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Books in English wanted:
Collector: Michel Snoeck (Mr.)
Tredje Långgatan 23 III
413 28 Göteborg, Sverige
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General wants

Older books on Astral projection, Aura & Etheric double and similar! Books about: The lost years of Jesus, the book of Enoch, Lost books of the bible, Witch hunt (esp. On the history of old witch hunts & original publications from the time.) & similar (also antiquarian!)

Paul Brunton  first England (‘Rider’) prints, artifacts, manuscripts and various
Marie Corelli  (& related)  Especially: pamphlets, postcards & other curiosa, also English 1st prints
L. Ron Hubbard  mostly pre-1983 Scientology related publications, but especially curiosa, photographs, magazines, course checksheets, promo, reel to reel tapes, mss etc..
Jiddu Krishnamurti (also ‘Alcyone’ or ‘Krishnaji’)  unusual publications not on list, luxury editions, printed in far off places (especially printed in other countries than England, USA and Netherlands) or small pamphlets (not all is known about these) - any kind of curiosa: mss, photographs, records, video's, calenders, newspaper clippings, badges, anything relating to the ‘Order of the Star’ etc... Also books about Krishnamurti...

1923  Theodore Besterman   A bibliography of Annie Besant, a record of Dr. Besants works issued from 1873 to 1923

Published anonymously
(1892)  ‘The silver domino’ ( a biting, witty satire on the men of politics, literature & journalism) 2nd edition
1884  ‘Love letters of a violinist’ (vellum bound)

Picture and/or children books:

Jean Dulieu  (in any language!) ‘Paulus & Beetlekin the Brave’ publications (’60s), also originals, curiosa etc.)
Mary Tourtel  ‘Rupert Bear’ publications (1920/45), also originals, curiosa.   
Also pre 1920 pubs like:
1902  ‘Humpty Dumpty book: nursery rhymes told in pictures’
1904  ‘Old king Cole’ (The stumpbooks)
1904  ‘The rabbit book’ (The stumpbooks)
   ?     ‘When animals work’             + other
Marten Toonder  (in any language!) ‘Tom Puss, Panda’ publications (’50s/’60s), also originals, curiosa etc..

Marie Corelli (& related):
Especially: pamphlets, postcards & other curiosa, also English 1st prints

Note: Some odd pamphlets of addresses or other may not be listed!
1896  ‘“The Sorrows of Satan”: An allegory of the times’ (by Joseph L. Lyne.)   (Place?: Publisher?)
1898  ‘Fifty-two sunday stories for boys and girls’ (together with Sarah Doudneyer)
1897  ‘The beauties of Marie Corell’ selected and arranged by Annie McKay (Redway)
1900  ‘Patriotism or selfadvertisement?–Social note on the war’ (Simpkin)
1902  ‘“The Vanishing Gift”.  An address on the decay of the imagination’, delivered before the Philosophical Institution, Edinburgh.  (Philosophical Institution, Edinburgh
1902  ‘“Signs of the Times”.  An address delivered before the Scottish Society of Literature and Art at St. Andrew's Hall, Glasgow’
1903  ‘The Avon Star: A literary manual for the Stratford-upon-Avon season of 1903.’   (Stratford-upon-Avon, Stanley)
1903  ‘Errors of the Avon Star.  (A criticism of The Avon Star, by Marie Corelli, 1903)’ ( by J. Harvey Bloom.) (Stratford-upon-Avon?, John Morgan?)
1913  ‘The Marie Corelli Calendar: a quotation for every day in the year’: selected by E. M. Evans,  Place?: publisher?
1916  ‘An Open Letter to his Eminence Cardinal Vaughan: on his ‘Inhibition’ of the late Dr. St. George Mivart’   (London, Lamley)
1917  ‘Eyes of the sea’ (Marshall Bros) -38pp-
1917  ‘Is all well with England? A question’(Jarrolds) -30pp-
1923  ‘Praise and Prayer: A simple home service.’   London: Methuen, (dec?)1923, 14p
1931  ‘STRATFORD-UPON-AVON. - Harvard House. Guide Book.’  Compiled and edited by M. Corelli, B. Vyver, etc.   (Stratford-on-Avon?, Publisher?)
1941  ‘Thelma: A comedy-drama in three acts.’  Dramatized from the novel by Marie Corelli.   (by Virginia Mitchell.)  (London: Samuel French, 1941)
1964  ‘Catalogue of an Exhibition of Books, Manuscripts, Letters, Photographs, & other items relating to Marie Corelli in her former home, Mason Croft, Stratford-upon-Avon, now the Shakespeare Institute’   (by or edited by S.W.W.)  (Stratford-upon-Avon: Shakespeare Institute)  Booklet.
1964-68  ‘The Corelli Papers.’  Quarterly broadsheet distributed and written by James Knowles between 1964 and 1968        Also other!

L. Ron Hubbard  (Scientology related)
mostly pre-1983 Scientology related publications, but especially curiosa, photographs, magazines, course checksheets, promo, ‘reel to reel’ tapes, mss etc..

For detailed list see here (separate window).

Of particular interest are:

Compilation packs:

This could also be varieties of packs consisting of assembled policies and other issues of any kind, also yearbooks etc..
Chronological compilations that are reported:
- BPL packs:  Jan-Jul 74,  Jul-Dec 74,  Jan-Jun 75,  Jul-Dec 75,  Jul-Dec 75 (vol II),  Jul-Dec 75 (vol III),  Jan-Jul 76  (7 vols, more vols?)
- BTB packs:  Jan-Jun 74,  Jul-Dec 74,  Jan-Jun 75,  Jul-Dec 75,  Jan-Jul 76  (5 vols, more vols?)
Such 6 months compilations are also reported for HCOBs (Jan 59-Sept 77) & HCO PLs (1954-Sept 77)

Course packs:

Course packs advertised for 1972-73:
- ‘HSDC  The Hubbard Standard Dianetics Course’ - 2 ringbinders
- ‘HDG  The Hubbard Dianetic Graduate Course’ - 1 ringbinder
- ‘Academy Levels 0, I, II, III, IV’ - 1 binder for each level (5 ringbinders)
- ‘SHSBC Levels 0, I, II, III, IV’ - 1 binder for each level (5 ringbinders)
- ‘SHSBC Level V (The New Expanded Level V)’ - 8 ringbinders)
- Any ‘Dianetics’, ‘Academy’ & ‘SHSBC’ checksheets prior to 1974.
-‘R6EW’ packs or checksheets prior to 1974.
-‘Expanded Dianetics’ packs or checksheets prior to 1975.
-‘Solo Course’ packs or checksheets prior to 1975.
Any checksheets for technical matters from this time frame would be welcome! (‘Okay to Audit’, ‘Cramming Officer’, ‘C/S’, etc., Also FEBC & ESTO checksheets)

Magazines:  (Various magazines, mostly pre-1985)

‘The Auditor’  -miscellaneous, in particular of interest are EU-AF (Denmark) version
‘Source’  -very early numbers
‘Ability’  -mostly issues after ca 1968 (#210 and forward)
‘Professional Auditor Bulletin’ (PAB)

Jiddu Krishnamurti (& related)
unusual publications not on list, luxury editions, printed in far off places (especially printed in other countries than England, USA and Netherlands) or small pamphlets (not all is known about these) - any kind of curiosa: mss, photographs, records, video's, calenders, newspaper clippings, badges, anything relating to the ‘Order of the Star’ etc... Also books about Krishnamurti...

Early publications, writings & booklets:

1910  ‘At the feet of the master’ (Adyar, Theosophist Office -73p-)(1911 2nd ed)(1912 3rd ed Madras, 49p-)
1911  ‘At the feet of the master’ (Chicago, The Rajput Press -73p- paperbound edition or leather bound)
      (1927 London, TPH Limited -xv, 25p- bound +dustjacket! , 5 gekl. ill. -1x Krishn.- by Hamzen Carr ’26 & place ribbon)
1913  ‘At the feet of the master. Selections.’ Meditations: being selections from ‘At the feet of the master’, by a server (Adyar, TPH -107p)
1912  ‘Education as service’ (Chicago, The Rajput Press -160p- leather bound version)
          (Adyar, TO - London and Benares,Theos. Publ. Society (printed in London!) -125p- paperbound edition)

(1914)  ‘The Alcyoné birthday book’ (London, The Herald of the Star)
           (1914) ‘Anandamala’ (identical to the Alcyone Birthday Book except for the cover and a few pages at the beginning)
1923 ‘Editorial notes’ (zj, A'dam, OSE -210p-) grey cover in softcover is known, other covers of interest
1924  ‘We have seen His star in the East’ (Anaconda,Montana, Edwin B. Catlin -4p-)
1924  ‘The path’ (bound version)
1925  ‘Theosophy as the basic unity of national life’ - 49 annivers.(dec ’24) (Adyar, TPH -p28/47-)
1925  ‘Towards discipleship’ (Adyar -144p-) (1926 Chicago -106p- +dustjacket!)
1926  ‘Peace and war’
1926  ‘International Selfpreparation Group - Message from Krishnaji -’ march/apr 1925 Nos 1 & 2, Introduction nr (Madras, Besant Press), Private I t/m VIII (Adyar, Madras Vasanta Press)
1927  ‘The meeting of East and West’ (London, Fleetway Press -8p-)
1927  ‘World peace’
1927  ‘The kingdom of happiness’ (London edition +dustjacket!)
1927  ‘The pool of wisdom’   beige cover, black texture (drawing with lilies and flower, 2? other different covers/publications?!
1927  ‘Who brings the truth?’ (Madras edition)
1927  ‘Come away’ (3 poems) (American edition)
1927  ‘The search’ (poems) (G. Allen & Unwin -75p- bound +dustjacket!)
1928  ‘There is a mountain’ (Chicago, EW Rickard, -3p-)
1928  ‘Life in freedom’ (Ommen, SPT - bound+dustjacket!) (NY, Horace Liveright dustjacket!) (special Indian edition)
1930  ‘The value of the individual’ (Adyar, Madras, Star office -6p-)
1930  ‘The purpose of education’ (Adyar, Star Office -14p-)
1930  ‘A vision of life’ (Hollywood, Star Book Shop, -6p-)
1930  ‘Experience and conduct’ (Ommen, SPT -27p-) (green cover!)
1931  ‘The song of life’ (poëms) (Ommen, SPT +dustjacket!) (NY, Horace Liveright Inc -59p- +dustjacket!)
?        ‘The problem of our time’ (radio-reading)
1934  ‘Tradition which has lost its soul’ (Adyar, Star Office -4p-)
1935  ‘Krishnamurti talks to business man and selected sayings’ (apr ’34) (The Star , Auckland -11p-)
1936  ‘Thoughts on life’
1939  ‘Krishnamurti Australian visit’ (apr/may ’39) -3p- (extracts ’37, ’38)
1940  ‘Adyar’ (Adyar, TPH -p17/18-)
   ?     ‘A new approach to life’ (one talk only 16-12-1947) (Madras,The Huxley Press,-6p-)
1958  ‘On learning’ (Ojai, KW -29p-)
1966  ‘The ending of sorrow’ (Ojai, KW -3p-)
1980  ‘On love’ (London, KFT -12p-) (Extract from ‘Freedom from the known’, ’69)
1980  ‘Extracts from the talks and writings of J. Krishnamurti’ (Sri Lanka, Subhadra Press-16p-)
1981  ‘Krishnamurti on education: The quality of attention’ (Ojai, Krishn Foundation of America -12p-)

Art calenders (Ommen Star Camp)

Suarès  1932  Citaten Krishnamurti (Also 1933? Calendar?)
Suarès  nov 1939  Citaten Krishnamurti (6 sheets)

Advertisement publications, newsletters, newspaper reviews, etc..

1915  ‘Order of the Star in the East -Information for inquirers-’(A'dam -14p-)
1926  ‘The facts about Krishnamurti’ (Ojai, California -6p-)
1927  ‘Order of the Star -Information for inquirers-’
(1927) ‘The Ojai valley’ (Ojai, Ojai publishing co)
1928  ‘The 1928 Ojai star camp in picture’ (in folio) (Hollywood, SPT -18p-)
1929  ‘Star Camp Souvenir’ (Souvenir of the 1928 Camp)
1934  ‘News letter of Mr. Krishnamurti's visit to Australia by John Mackay 1934’ (Sydney -4p-)
1934  ‘Krishnamurti ___ teacher of the direct path by Gurduyal Mallik’ (Karachi, Young Builder Press)
feb 1934/sept 1939 ‘Newsletter’ 1-25 (Ommen, Holland, 2 to 6 pages each)
1936  ‘An introduction to the talks of J. Krishnamurti’ -11p- (Glasgow ed, blue cover) (London ed., brown cover)
1957  ‘J. Krishnamurti, an introduction’ (Motwani,Kewal J. -53p-)
1970  ‘An introduction to Krishnamurti by Mary Lutyens’ (Beckenham, Krishnamurti Foundation -5p-)
1970  ‘Biographical leaflet’

Program-books ‘Starcamp Ommen’

1927 to 1938

Talks -verbatim/authentic reports:  (in parentheses when the talks were held!)

Note:  Any official compilations of talkbooks are welcome! (sometimes they come with introduction sheets, sometimes they do not)
1933?  ‘Talks in Ommen’ (jul/aug ’33)
1934  ‘Verbatim reports of talks and answers to questions by Krishnamurti - Auckland N.Z.’ (mrch/apr ’34) -85p-
1935/36  ‘Verbatim reports of talks and answers to questions’ (4 vols.)
1938/39  ‘Talks by Krishnamurti’ (67 talks during 1935-38) (compilation of 4 talkbooks)
1940  ‘Authentic notes of discussions and talks by Krishnamurti - Ojai & Sarobia’ (may/jul ’40) -75p- (USA ed.,= without reprint notice on page 76!!)
1943  ‘War abolished, one way to permanent peace’ (may/jul ’40) -76p- (Sydney, Currawong Publ. Co)
1945  ‘Authentic report of ten talks given by Krishnamurti - Ojai’ (may/jul ’44) -73p- (British Isles ed, exact reprint notice on page 74: ‘Reproduced and Printed in Gr. Britain by McLellan’)
      (Australia edition, Star Publishing Agency - Publicity Press, Sydney)
1947  ‘Authentic report of sixteen talks given in 1945 & 1946’ by Krishnamurti - Oak Grove, Ojai (may/jul ’45 & apr/may ’46)
      (Australian edition, John Mackay - Publicity Press, Sydney)
1948  ‘Notes of group-discussions at Madras during 1947’ (oct/dec ’47) ( Madras ed, blue cover, -122p-)
1948  Notes of group-discussions during april 1948 with J. Krishnamurti Madras (apr ’48) ( Madras ed, yellow cover, -68p-), ónly with the loosely inserted errata!
1949  ‘Krishnamurti's talks - Madras - India’ (oct/dec ’47) -84p-(USA ed, = without reprint notice of back of cover!!)
1948  ‘Ten talks’ (authentic report) (Madras) ( ’48) -87p-
1953  ‘Krishnamurti's talks to boys and girls etc - Rajghat - Banaras’ (dec ’52) -135p-
1954  ‘Krishnamurti's talks in India - Banaras’ (jan ’54) -112p-
1964  ‘Talks by Krishnamurti in India - New Delhi, Varanasi’ (oct/dec ’63) -77p-
1965  ‘Talks by Krishnamurti in India - Madras, Bombay, New Delhi, Varanasi’ (jan/nov ’64) -174p-
1967  ‘Talks in USA - New York & Ojai - This matter of culture 1966’ -93p-
1968  ‘Talks in Amsterdam’ (may ’67)
1969  -1- ‘Talks in Europe - Paris, A'dam, London’ (apr/oct ’67) (Servire -222p-, bound +dustjacket!)
1969  -3- ‘Talks in Europe - Rome, Paris, A'dam’ (mrch/may ’68) (Servire -157p-, bound! +dustjacket!)
1970  -4- ‘Talks and dialoques - Saanen’ (jul/aug ’68) (Servire -195p-, bound +dustjacket!)
1970  (6) ‘The Brockwood talks and discussions’ (sept ’69) (Servire -93p-, bound +dustjacket!)
1970  ‘Talks and dialoques - Sydney’ (nov ’70) -132p- (Australian print, authentic report)
?        ‘Australian talks’ (’70) bound
1971  ‘Krishnamurti in India - New Delhi, Madras, Bangalore, Bombay’ (’70/ ’71) -181p- (Rishi Valley, KFI)
1971  ‘Bangalore talks’ (jan ’71) -28p- (Rishi Valley, KFI)
1974  ‘Krishnamurti on education’ (Toronto, Canada, Fitzhenry & Whiteside limited -?p-)
1975  ‘Authentic report of the talks in Saanen - Switzerland’ (jul ’74) -72p- (Beckenham, Krishn. Found. Trust)
1976  ‘Talks Saanen’ (’74)
( ? ‘Talks Saanen’ (’79) manuscript!)
1984  ‘Krishnamurti (’80) Sri Lanka talks’ (Sri Lanka, Krishn Center Sri Lanka -93p-)

Publications about Krishnamurti, the ‘Worldteacher’ and the ‘Order of the Star’ etc…

—> items not listed may be of interest!
1929  ‘Krishnamurti in relation to the worldteacher’ (Adyar, Rama Rao -14p- by D. K. Telang + others)
1912  George S. Arundale  ‘Alcyone and Mizar 26th Annual convention’ (Theos. Society., Chicago)
1925  G. S. Arundale  ‘In the service of the Star’ (-?p-)
1928  George S. Arundale  ‘Krishnaji: lightbringer’ (Adyar, TPH -39p-)
1929  Gladys Baker  ‘Krishnamurti - Who is he?’ (Adyar, Star Headquarters -24p-)
1977  Russell Balfour-Clarke ‘The boyhood of J. Krishnamurti’ (Bombay, Chetana -xi, 90p-)
1912 Annie Besant ‘The coming of a worldteacher’ (?Herald of the Star?)
1914  The Besant ‘Privy council appeal: full arguments and judgement’ (Madras, Law Weekly Office)
1931  A. Besant and others  ‘The future of the Theos Society -55th anniv Theos Soc’ (Adyar, 193p-)
1924  A. Besant /C. W. Leadbeater ‘The lives of Alcyone’ (Adyar, TPH -Vol 1 & II: 738p- +dustjacket!) 
1930  Annie Besant ‘The work of the ruler and the teacher’ (Adyar, TPH -18p-) -Adyar pamphlets No. 135
1934  Serge Brisy  ‘Doubt the liberator’ (Adyar, TPH -42p-)
1935  J. Tyssul Davies ‘The religion of Krishnamurti’ (place?, publisher?, -?p-) -address delivered in London nov 17th ’29
1956  A. D. Dhopeshwarkar  ‘Krishnamurti and the experience of the silent mind’ (Bombay, Chetana +dustjacket!)
1961  A. D. Dhopeshwarkar  ‘Krishnamurti and the texture of reality’ (Bombay, Chetana +dustjacket!)
1967  A. D. Dhopeshwarkar  ‘Krishnamurti and awareness in action’ (Bombay, Chetana +dustjacket!)
1952  René Fouere  ‘Krishnamurti: the man and his teaching’ (Bombay, Chetana -73p-)
1914  Joseph H. Fussel  ‘Some reasons why the members of etc.’ (San Diego News Press -19p-)
1920  Joseph H. Fussel  ‘Mrs Annie Besant and the Leadbeater advice’ ( San Diego News Press -15p-)
1920  Joseph H. Fussel  ‘Mrs Besant's policy’ (San Diego, San Diego News Press -22p-)
1931  Sydney Greenbie ‘The romantic East: India, Indo-China, China and Japan’ (New York, Robert M. McBride -?p-)
19??  Duncan Greenlees ‘World Teacher or man of the world?’ (Dihawala, Express Printing Works -8p-)
1927? Charles Hampton ‘Christ and Krishnamurti’ (Sydney, Order of the Star in the East -?p-) -‘The Lord's works series, no 1’
1931  Lilly Heber  ‘Krishnamurti, the man and his message’ (London, Allen & Unwin -254p- +dustjacket!)
1968  S. A. Henry  ‘The amazing discoveries of J. Krishnamurti’ (Madras, Ratnam Press -62p- portrait)
1974  S. A. Henry ‘J. Krishnamurti's astounding discoveries’ (Madras, Fenn Thompson & Co -47p- portrait)
1947  Geoffrey Hodson ‘Thus have I heard: a book of spiritual and occult gleanings from the teachings of the great: talks to a group’ (Adyar, TPH -?p-)
1915  C. Jinarajadasa  ‘A worldteacher’ (Auckland, Lotus Press -12p-)
1926  C. Jinarajadasa  (edited by) ‘The golden book of the Theosophical Society’ (Adyar, TPH -?p-)
1930  C. Jinarajadasa  ‘Krishnamurti's message’ (Adyar, TPH -32p-)
1938  C. Jinarajadasa  ‘Occult investigations, the work of Besant and Leadbeater’ (Adyar, TPH -137p-)
1940  C. Jinarajadasa  ‘War - and after: a Theosophist's viewpoint on the subject’ (Benares, The Indian Bookshop, Theosophical Society -?p- p18/24???)
1949?  C. Jinarajadasa  ‘Krishnamurti and Buddhist teachings’ (Colombo, D.F.L. Pedris -8p-)
1926  William C. Kleindienst  ‘The great lie: Krishnamurti, the false Hindu of Theosophy’ (-40p-)
1929  William C. Kleindienst  ‘The great fiasco’ (Krishnamurti's revolt) (Carter-Watson Co -11p-)
1913  Eugène Levy  ‘Mrs Besant and the present crisis in the Theos Soc’ (London, Heywood-Smith -147p-)
1963  Nachiketa ‘Theosophy and Krishnamurti’ (Hyderabad, Hyderabad Theosophical Society -22p)
1934  Mary Neff  ‘A guide to Adyar’ (Krishnaji on Adyar ’24, p30)
192-   P. Pavri  ‘The coming worldteacher’ (Adyar, Idian Star Headquarters -?p-)
192-   P. Pavri  ‘The message of the Star, abridged from The Coming World-teacher’ (Adyar-56p-)
1955  Muriel Amy Payne  ‘Advances in understanding education’ (Chalfont Saint Giles, The Ark -23p-)
1955  Muriel Amy Payne  ‘A deeper understanding of ourselves’ (Little Gaddesden, Ark Press -24p-)
1958  Muriel Amy Payne  ‘Creative education’ (Glasgow, William McLellan -?p- p10)
1970  Robert Powell  ‘J. Krishnamurti, the man and his teaching’ (Berkeley, Shambala -10p- portrait)
1950  Josephine Ransom The seventy-fifth anniv. book of the Theosophical Society: a short history of the society's growth from 1926-1950 (Madras, TPH -252p-)
1917  Mary E. Rocke  ‘The coming of the Worldteacher and death, war and evolution’ (London -242p-)
1940?  Krishna Jus Roy  ‘Revolt: there is no religion higher than love and truth’
1929  Thomas E. Ruth  ‘Over the garden wall: some neighbourly philosophy’ (Sydney, Moore's Book Shop -?p-)
1929  Henry C. Samuels  ‘Krishnamurti the Jew: a presentation from the Jewish point of view’ (Seattle, New Synagogue Press -24p-, portraits)
1932  Alfred Savoir  ‘He: a comedy in three acts -a play-’ (original program of “HE” as presented at The Guild Theatre, New York)
1929  Lee Shippey  ‘Personal glimpses of famous folks’ (Sierra Madre, Sierra Madre Press -99p- bound +dustjacket!)
1962  Vimala Thakar  ‘The flame of life’ (Surinamelaan, Mrs. E.A.M. Frankena-Geraerts -18p-)
1971  Luis S.R. Vas (edited by)  ‘The mind of Krishnamurti’ (Bombay, Jaico Publishing House -319p-)
1913  Veritas (pseudonym) ‘Mrs Besant and the Alcyone case’ (Madras Mylapore, Goodwin & Co -264p-)
191-  (Veritas) (pseudonym) (‘Mrs Besant and the Alcyone case’) - supplement to the above book
1924  Barbara Villers  ‘Some questions concerning the Order of the Ster in the East’
19--   Gertrude M. Williams  ‘The passionate pelgrim: a life of Annie Besant’ (London, Hamilton -?p-)
1927?  E.A. Wodehouse  ‘The new Krishnaji’ (Madras, Order of the Star -15p-)
1936  Ernest Wood  ‘Is this theosopy...?’ (London, Rider & co -?p-)

Krishnamurti in magazines  (in alphabetical order):

‘Advance! Australia’  (Australia)   jul? 1926/apr 1929—>?
‘The Adyar Bulletin’   1908/1929
‘Alternatives’    Spring 1980
‘The American Theosophist’ jan, 1913 contains front cover with Krishnamurti photograph
‘Ananda’   (India)   jan 1929/dec 1929
‘Australian Star News’   (Australia)   jun? 1926 / nov 1927—>?
‘The Australian Theosophist’    Vol 3, No 5,  nov 15, 1927         Vol 5, No 7, feb 15, 1929      Vol 6, No 5, aug 15, 1929
         also: August, September & October number of 1928 (3 articles by Balfour-Clarke, The boyhood of Krishnamurti)
‘Bibby's Annual’     1911
‘The Blaisdell Institute Journal’   Vol 4, No 2, jun 1969       Vol 5, No 2, jun 1970       Vol 6, No 1, oct 1970
‘Brockwood park 78-79’    Letter to the schools 1979
‘The Brothers of the Star’   -The Official Magazine of the Order of the Star in the East in India (India)    (1913?) ? <— 1917 / 1927
‘The Brothers of the Star’    (Poland)    ca 1926 /27 (not verified)
‘The Canadian Theosophist’    Vol 9, No 3, may 15      Vol 10, No 12, feb 15        Vol 12, No 3, may 15        Vol 14, No 9, nov 15
‘Chetana’    Vol 8, No 2, feb 1963    Vol 10, No 2, feb 1965
‘The Dawn’   -The Quarterly Journal of the New Zealand Section of the Order of the Star    (New Zealand)   ca 1917 / 1927—> ?
‘The Dayspring’   -Organ of the Order of the Star in the East in England   (England)   1913, 1917 / 1927?
‘The Disciple’    1934 —> ?
‘Facts’   -The official organ of the friendship centre-    Vol 2, No 8 oct/dec 1935
‘The Forerunner’    (New Zealand)    1910/20s ???
‘Foreign affairs’    mrt 1927 ‘The meeting of East and West’
‘The Halycon’   -Official Organ of The Order of the Star in the East   (New Zealand)   1912 / 1917—>?
‘Herald of the Star’   -Magazine of the Order of the Star (in the East)    (International)   jan 1912 / dec 1927
‘International Bulletin of the Order of the Star in the East’ (‘The International Star Bulletin’)  (Scotland)   1916
‘International Star Bulletin’   (International)    -official ‘Clio’ patent selfbinders binders for 1927/28 & 1929!
                                             1927/28 also welcome if not in Clio binder! See also Star bulletin.
‘Krishnamurti Activities   - Australia’   ? <— jan 1981—>?
‘Krishnamurti Foundation Bulletin’    (England)   autumn 1968 / —>    -quarterly
‘Krishnamurti Foundation India Bulletin’   1970 / —>    -quarterly
‘Krishnamurti Foundation of America Bulletin’    1970? / —>    -bimonthly/quarterly
‘Krishnamurti Educational Centre of Canada Bulletin’   1979? / 1981?
‘The Lotus Journal’   (India)   -Theosophical publication   1911 /12    Articles by Alcyone or Krishnamurti
‘The Magnet’    England    contains lectures of Krishnamurti
‘Mirror’  New Zealand  - National home journal   jul 1939
‘The New Zealand Star News’   (New Zealand)   ? <— 1927
‘The Order of the Star in the East Gazette’   (Australia)   1914 / —>?
‘The Order of the Star in the East’    (England)   1916 / 1917 —>?
‘Pegasus’    (mobil Services Co Ltd)   IX 1975, p21/23 ‘Only know yourself’
‘Re-vision’   -a journal of knowledge and consciousness    Vol 3, No 1, spring 1980
‘The Round Table Annual’    1923, p12/14 ‘Youth’
‘Scotland Star Bulletin’    (Scotland)   ? <— 1922 —>?
‘The Server’   -News Magazine of the Order of the Star in the East of America    (USA)    1916 / 1927
‘Shishya’   jan 1933
‘The Shrine’   (Scotland)    ca 1927
‘The Star’    (Australia/New Zealand edition)   jan/dec 1928
‘The Star’    (Indian edition)   jan/dec 1928
‘Star Review’   (England)   jan 1928/dec 1929   ‘Publication British Empire’
‘Star Bulletin’   (International)   -official ‘Clio’ patent selfbinder for 1931/32!, 1933?
‘The Star in the East - Australian division’   (Australia)   (1918 / 1927—> ?)   -quarterly
‘The Star Publishing Agency’ -New Zealand News Letter   (New Zealand)   ? <— 1935 —>?
‘The Theosophical Journal’    (England)    Vol 6, No 1 jan-feb
‘The Theosophist’   april 1910/april 1911 ‘The rents in the veil of time’ (Note: this may continue in may 1911 and so on.)
       may 1911 with photograph of Krishnamurti
       mrch & dec 1912, jul 1914
       jan, jul & dec 1922 +12p supplement!, nov 1926, apr 1927, apr 1928, dec 1929
       jan?(p42/45) 1932, jun 1938,
       may 1941, Vol 69, No 7 apr/ may/ jun 1948, Vol 69, No 11 aug 1948
‘The Theosophist - A world magazine’    Vol I, No 3, mrch 1930    Vol I, No 4, apr 1930    Vol I, No 7, jul 1930
‘Theosophy in India’   jan/mrch, may & jun/jul 1932
‘Voyage’    Vol 2, No 3, aug 1948    Vol 3, No 1, jul 1950   Vol 3, No 2, oct 1950
‘World paper’    -a global community newspaper    nov/dec 1979, p19 ‘One voice’
‘The World Tomorrow’    may 1929
‘Triveni’   -A Journal of the Indian Renaissance (India)    1930 /jan-feb 1935—>?
‘Yoga and Health’    Vol 2, No 11, jan 1973
‘The Young Builder’    march/apr ’33 ‘The value of the individual’

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