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Dr. dino
Dr. dino
by Michel Snoeck

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“It results from this explanation that the theory of evolution is not exact ... Evolution is a kind of dogma which its own priests no longer believe, but which they uphold for the people. It is necessary to have the courage to state this if only so that men of a future generation may orient their research into a different direction.”
  Paul Lemoine, director of the National Museum of Natural History  
  (from ‘Encyclopedie Française’, volume 5, ca. 1950s)  

Evolution ór creation?  or  How did this universe came about?

Some considerations .... or ... The fraud of the century

DNA     It is often thought that if one opposes the evolution theory that one is considered not being scientific, but then what does the evolution theory actually consists of? It seems to be an amassed collection of strange theories and assumptions. I find it quite disturbing that you see everywhere in the media -television, newspapers, magazines and so-called scientific books- that this theory is being presented as though it would be an actual fact. A fact is something that you can prove without a reasonable doubt as being the truth. If it does not hold up so far and you still present it as being a fact, then you are involved with brainwash. And this is exactly what is happening with the evolution phenomena. The question is that if evolution really is the way this universe came about, then WHY can one not tolerate other viewpoints being in existence? WHY do people make such efforts to eliminate or diminish the idea of creation? I wonder what evolutionist's are afraid of. If evolutionist's really are correct, other faulthy ideas will simply wash away by themselves, you don't have to attack it the way it is done today. It is sad to watch that the creational point of view is hardly presented in any media or form at all. Schoolbooks simply take the assumption that it WAS evolution, there is no other option given. So, HOW are you going to get objective grown-ups if you persist in brainwashing them during their childhood?

     I always found it more interesting to find out what it was that made people think to believe that it was evolution which put out this universe, and this then taking billions of years......and not even for one..single..minute to be able to look upon this evolution paradox with a more critical eye. And then these same people considering those who in fact DO question these theories, as being unscientific and unable to think straight. “Why is it so that people could not even look at this matter?”, I was thinking. For some reason I have always questioned this evolution theory, already when being 14 years of age I did not like these so-called Geological Columns. Iron age seemed to be predating the stone age? Also I was aware of that these dating methods were quite fallible, those being based on assumptions and unchanged conditions only. We had to learn these Geological Columns by heart, together with its dating (i.e. millions of years back into time). I was heavily protesting and simply did not comply with it.

     I think it should be mentioned that I haven't been brought up with the bible. However I always found it somewhat fascinating esp. Genesis, Ecclesiastes and some other chapters, but also the Apocrypha and the so-called lost books -Nag Hammadi, Book of Enoch, dead sea scrolls etc..-. So, one doesn't need to be some Christian to be able to accept the idea of creationism. In my opinion one should regard these matters with an open mind, one uses common sense and one's ability to deduct and then let the facts speak for themselves. “Do not”, I say: “Do not let at any time some established authority (professor or the likes) make up your mind for you!”

     There never has been any doubt in my mind about this universe being created. That all this simply came about by coincedence I always regarded as being quite ridiculous. Take for example the following simple equation. Now, watch the process of doing or accomplishing anything at all in this physical universe, how does one go about it? Well, you have some thought or concept about it, you HAVE to create it first in your own mind in some way. Now, extend this equation to the universe.... Then HOW can people think that the whole of this universe came about without anyone mocking it up in the first place? Quite a few scientist's came to this very same conclusion, Max Planck being one of them (developer of Quantumtheory & Nobelprice for physics in 1918). He figured that matter nor energy could exist only by itself, therefore there had to exist some intelligent mind creating it and keeping things in place. Summum of logic if you'd ask me.

     The question should not be if in fact it was evolution or creation, but rather to find out what the underlying reason is that our society is overflooded with evolutionary ideas, when there is no factual support for this assumption! And creationism being converted into some sort of religious ridicule. I urge people to have a closer but unprejudiced look at the actual facts, and if you can't even consider the idea, then what are you being afraid of....? Too many evolutionist's simply dismiss the idea of any other solutions, their main motivation seems to be to fit any new information in their already formed frame of mind to that degree that it pleases them. And when that's done, it remains there..undisturbed and..unchallenged. True science is to be able to look at something without ány presumption and put it to the test towards ány possibility available. It is very unscientific to solely attempt to make it fit in some pattern of believes which has been put together at some earlier date, and yet, this is exactly what today's science seems to have taken as their operating basis.

     So your attitude should be something like: “Hmm, why do people believe the things they believe, what is the actual reason for their preference? Are they able to look at other/creational solutions in a deductive manner, without dismissing the idea immediately? Are these assumptions based on anything realistic? Hmm, what do these other guys say. Now let's look at this again, does this make any sense to me?”, rather then “Oh boy, that professor really seems to know his thing, and if he says it was evolution, then who am I to disagree! Well, if everyone is believing in this idea of evolution, it simply HAS to be true, all the textbooks are presenting it as being a fact anyway! No, I better believe it as to not appear dumb!”

     Know thyself


    March 2003

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