more complex than a space shuttle. Smaller is not simpler, smaller is more complex.
  23. Birds did not come from dinosaurs. Talk about a dumb idea.
  24. The eye did not arise by slow changes over billions of years.
  25. The first bird did not hatch from a reptile egg, like Gould Schmidt said.
  26. The trees of life in the textbooks are pure imagination. They didn't happen, folks, they drew it on paper and that's as far as it goes. It didn't happen in reality.
  27. DNA does not prove evolution, it proves creation, it proves a designer.
  28. Fossils do not provide any evidence for evolution. Fossils don't count at all. You find a bone in the dirt, you can't prove that bone had any kids, let alone kids that lived, and certainly not kids that were different than the grandparents. Fossils simply are a dead end street, they don't count for evolution.
  29. The earth is not billions of years, and;
  30. The earth was never a hot molten mass.
  31. The Pangaea theory that's taught in your books never existed. They say “all the continents used to fit together.” I get that all the time: “Do you think all the continents used to fit together, used to touch each other?” I say: “Well, they still are, just the low places are full of water. I mean, the continents are still connected you know. What do you mean, ‘did they,’ hello..., they still are.”
  32. Animals and plants are designed, not adapted to their environments.
  33. There are no simple living organisms.
  34. Life did not arise 3½ billion years ago, like the textbook says.
  35. The sun did not form before the earth, like the textbook says.
  36. Scientists have not made life in the laboratory.
  37. Snakes do not have vestigial legs.
  38. The earth never had an oxygen free atmosphere, like the textbook says.
  39. No animal is related to any other kind of animal.
  40. DNA is more than just chemicals; it carries information.
  41. Mutations do not improve the species.
  42. Similar bone structure does not prove a common ancestor, it proves a common designer.
  43. Amino acids do not prove relationships.
  44. Humans are not related to chimps.
  45. Darwin did not prove evolution.
  46. Textbooks do not teach kids to think critically. They teach them to not think at all.
  47. Arranging animals on paper does not prove a thing.
  48. Archaeopteryx is not part reptile. It is 100% bird.
  49. Feathers did not evolve from scales.
  50. It is not just the religious fundamentalist who disbelieve in evolution. Most folks disbelieve in evolution.
  51. Evolution is not a light which illuminates all facts.
  52. There is no evidence for the magnetic reversals at the ocean floor.
  53. The Constitution does not discuss the separation of church and state. It does not discuss that.
  54. The Supreme Court did not ban creation.
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Evolution teaching finding its way into the schools and into acceptance

Back to Main Index Scopes Monkey Trial

Go back The evolutionists actually lost the Scopes Monkey Trial (1925)

Let's give a little bit of the history of what really happened. In the 1800's almost all the textbooks were thoroughly packed with information about creation, Christianity, godly teaching, kids memorized Bible verses. I remember in public school in Illinois growing up. We memorized Bible verses and said prayer every morning. Didn't hurt the kids a bit. Helped them quite a bit. Back then kids got in trouble for their own spit wads. Today it's for bringing guns and shooting people. It's a different world, and some of you older folks know what I'm talking about, it has changed radically.

In 1925, Tennessee passed a law that said you cannot teach evolution, it actually banned the teaching of evolution in the public schools; it's called the Butler Act. The ACLU, which is the American Communist Lawyers Union, decided they wanted to test this law so they ran an ad in the paper, said: “We are looking for a teacher willing to claim that he taught evolution, so we can have a trial to try and get this law overthrown.” A guy named John T. Scopes volunteered. He said: “I don't know if I taught evolution or not, but I did sub for a biology class one day, and I think all we had was a study hall, but if you want me to go testify that I taught evolution, I'll do it.” So John Scopes went on the trial, it lasted ten days in the hot July Tennessee summer. After ten days, John Scopes was found guilty of breaking the law. The law said: “You can't teach evolution”, he claimed he did, so he was found guilty. He admitted he did. He was fined $100, case was over. Later the fine was overturned on a technicality, but the judgment was not overturned. The evolutionists lost the Scopes Monkey trial. If you wanna read the entire story about what really happened, you can see it right here in this book The Scopes Monkey Trial, The World's Most Famous Court Trial.

Go back The film ‘Inherit the Wind’ suggests instead that the creationists lost the trial (play: 1955; movies -all based on the play-: 1960, 65, 88, 99)

And by the way if there is a movie circulating around your school called Inherit the Wind you better be real careful about that, that's a dangerous movie. That does everything they can..., it twists everything about the trial to make the Christians look dumb. You want to read word for word everything that was spoken there, here it is, the court transcript, verbatim. You can get it from Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee. The Dayton Courthouse is still there with a big museum where you can go to and see where it actually happened. If you go north of Chattanooga about, I don't know, 70 or 80 miles, you can get to Dayton, Tennessee. I've been through there a bunch of times. There is a good book exposé about the Inherit the Wind movie that circulates around.

Go back ‘Inherit the Wind’ as a means of propaganda for evolution

Just about every year it is shown in public schools, here in Pensacola, where they try to teach the kids, the Christians are dumb and they lost the trial. They changed all sorts of things about that, and you ought to be up in arms over that being shown to your kids. You can sign a statement saying: “I don't want my child shown the movie Inherit the Wind. Have it notarized and taken into the school, they won't show your kid. You say: “It's against my religious convictions to lie to my kids and that movie is a lie,” ok. But I guarantee you it will be shown this year, and next year, and the next year. I saw it about four times growing up before I realized what a lie it was. You wanna get the material from Bryan College, there's their phone number or from George Sarrell who has an excellent article about the Inherit the Wind, what really happened in the book; the real trial, compared to the Inherit the Wind movie, which is just baloney. Or you might want to get the book Ride to Glory; you can get it through our ministry. I don't read novels much, but this one is incredible. This guy said: “What if the Scopes Trial was redone now, you know, 21st century, at a modern university?” Pfew..., brother I couldn't put it down. I mean, I read a lot of books, but this one I never should have started, man. I didn't sleep for four days trying to finish it. I wasn't quite that bad, but....

Back to Main Index Full integration of evolution accomplished (1968), although you CAN teach creation!

Consult full article here (pop-up window).

In 1968, the last law banning evolution was overturned. Now keep in mind there were many laws against teaching evolution until 1968. There's never been a law against teaching creation. The laws banned evolution.

In 1980, the state of Arkansas past a law and said we want balanced treatment. If the teacher teaches evolution they must also teach creation. You know, give it balanced treatment. The court in Arkansas, 8th Circuit Court, I believe, struck that down and said: “Nope, this law is unconstitutional.” They didn't say you couldn't teach creation, they just said you can't demand equal time. And the atheist started going around saying: “See, you can't teach creation.” That's not what the law said, that's not what the court said, they never said you can't teach creation. They just said you can't require that the teachers teach creation. If we passed a law in Florida that said: “The teachers are required to breathe.” I bet that law would be struck down. Because, I mean, you probably ought to breathe, but they can't require that you breathe, right? Right. And that's what happened with the Arkansas law.

Then Louisiana passed a law requiring teachers to teach creation if they taught evolution; again, balanced treatment. Supreme Court struck this one..., it went all the way to the Supreme Court, Supreme Court struck it down. After the 1987 ruling by the Supreme Court, Stephen Jay Gould; who hated creationists, and had a set of my tapes on his shelf; I went up and visited his office. His secretary was there, she said: “Yeah, he's got your tapes right here, Mr. Hovind.” I never did get to meet him, he died a few years ago, he knows better now, he is no longer an evolutionist. But..., Stephen Gould said after the verdict, he said: “No statue exists in any state to bar instruction in ‘creation science’. It could be taught before, and it can be taught now.” They never said you can't teach creation. The courts said: “You can't require it,” that's all. And don't let anybody tell you different. That's what the law..., that's where it stands right now.

Michael Zimmerman said, and he is an evolutionist, he said: “The Supreme Court ruling did not, in any way, outlaw the teaching of ‘creation science’ in public schools. Quite simply it ruled that, in the form taken by the Louisiana law, it is unconstitutional to demand equal time for this subject. ‘Creation science’ can still be brought intoscience classrooms if and when teachers and administrators feel it is appropriate. Numerous surveys have shown that teachers and administrators favor just this route. And in fact, ‘creation science’ is being taught in science courses throughout the country.”

Back to Main Index Crusades pursued by evolutionists and creationists

Go back ‘Keep evolution in the science classroom and scientific creationism out!’

Eugenie Scott is the president of the National Center for Science Education. Boy what a lousy name. They aren't in favor of science; they are in favor of defending evolution is all. She said: “The Supreme Court decision says only that the Louisiana law violates the constitutional separation of church and state: it does not say that no one can teach scientific creationism, and unfortunately many individual teachers do. Some school districts even require ‘equal time’ for creation and evolution.” Here is the home webpage for the National Center for Science Education. “Welcome to the Homepage of NCSE - a non-profit, tax-exempt membership organization working to defend the teaching of evolution against sectarian attack. We are a nationally recognized clearinghouse for information and advice to keep evolution in the science classroom and ‘scientific creationism’ out.” That's why they exist.

I spoke in Berkeley last November, Berkeley, California, that's where these guys we're located. I went and visited the National Center for Science Education. It's a little bitty storefront building; they had, I think, four or five employees, all crammed in this little building. I thought, this is the National Center for Science Education! Yeah, property is expensive in Berkeley, I understand, you know, good place for them. I went in there, they didn't know who I was, I didn't tell them my name. I went in there and, “Hey, what kind of information do you guys have here? I used to be a science teacher.” And they began giving me pamphlets and articles and stuff, you know. Finally one of the guys said: “Your voice sounds familiar, what's your name?” I said: “Kent Hovind.” He said: “I thought so.” They taped a piece of paper on the floor that says: “Kent Hovind stood here.” And I understand they won't walk on it; they walk around it. Hahahah... One of the guys came to all ten hours that I lectured at Berkeley and asked me question after question after question. Look, these folks are not the enemy. Now, they do work for him, but they are not the enemy, ok. Satan is the enemy. They are just blinded that's all. They are willingly ignorant like the Bible says. But even the National Center for Science Education knows that it's ok to teach creation if you want.

Go back ‘Fear Factor’: Teaching scientific creationism

William Provine said: “Teachers and school boards in public schools are already free under the Constitution of the USA to teach about supernatural origins if they wish in their science classes. Laws can be passed in most countries of the world requiring discussion of supernatural origins in science classes, and still satisfy national legal requirements. And I have a suggestion of evolutionists. Include discussion of supernatural origins in your classes, and promote discussion of them in public and other schools. Come off your high horse about having only evolution taught in science classes. The exclusionism you promote is painfully self-serving and smacks of elitism. Why are you afraid of confronting the supernatural creationism believed by the majority of persons in the USA and perhaps worldwide?” Good question! Why are they so afraid of this topic? I speak in public schools all the time. I'm telling you, some schools though I can't get into, they are just absolutely afraid of having a creationist come in. There is no reason to fear. The fact is most folks don't believe in evolution anyway. The fact is there is no law saying you can't teach creation. Just go ahead. Now, it is against the law for the public school teacher to use tax dollars to try to convert the kids to be a Buddhist, or Catholic, or Baptist, or something else; that is against the law. But it's not against the law to discuss creation.

Go back A ‘creator’ would be ‘outside of’ it's creation...

Provine said: “Shouldn't students be encouraged to express their beliefs about origins in a class discussing origins?” If you are discussing origins then lets discuss origins. But see, in the mind of the evolutionist, your answer must be naturalistic. Suppose I said: “I want you to explain how computers came to be, but you can not use man as your answer. I want a naturalistic explanation of how computers came to be.” Well, you're dead in the water right up front because of the definitions I gave. And the evolutionist says: “We have to explain how the world got here but we can't use supernatural as an explanation.” Well, duh. And what we got here is like two computers arguing with each other “Does man exist?” They can't see him, they can't touch him, they can't feel him, but he does exist. You see it's obvious the Creator would be outside of the creation. He is above and beyond. He is not affected by what He created. God created time, space, and matter. He is outside of time, space, and matter. Then God is not affected by time, this is not 2003 in heaven, there's no time. And after we get to heaven one of the first things you are gonna do is flip your watch off and fling it over the side. You won't need that; there is no time there. We sing all these songs you know; when we've been there 10,000 years; that's baloney. That's a good song, I like it, but we are not gonna be there 10,000 years. We are just gonna be there. Now my brain can't handle that thought but, you know, I can think about thinking about it.

Go back Evolutionist: “‘Handle’ the creationist!”

This public school teacher said: “I'm a public school teacher, Mr. Hovind. I went to a conference today and we were all given a new science textbook to use in the conference. It's called Sciences by Trefil and Hazen, John Wiley and Sons. On page 611 it said this: ‘To what extent do you think that parents should have the right to decide which scientific theories and ideas are presented in schools? To what extend do you think parents ought to have the right to demand that opposing religious views be taught as well? Should the views of creationism, which are primarily based on one particular type of Christianity, be given special consideration? It is getting more difficult to say the truth all the time.” The teachers now are being trained in sessions to how to handle creationists. I know this; they work very hard to make you feel like you are the only one complaining. When I went to meet the lady in charge of the science curriculum here in Pensacola, Florida; when I first moved to town; I've been complaining about some of the lies in the textbooks and the science curriculum, and she said to me: “Mr. Hovind, you are the only person in the county complaining about this.” I thought, there's what, 128 Baptist churches in this town plus all the other flavors, I mean, what's everybody doing? Aren't we supposed to be the salt of the earth? (Matt. 5:13) Man, salt irritates, go irritate somebody. That's our job.

Go back Teachers may teach creation in science class!

Teachers can teach creation science in the classroom if they want, there's never been a law against it. Not only can you teach creation science in the public schools, you can teach it right out of the Bible. There's no law against reading your Bible in public school or bringing your Bible to public school. Or you can teach or devote a class to religion and you can have the textbook be the Bible. We know the effects of what happened in ’63 when the Bible was taken out, and evolution was put in the schools, but we got deceived by the ACLU. In 1963, the Supreme Court banned the use of the Bible to get kids saved. Which is not good obviously, but it's a lot better than what the ACLU led us to believe. They did not throw the Bible out; we have thrown the Bible out because we have allowed ourselves to be deceived by the ACLU. You might want to get the website and get the information by Elizabeth Ridenour. She helps people start Bible classes in their public school. “Preacher, how would you like to go every day and teach a Bible class to the public school kids at Taylor and Escambia High?” Wouldn't that be awesome? You can do it. She knows how to cut through all the red tape and get it done. ACLU, well we can talk a long time about that. Call, get a hold of Elizabeth or get the book from us, Teaching Creation Science in Public Schools. And, you know, it is certain fine to do that. Many schools do.

States can require teachers to discuss evolution. They can do that. They set the state standards. The state school board or the legislator will rule and say: “This is what we want the kids to know by 3rd grade or by 5th grade or by 7th grade.” They have state standards, and they sometimes include evolution. The kid must know about evolution by 8th grade. Now the problem is the atheists are really good at packing that committee. That way you only have to have five or six atheists in the whole state and you can control what all the kids are learning. Then the Christians wait till the books are chosen to meet the standards and get in the classroom and then we complain about the books in the classroom. You are about three years too late. State standards are gonna be selected for Florida textbooks in the next two months. This is the time. It will affect the books that they buy in 2003, September of 2003. Now is the time to do something.

Go back Forcing creation teaching into the schools is the wrong objective

The states cannot require them to discuss creation. It's already been tried many times, and I've seen so many people waste enormous time and money on an effort to force creation into the schools. I'm telling ya, you are wasting your time. It's not gonna happen, and the atheists love it when a campaign gets started and say: “We're gonna make the schools teach creation.” They love that. They just let you spend all your money and waste all your time and then defeat you in the last five seconds. You are not gonna go anywhere. “The teachers may discuss creation if they like in their class.” They have always been allowed to do that. You might want to get a hold of the website, Mel Gabler, they for 40 some years have been doing research on public textbooks and what's being taught. Mel said: “Courts allow states to require discussing scientific weaknesses in evolution theory but not requiring discussing evidence for creation.” You can't make the teacher talk about creation, but you can require them to talk about the weaknesses in the evolution theory. That's a start.

In their landmark decision back in 1963 the court held: “It certainly may be said that the Bible is worthy of study for its literary and historic qualities. Nothing we have said here indicates that such study of the Bible or of religion when presented objectively as part of a secular program of education, may be effected consistently with the First Amendment.” Supreme Court said: “The Bible may constitutionally be used in an appropriate study of history, civilization, ethics, comparative religion, or the like.” A circuit court ruled and said: “Permitting public school observances which include religious elements promotes the secular purpose of ‘advancing the student's knowledge and appreciation of the role our religious heritage has played in the social, cultural, and historical development of civilization.” “Teachers already possess the flexibility to present a variety of scientific theories about the origins of mankind”... and are “free to teach any and all facets of this subject.” 1987 Supreme Court. The court further ruled: “Teaching a variety of scientific theories about the origins of mankind to school children might be done with the clear secular intent of enhancing the effectiveness of science instruction.” California State School Board said: “Discussions of any scientific fact, hypothesis, or theory related to the origins of the universe, the earth, and of life (the ‘how’) are appropriate to the science curriculum.” They are telling their teachers: “If you want to talk about creation, do it.” Can't be more clear than that. If you want to keep up on the latest to what's happening in education you might want to watch the video Crisis in the Classroom from Eagle Forum, Phyllis Schlafly's organization. Now, I would disagree with Phyllis on several philosophical things, but I think she has done a great job with this video here on what's happening.

Go back Frequent atheist claim: There is a separation between church and state

People say: “What about the separation of church and state, doesn't the Constitution say that?” There is no such phrase mentioned in the Constitution. That phrase is found mentioned in a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Baptist Association in Danbury, Connecticut. The Constitution does not talk about separation of church and state. That's a lie. Jefferson said: “The first amendment has erected a wall of separation between church and state.” That is from his letter, not from the Constitution. By the way, “this wall is a one-dimensional wall. It keeps the government from running the church, but makes sure that the Christian principals will always stay in government.” Go see David Barton's excellent website, If you wanna get more on how all the founding fathers believed that the church had to influence government or government would go corrupt. It's happened!

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Correcting the textbooks

Back to Main Index Actions that can be taken

Go back Examining the textbooks; The language of money...

What's happened over the years, several different people have taken it upon themselves to survey the textbooks and see how much evolution is in this book. These guys did a survey of all the biology books used in 1991, and they found out the one used by Merrill called Biology: An Every Day Experience only had 2.9% of the text devoted to evolution. It really wasn't talked about much. However HBJ had 15.6%, they really crammed evolution down the throat of those kids. I've seen books today that had nearly 30%. Well, if I was on the committee to select textbooks this year, I would pick the least poisonous book I could find. And then I would write to the publishers of the other ones and say: “Hey folks, we did not pick your book this year, because...,” and spell out your reasons. And then I would write to the one I did pick and say: “Hey fellows, we did pick your book this year because you got the least amount of evolution; however, we would like that out also; and we wanna warn you, if we find another one next year that has less, we will buy them.” You see folks there is only one language these textbook publishers speak, the only language they speak is money. Now if you were the CEO at HBJ, Harcourt Brace Jovanich, and you got letters from all over the country from people, saying: “Hey we did not buy your book this year, because...” Guess what you are gonna do next year. Only language they speak brother.

Go back Using textbook reviews and letters of recommendation

You wanna get an excellent book on some of the lies in the textbooks to see what you ought to be watching for. Get this one here by Jonathan Wells, excellent book on Icons of Evolution, or you may wanna get the book by the Gablers, What are They Teaching Our Children. They've spent 40 years discussing lies in the textbooks and what you can do about it, excellent ministry in Longview, Texas. Go to or to, they've got a newer review of the more modern textbooks. Mel wrote me a letter, said: “Dr. Hovind, thank you for using our book, What are They Teaching Our Children? You'd be interested to know that in the 39 years of work we have never seen publishers so sensitive, or schools so receptive, to our textbook reviews and ranking. We are pleased to recommend Harcourt and Scott Foresman elementary science series. They are much less dogmatic on evolution than the others we've reviewed.” Mel says: “The publishers are scared to death of their letters of recommendation, because they know the sales of those that aren't recommended, plummet in the states. But here's what happens, they only work in Texas. Texas is one of the largest buyers of textbooks in the nation. So the publishers will publish all of these books, you know, spend billions of dollars, millions of dollars publishing these books. They try to sell them. If Texas doesn't buy them, you think they're gonna burn them? No, they are gonna go pedal them off in some other state that's not looking. The Gabler's have a crew of folks; they'll help find errors in the textbooks. Like the book might say, you know: “George Washington was Abraham Lincoln's vice-president,” or something like that, you know, dumb stuff. And they are not about to throw that book away. I mean, they spent a lot of money printing that thing. Nice beautiful paper, you know, colored pictures. They are gonna find some state that's not looking. So if you are in some state other than Texas you better really be on the look out. Get a hold of the Gabler's and they'll tell you which ones to watch for. And they work on a donation basis, and don't be a tight wad with them, send them $50 and say: “Here send me your letters of recommendation.”

Back to Main Index What parents can do

Adolf Hitler said: “Let me control the textbooks, I'll control the state.” What's in these books anyway? What can I do to fix this problem? Well, this chart shows how the atheist have rated the different states in America on how well they teach evolution. They think here in Florida we're doing a lousy job of teaching evolution. Yeeh. They think the folks in Minnesota, where I was yesterday morning, are doing a wonderful job teaching evolution. You ought to be ashamed of yourself in Minnesota, get that junk out of your textbooks, ok.

Go back Get creation materials into school libraries

You can get creation materials and put them in your library. Bert Wagoner up in Iowa knows how to cut through all the red tape and get this done. Get a hold of Bert and say: “Well, how do I get public schools to accept creation books?” One guy wrote me a letter and said: “Dr. Hovind, your video series was bought for our local high school, Waverly High in Ohio. When I went to check out video #5, I found someone had hidden the box of seminars and debates unopened and underneath a desk by a back wall. I was told by the librarian that she was told not to put them out for the students to find. My 18-year-old daughter witnessed this. We were very upset but I told her it was proof that the enemy was trying to void and hide the truth. My daughter has since graduated and I don't know if those tapes are available to students or not.” So if you do donate something be sure to check and make sure that it is, you know, kept on the shelf.

I went to a big university one time and spent probably an hour going through their computer search system looking for how many books they had on evolution. It was like 1,800 or 1,900 books about evolution. And then I searched to see how many books they had about creation, this is a big university library, not one book. I searched every author that I know and I know most of them. I went to the librarian and said: “I noticed you got 1,800 books on evolution but you don't have any books on creation, why is that?” She said: “There is too a good book in here on creation. I put it in here myself. It's from my church, the Watchtower Society.” Oh brother, we've got one Jehovah's Witness book in here and 1,800 teaching evolution. And then they brag about being a liberal university and giving the kids a liberal education. You're lying. A liberal education is when you look at all sides. Let's just discuss all sides and then decide where the truth lies. They don't wanna compare evolution with creation because evolution looks stupid next to the truth.

Go back Practical steps for parents

There are some practical things we can do, folks, to fix this:

  1. You can demand that the schools cut out the pages with false information. You don't have to get creation in the schools and you don't have to get evolution out, just simply get the lies out.
  2. You can tell them you wanna glue the pages together, or;
  3. You at least post a warning sticker in the front cover saying: “Kids, the information on page 97 is not correct,” or, you know, list the pages.

I've volunteered many times and I'd do it again. I will..., if you will send me your textbook I will check the pages that need to be torn out. I'll make a tape recording while I'm traveling someplace, and I'll hand you the tape and it will say, you know: “The information on page 84 is wrong, tear that page out; page 217 is wrong, etc.” And I'll list the pages. And if you tore the pages out of the book it won't cost the school one penny. I'll show ya, so simple. Because the first objection they're gonna say is: “Oh, this will cost the schools a lot of money.” Won't cost them a penny. How many of you would volunteer to tear the pages out of the books and bring your own scissors? Let me see? There you go. So when you go to your school board hand them a list of 500 names and say these people are willing, when would you like it done?” Won't cost a thing. Look, the book is not sacred it's made out of paper, you know. If the county bought it, it belongs to the school; if you wanna tear a page out that's perfectly fine.

I was in a debate with a professor at university, I was just speaking at UWF here a year or so ago and I mentioned: “Tear the page out of the book.” And this one professor said: “I don't think we should deface textbooks.” I said: “Well, sir, if you were teaching math and you came across a book that said, you know, 2+2=5, what would you do?” He said: “I would tell the students to mark out the wrong answer and write in the right answer.” I said: “Uuuh, you would deface a textbook?” I said: “Now, sir, if you were teaching biology and you found a book that said the embryo has gills and you know that's proven wrong in 1874, what are you gonna do?” He said: “Well, nothing.” I said: “You wouldn't correct it?” He said: “No.” I said: “Then you, sir, are a hypocrite. And you have no right using tax dollars to lie to these kids. You ought to get a different job changing tires or picking peaches and work for a living for a change.” Guys like that burn me up, brother. Like a leach sucking on somebody else's blood that they built, you know.

  1. You can give the kids my little Brainwashed book.

There are different people around the country that buy these by the thousands and give ’em out to people in their schools. One guy from Santa Rosa County bought 3,000 of these books several years ago, gave them to all the kids in the county. They are gonna have a hard time teaching evolution for a while over there. Go to your school board and say: “Could you please vote to purchase this book to go along with our biology books so the kids can see the lies in their books.” If the school board buys them, great. If you get, you know, more than ten, you get them for $1 a piece. If the school board says: “No, we don't want those books in school,” then you run a full-page ad in your paper: “Stop by the following address and pick up the book the school board banned.” Now the kids will get it and read it. Mm-hum, yeah.

Go back There are laws that require textbooks to be accurate

Florida has a law, they've changed the number now; it used to be 233.09E I believe, but they've changed it so people couldn't find it I guess. It's now “Florida Statute 1006.35 Accuracy of Instructional Materials.” Do you know, Florida, State of Florida Legislature can vote to recall books if they are not accurate? They can write letters to the publishers and demand that they change the books. The laws on the books, folks. The textbooks are supposed to be accurate, but they're not. They contain 50 some lies in every textbook I've seen. Get the pages out! Texas has a law requiring textbooks to be accurate. Wisconsin has a law requiring textbooks to be accurate. Alabama has a law that says: “Textbooks shall be adequate and current.” Well, if they are still teaching a baby has gill slits they are not current. They are 128 years behind the times. Alabama used to have a sticker, they've modified it now, watered it down some, but the sticker used to say: “This textbook discusses evolution, a controversial theory.” And students need to learn there is a difference between “microevolution, which is a fact, and macroevolution,” which is not a fact. Go ’Bama!!! California has a requirement: “Textbooks shall be factually accurate.” Many states have this requirement but they are just simply not enforcing it.

Go back Get on committees

Did you know the publishers will publish a special book just for our state? If the committee got together and said: “Look, well, Glencoe we like your book; however, we want you to take out chapter 3, or take out the following pages...” Do you know how much money you spent just in one school district on textbooks? The publisher would be foolish to turn down a contract for ¾ million dollars. They'll publish a special book. They do it all the time for different states. Get on that committee and do something about it.

Go back Getting exemption for your child attending evolution classes or other

You can also..., parents be aware that your kids can be exempted from anything you don't want them taught. If you don't want your kids taught evolution you sign a little paper that says: “I do not want my child taught evolution; it is against my religious convictions.” Have it notarized, signed, and give it to the school principal, the teacher, superintendent. And if they do teach your kid evolution or if they say: “Oh, you've got to stay in class.” Then you can simply say: “Do you discriminate against people because of their religion?” Oh, that'll get their attention. You can e-mail our office, we got a guy that works just..., I pay him to work for us. If you want..., we ask folks: “Say, give a donation please, I'm gonna,” you know, “pay this paralegal a bunch of money.” But if you are having trouble in your school e-mail, or just our office if you can't get a hold of him, and we'll have people take care of this, you know, if the school gives you a hard time about making your kid learn evolution. We can fix that. See, if you don't know your rights you might as well not even have them.

Here are some pitfalls you ought to watch for in your school. I've seen this so many times:

  • If the school is gonna have a good program, some left wing liberal will make sure that it's an ‘opt in’ program. In other words you have to get parents permission to go to the program. This happens all the time when I speak in schools. The kids have to come back with a note and saying: “It's ok for me to go to Hovind's program.”
  • But if you are gonna have some homosexual speak in your school or some lesbian about the gay life style, which is not gay at all; and it's not a lifestyle it is a death style. If they are gonna speak in your school they will make sure it is an ‘opt out’ program. You see the difference? In other words, you have to get a note in order to not come.

But if it is a good program you have to get a note to come, but if it is a bad program you have to get a note to not go. They don't want a level playing field, folks. And if you have a superintendent or a school principal that tries that one you ought to help him get a different job too. Put the pressure on, you know, he needs to find a new job. Maybe in a new county some place.

Back to Main Index Practical steps for children and students

Some practical steps you can do:  [converting teachers]

  1. Kids, don't confront your teachers publicly. Try to talk to them after class.
  2. Now listen carefully: If you are late to class frequently;
  3. If you are a troublemaker or a goof off;
  4. If you never do your homework;
  5. If you don't pay attention in class. Then please don't tell them you're a Christian! Shut your mouth. First be a good student.

Handle evolution in class:

  1. Now if a question comes up on the test that says, you know: “How old is the earth?” And you know the answer they want, you can simply write on the test: “The textbook says 4.6 billion, however, this is not correct.”
  2. Now they know you learned the book, you did your homework; but you don't believe it, you didn't swallow it. That's perfectly fine. If they give you a hard time or mark that answer wrong, please let us know. We've had probably 350 cases now, where we had a lawyer or someone write a letter to these folks saying: “You realize you just discriminated against a Christian.” - “Oop, you're right, we'll fix the grade.” Get it fixed every time. You can learn the material, but don't swallow it.
  3. You can ask to be exempt. Now parents have to do this, the kids can't do it. I'm not positive of that statement, but I believe it has to be done by the parents. You have to say: “I want my child exempt from anything that is against our religion.” Sign a note, give it to the school. Look, if 40 or 50 or 60% of the class was standing out in the hallway, wouldn't take the teacher long to figure out: “You know, we ought to just skip that chapter.”

I had one guy call me up one day, he said: “Brother Hovind, my second grade daughter has watched your videotapes probably fifty times, she can quote them.” I don't know why kids watch the same tape over and over and over and over. He said: “My second grade daughter's teacher just called me, and she said: “Sir, every time I talk about something in the class having to do with evolution, your daughter stops me and says: ‘Oh teacher, that's not right.’ And the teacher said: ‘I just want you to know I'm gonna skip evolution for the rest of the time this girl's in my class.’” My first thought was, Yeah, this is great. And then I thought, why are we sending second graders off to war? Why aren't the parents fighting this battle? You know a second grader ought to be able to go to class, read the book, and believe what they are taught. Why are we allowing lies in the textbooks, why are we allowing liars to teach? Don't lie to the kids.

  1. You can contact Joe Baker, he helps folks set up meetings on getting kids in their school fired up to do something in their local school. Joe had me come speak at his high school in Pennsylvania, had a auditorium seated about 1,000 people, they had 1,500 people come. The principal was pulling his hair up, nervous as a cat thinking the fire marshal is gonna come and arrest me and throw me in jail, you know. They turned away like 300 people at the door and said: “No you can't get in.” And I spoke for over two hours at that public high school in Pennsylvania. Joe Baker arranged the whole thing and he's been on fire for God ever since. Get a hold of him and say: “What can I do in my school? If you are a public school student and you want to do something, Joe can help you get going.

Back to Main Index More practical steps for parents

Some practical steps:  [helping teachers]

  1. You can give your teacher a videotape to watch at home.
  2. You can pray for them. Teaching is a tough job. My brother is in his 34th year, he said: “Kent, it's not fun anymore, I can't wait to quit teaching. I'm about sick of this.” He teaches public school up in Illinois. My mom retired from teaching at public school.
  3. You can invite your teachers to a creation seminar.
  4. You can have them call me with any questions. You can ask my secretary Martha, sitting right there. I answer questions all day long and half the night. I'll be glad to help.
  5. You can ask them to have a creation speaker speak in your public school. I've got a list of about eight pages of names of other people that speak on creation. We'll be glad to get somebody to you as quick as we can.

[Practical steps to change schools:]

  1. Some of you could run for school board.
  2. Influence the textbook selection committee.
  3. You could pass or enforce the laws for textbooks to be accurate.

The Bible says: “The fear of man bringeth a snare.” (Prov. 29:25) And we've got a bunch of Christians that are scared to do anything for fear somebody might not like them. Duh..., we are supposed to be Christians you know. They didn't like the disciples very well or Jesus himself, did they? Our job is to do what's right, leave the results up to Him. Ok.

  1. You can try to convert the teachers or the students.
  2. You can write letters to the editor.

That's what got my whole ministry started, brother. Hugh and I were working together at a factory, an article came out in the newspaper that said: “Dinosaur bones are found from 80 million years ago.” And I wrote my first ever letter to the editor. I had never written a letter to the editor before. I said: “These dinosaur bones were from the flood of Noah, 4,400 years ago.” Oh man, you would have thought I shot the sacred cow. For the next six or eight months here in Pensacola I got called every name you can imagine in the paper. And I wrote letters back and forth and other people wrote letters. Finally the university asked me to come do a debate and a couple churches asked me to come speak, and now it's 14 years later and I've got 30 people on my staff and got 20 calls a week, Martha?, asking me to come.. 55... It's crazy, there's a war going on. Get in! Find something to do.

  1. You could donate some Christian books to your public library or public school library. We get calls and letters just about every week from somebody getting saved because they watched a video or read a book that they checked out of their public library. One of our videos. Donate some.
  2. You could educate others to use creation as a means for evangelism.

Back to Main Index Prepare for opposition (a guide for teachers)

Go back Tactics used by the enemy to keep creation out of public schools

  1. Here's what the ACLU will do though. They will threaten a law suite if somebody tries to teach creation. Now they know they would loose, but it doesn't matter. The fact that it's gonna be a law suite is gonna be costly for the school. So the ACLU knowing they'll loose threatens to sue; and sometimes even sues; knowing the school will back down for fear of not having enough money to defend themselves. They are winning by default.
  2. They claim teachers can only teach what is in state approved curriculum. Well, that's a lie; the curriculum really starts when the classroom door closes. Every teacher knows that. Every teacher discusses things in their class that are not in the textbook. Come on, you can't teach otherwise.
  3. They claim teachers cannot correct the curriculum. That's a lie, they do it all the time. I taught math and science for years and I was always making corrections in the math book.
  4. They mislead people into thinking that evolution is a sacred part of science that's never to be questioned.
  5. They use peer pressure or ridicule to silence those who oppose lies in the textbooks.

Go back Experiences from people that advocated and taught creation

Now, if you're gonna do something, you be prepared for opposition from the enemy. Satan protects his evolution theory with a vengeance. This is the foundation for all sorts of things.

  • Roger DeHart, science teacher at Burlington-Edison High School in Seattle, was told he could not inform students of errors in the textbooks, just simply by passing out current science journals. If there was a current science journal that said this is wrong, he couldn't tell his students because in the book it said it was right. Some of these lies have been proven wrong 100 years ago.
  • Kevin Haley, biology teacher at Oregon Community College, lost his job simply for exposing errors in the textbooks.
  • Baylor University, formerly Christian University, fired William Dembski just because he advocated intelligent design. He said there must be a designer.
  • Forrest Mims was a science writer for 20 years. He published in National Geographic, Science Digest, the American Journal of Physics, 60 magazines and newspapers. He was denied a job as science writer or writer for Scientific American simply because he was a creationist.
  • Rod LeVake in Faribault, Minnesota was reassigned because he doubted Darwin's theory. They said: “We don't want you teaching biology if you doubt Darwin's theory.”
  • Dan Clark in Lafayette, Indiana. He quit because he was reprimanded for teaching an evolution alternative. The superintendent Mr. Ed Eller told him not introduce creationism to his class. Well, Mr. Ed Eller, you need to get a different job. Our grass needs mowed every once in a while, come on down we may put you to work if you are a hard worker, ok. He said: “I'm quitting; I'm not gonna take this.” There's all kinds of articles here.
  • Dean Kenyon was a tenured professor in San Francisco at the University. He'd been teaching for years. He wrote books about evolution; how wonderful evolution was. He was the poster boy of the evolutionist. And then one day he got converted and they fired him, but he said: “Hey, I've got 20 years you can't fire me.” They said: “Ok.” They put him in as a lab assistant. You know washing test tubes. Had to go through a whole big law suite just to get his job back. Simply because he doubted Darwin's theory.

Go back Things teachers can do

So, don't think it's going to be an easy road. There are some things you can do. Cut the pages out. Get something done in your area. There's all kinds of practical steps; you can watch our video 4 for other stuff like that.
[“Things Teachers can Do,” as found on seminar slides, see here]

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Evolution foundation philosophies

Back to Main Index The basic elements

Go back Why the theory is dangerous

Alright, why is this theory dangerous?

  1. It's dangerous because it's bad science backed up by lies.
  2. It brings forth bad fruit.

All the effects of evolution that I know of are evil and wicked.

  1. We teach the kids they're an animal;
  2. We teach them there is no moral standard;
  3. There's no absolute.

What do you expect? This theory has led directly to the rise of communism, humanism, Marxism, Nazism, socialism, and the coming New World Order. We are gonna cover more on that tomorrow night. The dangers of this evolution theory. Folks, it's not just dumb, it's dangerous. You are gonna be shocked to see how many people have died because of this theory. Why did we fight the Vietnam War? Why did we fight World War II? Why was World War I fought? Why are we fighting against communism? How many people did Hitler kill? How many did Stalin kill? Cover all that tomorrow night.

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