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     A listing of so-called ‘lost tech’ and further information
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Please note that words with an asterisk (*) are defined at the bottom of this page! Only first appearances are indicated.

“To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help mankind.”
  L. Ron Hubbard            
  (from HCO PL 5 Feb 69 “Code of a Scientologist”)  


Introductory notices
           - The right to practicing a religion & Purpose of this page
- The legal situation
- Licensing  &  “Scientology is an applied religious philosophy.”
- Suppression of information  vs  The “Code of a Scientologist” ...
  Where to get these materials?
  The materials ...
    - ‘Standard Dianetics’ and related materials (in use 1969-78) 
- The ‘Primary Rundown’ (PRD) (in use 1972-79)
- Various printed materials of interest
- Various tape recorded materials of special interest

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Go back The right to practicing a religion & Purpose of this page

Basically the sole purpose of this page is to draw the attention to any works of value that currently are out of print and that only can be found with difficulties. Some of these materials that today easily can be classified as being either so-called lost tech or as lost data. It is simply not (easy) available and it is partly because of that it is not delivered at any particular place either.

Here is operated on the premise that:
“Any process ever taught on the SHSBC or ever released in ANY book can be audited and be Standard Tech.”          LRH
(from HCOB 26 Feb 70 “Standard Tech and Invalidation”)
... and
“Inevitably, when any new approach or process is released, some will instantly assume that all ‘older’ (actually more basic) data has been cancelled. There is no statement to that effect. ...
A subject can be reorganized and made more workable. That was done in 1969 for Dianetics. BUT IT HAD NEVER BEEN UNWORKABLE! ...
This idea that the ‘old’ is always cancelled by anything ‘new’ has its root in the idea that a later order cancels earlier orders, which is true. But orders are one thing and Tech basics another.”          LRH
(from HCOB 30 Jun 70R (Revised 6 Mar 73) “VIII Actions”)

Another criterion would be:
“So technical progress has been:
CLASS VIII - 1968.
This is quite an achievement.”          LRH
(from ‘LRH ED 117 Int’, 26 Aug 70 “Current Cases”)

So, theoretically one should have access to the materials that were compiled at that time. If it is not for application it would be for understanding of this stage in the development of this technology.

“I don't expect auditors or Scientologists to instantly agree with or seize upon whatever I say. I would be offended if they did and would feel they weren't a Free People. Since they are intelligent I expect them to think over what's said, try it, and if it's good for them, use it.
I sorrow when I see somebody accomplishing less than he should because he thinks I wouldn't approve of it. In organizations and out I count upon initiative and good judgment.”          LRH
(from ‘PAB 79’, 10 Apr 56 “The Open Channel: What Do I Think of Auditors?”)

And so, “think over what's said, try it, and if it's good for” you, then “use it”.

Go back The legal situation

There is some problem that arises here. As there are some entities involved here that claim ownership on various materials and that intend to regulate availability and more such things. This actual claimed ownership is however rather seriously disputed where it concerns which materials and exactly in what manner these materials would be affected.

The obvious effect of it however is that may work as a means to limit application of such materials. Even if I am very confident about that the whole array of materials that once were copyrighted under ‘© L. Ron Hubbard’ had since fallen into the public domain. Observe that today the Church of Scientology exclusively uses the newly established copyright ‘© L. Ron Hubbard Library’. You see, you just can't revive an expired copyright. You can't transfer materials to just another copyright name. If the ‘© L. Ron Hubbard’ would be valid still, they would use it. The simple observation that they use another copyright name, may indicate that the other one could/would be lost and now resides in the public domain. The only copyright that is owned by ‘© L. Ron Hubbard Library’ then would be for the alterations, designs and other implemented since then in these works that were once registered ‘© L. Ron Hubbard’. The new copyright may be thought to not include the original works. Mind here that the registrations as found in the copyright databases reflects just a registration. Then we have the trademarks which is just a graphical design, don't confuse this with a copyright as it is something very different.
This matter is addressed in the greatest detail on my page linked to here below:  (separate window)
    “The copyrights issue, licensing and related matters”, see at “Copyrights and trademarks”

And if I thus would make these materials available for download, I would turn myself into a target to those that nonetheless claim ownership. I am not sure what the consequences of that would be. May be none, but it may also mean an economical burden and, more particularly, a hassle. Because:
      1.  A claimant would not be obliged to provide for any proof, if they should ask to take such a page or website down. They just would claim to be the copyright owner and tell to take it down. If one does not obey, they can sue. There will be no dialog about that, no arguments have to be given. You will stay in the dark about their evidence. You will have to wait with all that until the court proceedings will advance;      
  2. It does require a lawyer that is accredited at that court, you can't go about that yourself;  
  3. The court and the lawyer then will claim a fee according the amount in controversy, perhaps many 10,000s of dollars;  
  4. If you can not pay these 10,000s of dollars, you can not even start to argue. You will lose the case even before the claimant has to put up with proof about anything;  
  5. When you lose that, you will have to pay the millions per the decided amount in the controversy.  

You would only have a chance under the following conditions:
      1.  Located in a country which gives you better than the average legal position. Especially regarding the court and lawyer fees on such a large amount in controversy;      
  2. Operate not as a person but as an Association or a Limited, which when the case is lost, just dies without much consequences for any involved;  
  3. The president of this association or company should be someone who is already old and without any wealth, in case he is made responsible for the case;  
  4. Prepare and have available a large budget for such a case, so that one can confront a legal case and have a chance to win it;  
  5. Being surrounded with many friends and people that share the same goals, this for the needed support, for the PR and also to have helping hands to handle all what is needed.  

This is unfortunately the world we live in.

Go back Licensing  &  “Scientology is an applied religious philosophy.”

Another side to this is a practice based on or taken from (in this being the case of ) copyrighted materials.

The US law directs:
    “(b) In no case does copyright protection for an original work of authorship extend to any idea, procedure, process, system, method of operation, concept, principle, or discovery, regardless of the form in which it is described, explained, illustrated, or embodied in such work.”
US Code:  Title 17, Chapter 1, Sec. 102.- Subject matter of copyright: In general & Notes (external links) (last checked: 23 Mar 2015)

These days (since 1979) the Church of Scientology demands a 10% tithe if funds are received for delivering any services taken from materials for which they claim ownership through either copyright or trademark. There are a few considerations that should be regarded here, these are: (1) that neither of the materials listed here are provided by this organization as a service. for this reason it would make it rather hard to demand a license for, as they are unable to support nor guide the practitioner for obvious reasons; and (2) that because of the foregoing argument there can not even be considered a concurrent in regards to the services that the Church of Scientology is providing to its parishioners.

These matters are further addressed on my page linked to here below:  (separate window)
    “A ‘science of mind’ vs ‘licensing and regulation’ or Can/should the subject of Scientology & Dianetics be legislated?”

Go back Suppression of information  vs  The “Code of a Scientologist” ...

We have these points that are listed in this “Code of a Scientologist”, as the materials that I draw the attention to are not commonly available anywhere at all. And thus:

“11. To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help mankind.”          LRH
(from HCO PL 5 Feb 69R (Revised 15 May 73) “Code of a Scientologist”)

Mind here that ‘What Is Scientology?’ (1978 edition) even says on page 191: “With all Scientologists subscribing to this code Scientology will, itself, maintain its potent forward motion in our world and this universe.”. So there we go!

Then we also have these:
“12. To support the freedom of religion.
17. To take my share of responsibility for the impact of Scientology upon the world.”
The full list of this Code can be consulted here (pop-up window).

Now, we have the situation here that various works that were actually written or compiled by other persons than L. Ron Hubbard, but that nonetheless were copyrighted under ‘© L. Ron Hubbard’. Today and for quite some time now, none of these are available anymore from the Church of Scientology. As it appears many of these persons that wrote such works are today not even considered being in good standing with that organization. Nonetheless these very works appear to have received rather recent so-called renewal registrations. I list a choice of some of these works from others and their renewal registrations here below. All this data you can verify for yourself in the online copyright database found at

Registration Number / Date: RE0000159768 / 1983-02-07
Renewal registration for: B00000234545 / 1955-12-14
Title: The Co-auditor’s manual of scientology. By L. Ron Hubbard & John Sanborn.

Registration Number / Date: RE0000365656 / 1987-11-19
Renewal registration for: TX0000218078 / 1959-06-20
Title: The Hubbard electrometer. By L. Ron Hubbard.
Copyright Claimant: Mary Sue Hubbard (W)
Note: This was actually written by John Sanborn.

Registration Number / Date: RE0000806835 / 1999-02-24
Renewal registration for: A00000986837 / 1968-04-20
Title: Miracles for breakfast. By Ruth E. Minshull.
Copyright Claimant: Church of Spiritual Technology (Los Angeles) (PWH)

Registration Number / Date: RE0000781339 / 1997-12-31
Renewal registration for: A00000087106 / 1969-06-20
Title: When in doubt, communicate. By Ruth Minshull, Edward M. Lefson.
Copyright Claimant: Church of Spiritual Technology (Los Angeles) (PWH)

Registration Number / Date: TX0000764967 / 1981-09-14
Supplemented by: TX0003080304 / 1990-12-07
Title: The Second dynamic : introduction to scientology ethics / L. Ron Hubbard ; compiled by Cass Pool [i.e. Debora Cassie Pool] from the works of L. Ron Hubbard.
Copyright Claimant: Debora Cassie Pool
Note: Copyright claimant was transferred to L. Ron Hubbard 1990-12-07. See next:

Registration Number / Date: PA0001126027 / 2002-09-12
Supplement to: PA0000211218 / 1984
Title: The second dynamic. No. 5504C02. By L. Ron Hubbard.
Copyright Claimant: L. Ron Hubbard, 1911-

Some other I did not actually find in this database, for example Ruth Minshull's 1972 book: ‘How to Choose Your People’. There does not appear to have been a renewal registration for this work. In a sense this is odd as this was the most predominant of her works whereas we see most of her other releases having been re-registered.

That what we are thus facing here is that efforts are being made to retain some copyrights through renewal registrations, but not with the intent to make these works actually in reach for people or available for use. This, per the data available to us, can rather easily be interpreted as a deliberate attempt to suppress information. The very same actually goes for the materials, lectures that at present are not available from the Church of Scientology, but that were by L. Ron Hubbard. In particular this appears disastrous in regards to the Primary Rundown and Standard Dianetics, both of which are actual lost tech.

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Back to Main Index Where to get these materials ...

Well, unfortunately this is a bit of a problem. I do know that most of these materials are digitalized and posted at some places elsewhere on the Internet. This is however all up to your own responsibility. Although you do have a right to any materials for the use of study, but then no funds may be asked. This is all covered within the copyright law for fair use, even if we regard that an actual ‘© L. Ron Hubbard’ is non-existing today. Further you can ask your friends, contacts or any other. See, it is just not very doable for every individual to locate these old reel to reel tapes or materials that are rather scarce, then find a machine that can play the reel to reel tapes and so forth. A digitalized copy restricted for personal use will do very nicely indeed.

Various materials can also successfully be found with secondhand book dealers. These days they have searchable stocks of books posted out on the Internet.

I myself will only host these materials that, per the data available at hand, have shown to reside in the public domain, are covered by fair use, or do not have outstanding claims about ownership. For this reason and for the reasons as laid out in previous chapter “Introductory notices”, see section “The legal situation”.

The message here is thus, seek and thou shalt find.

“For no man has any monopoly upon the wisdom of this universe. It belongs to those who can use it to help themselves and others.”          LRH   
(from “My Philosophy” [ca 1965])

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Back to Main Index The materials ...

Either of these materials can add understanding and information about my published studies and/or they can supply the student with currently not available materials. These materials are as a rule not available from or carried by the Church of Scientology.

Some materials have been made available here for download. These are materials that, per the data at hand, have fallen into the public domain, have never been registered at the Copyright Office, or are fair use. If an error has been made in judgment, please contact the distributor, and forward your documentation, they will be withdrawn immediately after verification! These files shared here may be freely distributed, they may however not be offered in exchange for funds. They may also not be included in compilations in where funds are being asked for personal profit! The purpose of its distribution is primarily for educative purposes.

Go back ‘Standard Dianetics’ and related materials
 (in use 1969-78)

This is such an instance of obviously lost technology. At the end of July 1978 New Era Dianetics (NED) got introduced, but it also wiped out Standard Dianetics. It was not cancelled or sorts, it was just discontinued. One could say that there is some sort of similarity between them, but it did change the original Standard Dianetics routine. To be very brief about it NED puts its focus on postulates, whereas Standard Dianetics puts it on engrams. It is this postulate that holds the engram into place. If the Standard dianetics routine is properly used the preclear will originate the postulate. I have found there is some misunderstanding about this, as if Standard Dianetics will not pull the postulate. Well, it will!
My analysis on the matter St Dn versus NED can be consulted here (separate window).

Course materials:

The checksheets and study packs that are the preferred ones are dated from December 1969 to 1973. Thus far I only have a transcript of the December 1969 checksheet of this time frame, if anyone has a later one then please contact me!

HCOB 6 May 69 II “Routine 3-R Revised Engram Running by Chains”
File size: 53 Kb
This is the Standard Dianetics basic auditing routine, as opposed to R3RA which is the New Era Dianetics basic auditing routine. This is the original HCOB release. Undoubtedly the most important reference of the course. This may not even be so easy to find this day, although its significance and importance is rather vital. The file offered here for download is a guaranteed original and unaltered transcription of this.


1969: ‘Dianetic Case Histories Book’
    An interesting publication, but today about impossible to get hold of. It was a staff compilation. It gave a fairly thorough overview of results that were gotten through application of the Standard Dianetics processing routine.

1975: ‘Dianetics Today’
    'Dianetics Today' (1975)A rather important release as this is the actual Handbook for Standard Dianetics. A thick volume of 1057 pages that carries the bulk of the HCOBs written by L. Ron Hubbard that lay out the technique of Standard Dianetics. Although it is lacking the references written by other persons, most noteworthy those from Brian Livingston and Tony Dunleavy. Almost 300 pages of the book listed transcribed C/Sings from L. Ron Hubbard. The original St Dn checksheet directed that “Auditing Reports of actual LRH case supervised Dianetics Sessions, Good and Bad, to be thoroughly studied by the student.”.
It was first issued in March 1975, and reprinted only once in May 1975. The year 1977 saw the release of a 30 page pamphlet constituting: “Errata and Technical update to First Edition”. Since that time the book has been out of print. Not so very surprising as it constitutes a handbook for Standard Dianetics, and this thus had to be abolished since July 1978 at such time that New Era Dianetics (NED) made its entry, unofficially replacing Standard Dianetics.

Tape lectures:

“Dianetics Program” (3 & 4 Apr 69)
No copies known to be available
‘What Is Scientology?’ (1978 edition) lists on page 317: “6904C03 & 04  Dianetics Program”. Sadly enough these appear not to have surfaced as yet.
Do you have it? Please contact me!

“First Standard Dianetics Graduation – The Dianetic Program” (29 May 69)
Lecture is available
Source: reel to reel
Length: 43 min.
Fortunately we do have this other lecture. This tape recording is of particular significance because it lays out how one was to spread this Standard Dianetics about and get it into use by as many people as possible. It called these Dianetic Counselling Groups into being. (see further description here, separate window).

Since that time the Church of Scientology has abolished Standard Dianetics (in 1978) and changed the set-up of Dianetic Counselling Groups (in 1979), and so they will not likely carry any of above lectures at any future day.

Go back The ‘Primary Rundown’ (PRD)
 (in use 1972-79)

“Scientology: Primary Rundown package of materials”
    There were 2 versions of the original Primary Rundown. The one released in 1972, and an updated revision issued in 1975. After reviewing all the materials and checksheets for both versions, I would prefer the 1975 version as it is simply more complete.
My analysis on the Primary Rundown can be consulted here, separate window.

Lectures relating to the Primary Rundown
No copies known to be available
7203C22 SO “A ‘Why’”
7203C23 SO “Course Supervision”
7203C27 SO “Supervision - Study”
7203C28 SO “Training Program”

7203C28 SO “Study and Student Hat”
7203C29 SO “Study ‘Why’”
7204C06 SO “The Primary Rundown”

7206C14 SO “Superliteracy”
None of these appear available. Do you have any of these? Please contact me!

Go back Various printed materials of interest

The ones that are listed here have either been of value to me in person, or it may be that I have recognized contained with them. It thus does not aims to be complete. If you want to make any suggestions, feel free to do so. They are listed in chronological publication order.

1950-51: ‘Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health’ - deleted materials
File size: 512 Kb
'Dianetics' (1950)Indeed, you read that correctly, deleted materials. Pretty much during it's first 30 years of existence most of that what I offer here was actually part of the book. And then ... it was taken out. Never any explanation was given, although it be noted that these texts were not written by L. Ron Hubbard. Were they unnecessary additions? In fact I really don't think they were. But, you will have to make up your own mind about that.
US edition (1950):
“Synopsis” (unsigned)
“Foreword by J.A. Winter, M.D.”
“How to Read This Book” (unsigned)
“Appendix I: The Philosophic Method” (by Will Durant)
“Appendix II: The Scientific Method” (by John Campbell)
“Appendix IIIa: Mind Schematic” (chart) (by Rogers)
“Appendix IIIb: Analyzer Schematic” (chart) (by Rogers)
“Appendix IV: Advice to the Pre-Clear” (unsigned)
UK edition (1951) (not in US edition):
“Introduction: A Brief Description of Dianetic Theory” (by Dianetic Foundation)
“Appendix I: Standard Procedure” (unsigned, chart by James Hurt)

1951: ‘Dianetic Processing: A Brief Survey of Research Projects and Preliminary Results’ (by Dalmyra Ibanez, Gordon Southon, Peggy Southon & Peggy Benton)
    ‘Dianetic Processing: A Brief Survey' (1951)A research pamphlet from January 1951. It carries explanations, studies, case history descriptions, analysis of results and observations, and any further relevant adherent information.
This is one of a variety of similar publications issued by the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation. The one listed here is a bit easier to come by. It should be realized here that the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology were regarded as scientific and practical endeavors. Publishing these results and observations were of interest by its parishioners of the time, which predominantly (if not all) were intelligent and educated people.
Such case histories also appeared frequently in the magazine Certainty issued from England during 1954-59 by the Hubbard Association of Scientologists.

1951: ‘A Doctor's Report on Dianetics’ (by J. A. Winter)
There once was this Dr. Winter. And he found that this new Dianetics was very interesting indeed. It was him that actually wrote the foreword to the first and early editions of ‘Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health’. Then in 1951 he wrote his own book about it. From it's liner notes:
“... written by the first medical man who seriously investigated the concepts and practice of Dianetics. Dr. Winter is in a special position to give this report to the medical and psychiatric professions as well as to the interested public since he was the first Medical Director of The Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, Inc. and has been in close touch with developments In Dianetics since the beginning. The pro's and con's of Dianetics, as a new psychotherapy are thoroughly examined from a rigorous scientific viewpoint.”.
‘A Doctor's Report on Dianetics’ (1951)So far was all well. Then not so much time after that he seemed to have changed his mind, although very likely he succumbed due to the pressure of the official medical establishment. See, they can do these things. If you don't bend you can lose all your repute, your title, your financial income and all that. There is actually en entry for this book on Wikipedia, it is interesting though to note that it does not even remotely relate about the things that I pointed out here in the above. But then the article makes also some claims that are not actually very accurate either, after all this medium is not about establishing facts, it is solely about if one can give a published reference to a claim (see my overview on Wikipedia here, separate window). In spite of this Dr. Joseph Winter, at least at the time this book was published, seemed to have known what he was writing about. This according to an inscription from his hand found in my copy of this book that reads: “To Uncle Jack –  Now you'll know what I've been doing –   Joe”.
So, just let this book speak for itself. I find it rather interesting nonetheless.

1951: ‘Child Dianetics: Dianetic Processing for Children’ (compiled by staff)
    'Child Dianetics' (1951)This publication was “Written and edited by the staff of The Hubbard Dianetic Foundation, Inc.”. It was dedicated: “To our next generation, the best reason we have for Dianetics.”. It carried a fairly long introduction from L. Ron Hubbard. The first line of that reads: “CHILD DIANETICS is being published to fill a need”  LRH. It has been in print, pretty much unaltered, 'Child Dianetics' (1968)since 1951 and well into the 1990s, still available from the Scientology organization through the early 2000s. This day however this interesting publication appears to have been withdrawn by the Church of Scientology. It was just silently take out of circulation with no notice of information. The publication stands by itself, and I don't see it being replaced by something else. But then, why withdrawing a publication a long time after the passing of L. Ron Hubbard that actually was promoted by him in all the earlier years? That is the question!
(here above on the right the cover for the 1951 edition, on the left the cover for the 1968 edition)

1955: ‘The Co-Auditor's Manual of Scientology’ (by John Sanborn)
    ‘The Co-Auditor's Manual of Scientology’ (1955)Subtitled: “The basic theory and practice of Scientology as developed by L. Ron Hubbard, presented for use in co-auditing by John Sanborn”. This softcover publication is very basic in its forwarded information. It gives a good insight on these matters from an early stage. The data is still true, and one may wonder why things became so complicated later on. This is an excellent manual though for beginners, just because it is so basic in its presentations.

1956: ‘Summary of Scientology’ (by Jack F. Horner)
    'Summary of Scientology' (1956)This softcover publication provides for a rather accurate circumscription of that which is referred to as the subject of Scientology. It kept matters simple and basic. Once upon a time this publication was distributed widely, whereas today we never see it anymore and it has become rather rare indeed. It was “Dedicated to L. Ron Hubbard” and its “Author's Preface” noted that L. Ron Hubbard had “observed and codified the bulk of material in this book”.
1957: ‘All About Radiation’ (by A Nuclear Physicist and A Medial Doctor)
    ‘All About Radiation’ (1957)This publication should deserve at least some interest, particularly today as the Church of Scientology does not carry this anymore. An explanation has not been given. It is just that when the whole array of the so-called Basic Books (issued 1950-70) were reissued in 2007, various titles had been excluded, and this is then one of them.
This Nuclear Physicist then would be L. Ron Hubbard. The Medical Doctor was later in the 1989 edition of the book revealed to be Dr. F. R. Spink. It would appear that L. Ron Hubbard enrolled on one of these very early courses given on these subjects. That it would earn him a reference as being an actual Nuclear Physicist may have been a bit presumptuous, in particular in comparison with today, but then it may not have been at the time the book was first published. Honorary titles were easily given out. Anyhow this reference attributed has been stuck with the book since it was first published in 1957 until it was lastly in print during the early 2000s. As previously mentioned, this publication has been withdrawn since 2007.
‘All About Radiation’ (1967 edition)In its first edition from 1957 we even find in “Book Two” following the name of L. Ron Hubbard the noted credential “C.E., Ph.D.”, which we don't find anymore since its 2nd edition issued 1967. He was not merited to carry that as he had failed that class in that School of Engineering. Here we don't know if it was added by some staff of the Scientology Association. It is known for example that the limited publication ‘What to Audit?’ (US, 1952) had been reissued the following year in England under the title ‘Scientology: A History of Man’ (1953), without the initial approval of L. Ron Hubbard. A consideration may also have been that it would be received easier by the public with any such given credentials.
Liner notes (from 1957 edition): “This book was written out of the proceedings of the CONGRESS On NUCLEAR RADIATION AND HEALTH given at the Royal Empire Society Hall between April 12th and 15th, 1957 by the courtesy of THE HUBBARD ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTOLOGISTS INTERNATIONAL.”.
The texts contained in this little book are not without interest. The input of L. Ron Hubbard we find in “Book Two” entitled: “Man's Inhumity to Man.”.
(here above on the right the cover for the 1957 edition, on the left the cover for the 1967 edition)

1959: ‘The Hubbard Electrometer, What It Is and How to Use It’ (by John Sanborn)
    ‘The Hubbard Electrometer' (1959)Subtitled: “The Manual of the E Meter”. The need for this publication came forth because of the increased knowledge that was developed since the E-Meter was first made into use. This little book adds to the understanding of this device and folds out how matters had evolved since. It complements the data that is found in 2 other little publications entitled ‘E Meter Essentials 1961’ (published 1962) & ‘The Book Introducing the E-Meter’ (published 1966), both written by L. Ron Hubbard.
1969: ‘Miracles for Breakfast’ (by Ruth Minshull)
    ‘Miracles for Breakfast’ (1969)From the dust wrapper: “Parenthood: How to avoid total ruin.” and “A startling new approach to raising children.”.
And from promo from 1980: “After twelve years in print, this witty, practical, wonderful book continues to bring hundreds of new people into Scientology”.
An effective little book that addresses pertinent situations that can occur with children. This is very educative.
Read more about Ruth Minshull here, separate window.

1969: ‘What Every Preclear Should Know’ (by Ruth Minshull)
    ‘What Every Preclear Should Know’ (1969)A little booklet that was given to those that were about to receive processing or auditing. This made you very well prepared indeed for the things to come. This was simply a matter of education, and eradicated any questions you may have had. It made you also aware of the Auditor's Code that was listed in full in this little publication. It has been in use for so many years since 1969, but not since basically 1983, when all these were banned. Although the word apparently had not spread yet to the Netherlands in where I was given this to read in 1986.
Read more about these matters and Ruth Minshull here, separate window.

1969: ‘When in Doubt, Communicate ...’ (compiled by Ruth Minshull and Edward M. Lefson)
    ‘When in Doubt, Communicate ...’  (1969)A rather effective collection of quotations from the works of L. Ron Hubbard.

1972: ‘How to Choose Your People’ (by Ruth Minshull)
    ‘How to Choose Your People’ (1972)Promo from 1980 notes: “The practical application of L Ron Hubbard's remarkable data on the emotional tone scale. No business person should make a deal, form a partnership, sign a contract or start a new venture without reading this book! A perfect dissem(ination[sic]) tool, this book is our all-time biggest seller.”. One could observe some similarities in practice and results that were gotten with the books of Dale Carnegie who amongst other wrote: ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ (1945). Available was also a cassette album in where excerpts of ‘How to Choose Your People’ were read by ruth Minshull. Then one could get a poster of the dust wrapper illustration of the book that was depicting this tonescale.
This book is still valued by quite a few people till this day, but it has been completely banned by the Church of Scientology. Read more about this and Ruth Minshull here, separate window.

1973: ‘Two Disparate Philosophies’ (by D. R. Dalton)
    ‘Two Disparate Philosophies’ (1973)From the front cover: “The controversy between the Scientologists & the National Association for Mental Health”. This is chronologizing the clashes, the battles and so on from the early ’50s up to the early ’70s. It would seem that these 2 entities are opposing each other from their very outsets. This is a recommended reading for those who wish to learn more about this controversy, how it may have come about, how it evolved and escalated. This publication is a bit harder to come by. Issued from England.
1974: ‘The Hidden Story of Scientology’ (by Omar V. Garrison)
    ‘The Hidden Story of Scientology’ (us 1974)Written by a professional author and investigative journalist. This is a must read for any that wishes to acquaint himself with the forces that were working behind the scenes and that aimed to paint a bad picture about Scientology in the media. It gives a detailed insight about the sort of opposition Scientology was facing during these early ’70s from various government entities such as FDA, AMA, IRS, etc. ‘The Hidden Story of Scientology’ (uk 1974)It provides for a well researched and factual description of these matters. Although written by a non-Scientologist it does give an accurate description of the subject of Scientology. Another book from this same writer was issued in 1980 entitled ‘Playing Dirty’ that goes even deeper into this (also a must read). These are early books about this subject from Omar Garrison. At a time that he was still favourable towards the organization.
(here above on the right the cover for the US edition, on the left the cover for the UK edition, both from 1974)

1976: The Application Series:
  An interesting set of booklets that address various angles of life that can be improved.
'Efficiency' (1976) ‘All the Happiness’ (1976) ‘Ups and Downs’ (1976) ‘How to Cure the Selfish Destructive Child’  (1976)
    #1 ‘Efficiency’ (by Ruth Minshull)
Promo from 1980 notes: “Learn to accomplish more in less time. Be known as a reliable person who gets things done. Gain the reputation for responsibility that leads to raises and promotions.”.
  #2 ‘All the Happiness’ (by Edward Lefson, Assisted by Ruth Minshull)
Promo from 1980 notes: “Why are so few people satisfied? This booklet explores an intriguing definition of happiness. Learn the secret behind real prosperity and enjoyment.”.
  #3 ‘Ups and Downs’ (by Ruth Minshull, Assisted by Edward Lefson)
Promo from 1980 notes: “Discover why people vacillate up and down in mood, why they break their resolutions. This booklet tells you how to eliminate the cause of emotional rollercoaster.”.
  #4 ‘How to Cure the Selfish Destructive Child’ (by Ruth Minshull)
Promo from 1980 notes: “Is it possible to help children become generous and responsible? This easy-reading booklet provides the answer.”.
  More information about their fate and Ruth Minshull here, separate window.

1978: ‘What Is Scientology?’ (compiled by staff of the Church of Scientology)
    ‘What Is Scientology?’ (1978)This is the book that was first issued carrying this title! Scientology parishioners that had joined since the early ’90s generally are not aware of the existence of this original publication. All they will know about is the book carrying this same title that was issued since 1992. It had been completely rewritten and reorganized. This publication therefore does contain a lot of valuable information that is not found in the later reworked publication. Also in regards to a different status quo of the technology as we experienced a technical turnaround during 1978-82. Although be aware that some of these changes had already been implemented at the time this book was first released at Christmas 1978. At that time Standard Dianetics already had already been replaced with New Era Dianetics, and a new definition for Clear had been issued.

1980: ‘Playing Dirty: The Secret War Against Beliefs’ (by Omar V. Garrison)
    ‘Playing Dirty' (1980)This actually goes together with the earlier listed book from the same writer carrying the title: ‘The Hidden Story of Scientology’ (1974). It continues on the path where the first book left off. This too is a must read and even more so than the earlier book. It includes an interesting tale about how the vessel Apollo was forced to go into land, causing the organization to establish itself in Clearwater, Fl. in 1975.

“The evidentiary record of the U.S. Government's conspiracy against the Church of Scientology - extending, as it does, over more than two decades - has no parallel in American legal history.”  Omar Garrison

Omar Garrison was still favourable towards the Scientology organization itself when this was written, but this was to change during the ’80s.

1980: ‘The Truth About Scientology’ (by Trevor Meldal-Johnsen & Patrick Lusey)
File size: 1,8 Mb
‘The Truth About Scientology’ (1980)This gives a closer and independent look at Scientology. This little paperback is today rather hard to come by. The anti-Scientologist doesn't promote it because the outcome is pretty much in favour of the subject. Today the Church of Scientology doesn't carry it either anymore. One time they must have because my personal copy surfaced in a closet at the attic of the Amsterdam organization somewhere around 1984. It is promoted here for its rarity and for the various interesting information that is contained within it. The time of publication is also interesting because this is before the establishment of the Religious Technology Center (RTC) and all the changes that followed with that.
It does not appear that this was ever registered for copyright, for this reason this would be in the public domain. If, for some reason, it would be found that I am in error about this, just contact me and send me the exact data, and after verification I will immediately refrain from sharing it here.

1981: ‘The Second Dynamic’ (compiled by Cass Pool)
A rather interesting publication that offers a compilations of any if not all instances in the works or L. Ron Hubbard in where the topic is addressed. From its title page:
“The Second Dynamic is the urge toward survival through sex, or children. This dynamic actually has two divisions. Second dynamic (a) is the sexual act itself and Second Dynamic (b) is the family unit, including the rearing of children.”
It was compiled by Cass Pool, and originally it was copyrighted in this name at the Copyright Office. 'The Second Dynamic' (1981)This was originally not a Church of Scientology release either, something that very few persons actually know about. It was published with ‘Heron Books’, Portland Oregon and in conjunction with ‘Pool Publications’, Sheridan, Oregon. This original release today is actually very rare indeed. My inscribed copy of this reads: “Here's to more books like this, and success in using the data in Life! May you find much pleasure in the Second Dynamic! Love, Cass Pool”.
I am not entirely sure when it was first issued by the Church of Scientology, I only know that I have a Church release here that states Fourth Printing 1982. Whereas the original book listed on the title page: “Compiled by Cass Pool from the works of L. Ron Hubbard.”, the Church release says instead only “Compiled from the works of L. Ron Hubbard”, Cass Pool is instead now only listed on the copyright page as having been responsible for “Research, compilation, and editing”. Both the releases are identical in text and setting and so on. Although it did remove the page carrying the text: “My deepest gratitude to L. Ron Hubbard for making these materials available.”. Also it removed the “Introduction” page from Cass Pool. the “Preface” page is still there, but it is only not signed underneath anymore by Paolo Lionni. Cass Pool's original introduction to her work of compilation is printed here below:
“I thought it appropriate to compile and to make available in one volume all of the second dynamic tech interspersed throughout many LRH books, which gives parents (and children) the hatting to improve our families and future generations.
After all, one of them might one day become one of our parents.
From a fourth dynamic viewpoint, if ‘the dwindling spiral of sexual aberration is not interrupted, there will be in the year 2000 or 2050, not 1,900,000 inmates in sanitariums and institutions, but a few sane people running for their lives from a country which is almost 100% sane’.

That's 19 years from now.
The children of today are the adults of tomorrow. If we give them a good start and knowledgeably help them in their journey to adulthood, we will have made a major contribution toward our goal of a completely sane and free world.
  Cass Pool”  
* Quotation from ‘Child Dianetics’, by L. Ron Hubbard.
(this quotation is also found on the back cover of the dust wrapper of the original book)
Probably due to it being a compilation of solely quotations from the works of L. Ron Hubbard the registration of the copyright the claimant was changed from Cass Pool to L. Ron Hubbard as late as 1990-12-07 according to the on-line copyright database found at It is noted here that the book at present has been withdrawn by the Church of Scientology. Perhaps they may find it more interesting to have these courses about these things being delivered at their centers, instead of this handbook about the Second Dynamic being around.

Go back Various tape recorded materials of special interest

“Ron's Journal ’68” (Nov 68)
Lecture is available
Source: reel to reel
Length: 59 min.
This tape lecture is not even listed in ‘What Is Scientology?’ (1978 edition). This is not to be confused with “Ron's Journal ’67”, not the same thing). L. Ron Hubbard gives here an update about what had been happening with the organization, and its technology. This was actually, as a reel to reel tape, still available as late as during the early ’80s to Scientology public. But not since that time.

“Ron's Address to the Grand National Convention in Los Angeles” (21 Jun 70)
Lecture is available
Source: reel to reel
Length: 60 min.
This is a prerecorded speech from L. Ron Hubbard that was then presented and played at this convention. A very important lecture. It gives again an update about the happenings. He talks about the Expanded Grades, Interiorization Rundown and training. Lays out in great detail the difference between a Dianetic Clear and a Scientology Clear. Also makes some mention of what his children were up to.
For various reasons the Church of Scientology will not carry this lecture. After all it has been pronounced since 1978 that there is only one type of Clear (Dianetic Clear = Scientology Clear = Clear).

“A Talk on a Basic Qual” (5 Sept 71)
Lecture is available
Source: reel to reel
Length: 125 min.
A significant lecture as it folds out the exact duties of the Qualifications Division (Division of Correction). This day it has gotten even more significance because L. Ron Hubbard addresses the matter of drilling courses. It bears a particular relevance to the Golden Age of Tech revolution that was implemented in 1996. This always had been available for public for sale (reel to reel), lastly until the mid-’80s. Today this lecture is actually still available within the Church of Scientology, although, as far as I know you can't purchase it. You can listen to it if it is listed on your checksheet as part of your course.



     audit, auditing, auditor:
The application of Scientology processes and procedures to someone by a trained auditor (listener). The goal of the auditor is to make the receiver of the auditing look at incidents and reduce the mental charge which may lay upon them. The auditor may not evaluate and has to adhere to the Auditor's code.
Board Policy Letter’. Color flash–green ink on cream paper. These are the issues of the Boards of Directors of the Churches of Scientology and are separate and distinct from HCO Policy Letters written by LRH. Only LRH issues may be printed green on white for policy and only LRH issues may have the prefix HCO. These Board issues are valid as Policy. (BPL 14 Jan 74R I, New Issues).
  This issue-type was established in January 1974. In October 1975 a project was started to cancel HCO PLs not written by L. Ron Hubbard and if still found being of value having them reissued as BPLs. By 1980 all BPLs had been revoked.
Board Technical Bulletin’. Color flash–red ink on cream paper. These are the issues of the Boards of Directors of the Churches of Scientology and are separate and distinct from HCO Bulletins written by LRH. Only LRH issues may be printed green on white for Technical Bulletins and only LRH issues may have the prefix HCO. These Board issues are valid as tech. (BPL 14 Jan 74R I, New Issues).
  This issue-type was established in January 1974. In December 1974 a project was started to cancel HCOBs not written by L. Ron Hubbard and if still found being of value having them reissued as BTBs. By 1980 all BTBs had been revoked.
Case/Supervisor’.  1. That person in a Scientology Church who gives instructions regarding, and supervises the auditing of preclears. The abbreviation C/S can refer to the Case Supervisor or to the written instructions of a case supervisor depending on context. (BTB 12 Apr 72R)  2. The C/S is the case supervisor. He has to be an accomplished and properly certified auditor and a person trained additionally to supervise cases. The C/S is the auditor's “handler.” He tells the auditor what to do, corrects his tech, keeps the lines straight and keeps the auditor calm and willing and winning. The C/S is the pc's case director. His actions are done for the pc. (Dianetics Today, Bk. 3, p. 545)
A list of materials, often divided into sections, that give the theory and practical steps which, when completed, give one a study completion. The items are selected to add up to the required knowledge of the subject. They are arranged in the sequence necessary to a gradient of increasing knowledge on the subject. After each item there is a place for the initial of the student or the person checking the student out.
Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin’. Color flash–red ink on white paper. Written by LRH only , but only so starting from January 1974. These are the technical issue line. All data for auditing and courses is contained in HCOBs. For more information go here (separate window).
    HCO PL:
Hubbard Communication Office Policy Letter’. Color flash–green ink on white paper. Written by LRH only, but only so starting from January 1974. These are the organizational and administrative issue line. For more information go here (separate window).
An usual abbreviation for ‘L. Ron Hubbard’.
Professional Auditors Bulletin’. Scientology periodical (monthly) send to all members to keep auditors informed about the latest discoveries concerning processing procedures and other.
     St Dn:
Standard Dianetics’. Reissue of 1950-Tech, as such established and released in April 1969 (ref.: HCOB 24 Apr 69 “Dianetic Use”). It was finalized in December of that year. Abolished and replaced by New Era Dianetics (NED) since 30 July 1978.
     tone scale:
1. Essentially an assignation of numerical value by which individuals can be numerically classified. It is not arbitrary but will be found to approximate some actual governing law in nature. (Dianetics: The Original Thesis, p. 59)  2. A person in apathy rises through various tones. These tones are quite uniform; one follows the next and people always come up through these tones, one after the other. These are the tones of affinity, and the tone scale of Dn and Scn is probably the best possible way of predicting what is going to happen next or what a person actually will do. The tone scale starts well below apathy. In other words, a person is feeling no emotion about a subject at all. On many subjects and problems people are actually well below apathy. There the tone scale starts, on utter, dead null far below death itself. Going up into improved tones one encounters the level of body death, apathy, grief, fear, anger, antagonism, boredom, enthusiasm and serenity, in that order. There are many stops between these tones. A person in grief, when his tone improves feels fear. A person in fear, when his tone improves feels anger. (Problems of Work, pp. 77-78)

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