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Creation or Evolution?

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Presented here are indexed transcripts and video presentations of the creation seminars of Dr. Hovind given during 2003 and 2005.  The English and Dutch presentations are complete and unedited.  The Swedish presentation is edited and is missing seminars 6 & 7.
A careful selection of the slides that were shown at the life seminars have been included.

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       An introduction
 The subject of Creation
 “Some considerations  or  The fraud of the century” (an essay by Michel Snoeck)
 The controversiality of Wikipedia  (Creationism vs Wikipedia)
 L. Ron Hubbard on the theory of evolution
 Appreciations received to my Creation pages
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 Links collection
       Dr. Hovind's Creation Seminars (and matters relating)
 Introduction of Dr. Kent Hovind
 Dr. Hovind's justice cycle (The legal battle) - Want to participate?
 Is Dr. Kent Hovind being edited? - Efforts to limit dissemination?
 Dr. Kent Hovind versus Wikipedia
 Video presentations of Creation seminars 1-7
 Introduction to seminar transcripts; Purpose of this presentation
 Transcript Seminar 1) ‘The Age of the Earth’
 Transcript Seminar 2) ‘The Garden of Eden’
 Transcript Seminar 3) ‘Dinosaurs and the Bible’ 
 Transcript Seminar 4) ‘Lies in the Textbooks’ 
 Transcript Seminar 5) ‘The Dangers of Evolution’ 
 Transcript Seminar 6) ‘The Hovind Theory’
 Transcript Seminar 7) ‘Questions and Answers’ 
 Previous versions of seminar 1-4, given 1998-99