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“And the Creation Movement in America is one of the biggest hindrances to the advancement of the New World Order, and they very much would like to get rid of guys like me who don't believe in evolution.”
  Dr. Kent Hovind            
  (from ‘Creation Seminar #5’ given in 2003)  

In the year 2006 came the news that Dr. Kent Hovind was called for a court of law with a charge of tax evasion. It lead to him being incarcerated for a considerable time. There are some things to say about this matter.


Latest news and updates
  Dr. Hovind is home and well since 8 July 2015
  Things left to do
      - 1) Complete exoneration of guilt
- 2) All original and unedited materials restored and in circulation; The position of Creation Today ministry
  What can I do to help?
The justice cycle and imprisonment
  A governmental operating manual ...
  A statement from Eric Hovind concerning the legal battle (Nov 2007)
  What has happened since? and some thoughts
             (Includes notes on 501(c)(3) church)
Wikipedia coverage
  Dr. Kent Hovind versus Judge Margaret Catharine Rodgers  (on separate page)

Latest news and updates

Back to Main Index Dr. Hovind is home and well since 8 July 2015

Dr. Hovind (on the right) on his way home, 8 July 2015 (photo courtesy of Eric Hovind)

Finally the date of release had been set on July 8, 2015. A home party was arranged to take place on July 11 and visitors were invited to join the celebration (apparently 438 persons signed up to be there).

It would appear that many people have planned to pay a visit, and they may travel a long way to get there.(I am hearing things about a shortage of hotels and such)

Now, we will let Dr. Hovind enjoy his newly found freedom from bars and being with his family. It surely was about time!

So, welcome home!

Dr. Hovind, wife and sons (photo courtesy of Dr. Kent Hovind)

Dr. Hovind and grandchildren (photo courtesy of Dr. Kent Hovind)

Back to Main Index Things left to do

Of course the matter remains however that an apparent injustice had occurred. And something should be done about that. Next we have the matter of the ‘lost’ materials and seminars having been edited or cut in half. Then we have to consider the situation of the Creation Today ministry.

Go back 1) Complete exoneration of guilt

Mind that Dr. Hovind is factually put on home confinement for a month and probation for a three year period. He is thus not allowed to travel long distances and that sort of thing. He is home, but there are still restrictions. He will thus be subjected to that for some time longer.

Either way it should be the right time to look at to have him fully exonerated of guilt. This would also free him from these travel restrictions. See, there are some things to be considered:

  1. Misuse and misapplication of so-called structuring laws. It is basically this that got Dr. Hovind incriminated and incarcerated. These structuring laws were applied to that what they were not supposed to be used for. This was in itself an unlawful act. The courts have to start to look over these things, inspect also the behaviour of the IRS, and correct there where an adjustment is appropriate and just.
  2. Considering here that the new charges that had been brought against Dr. Hovind in October 2014, and that had accordingly been dismissed in May 2015. Now, these charges were pretty much of the same nature as the ones that lead to Dr. Hovind being incarcerated. But they were dismissed! This should be a good reason to further look into if these previous charges also need to be dismissed!

Mind that not only Dr. Hovind was subjected to this. It would appear that many people may have to get exonerated.

Go back 2) All original and unedited materials restored and in circulation; The position of Creation Today ministry

As far as I can establish it was me that found out about all this editing and pointing out the matter of the disappearance of materials as hosted by the Creation Today ministry. See, I was arranging and putting up these indexed transcripts of Dr. Hovind's seminars. And so I was really getting into details, and it is there and then you start to find out about things. You are comparing and so on. Clear evidence for deliberate alterations I found when I acquired a set of the Dutch release of the seminars. Here I could establish exact passages (from the same lectures) that had been edited out from the present versions as they are hosted and promoted by the Creation Today ministry. When I checked the Creation Today released version of seminar #5, I was in for quite a shock as this appeared to have been cut in half. All the information about a New World Order and various other pertinent information had disappeared.

I am mostly but a lonely voice (with an occasional support), and I have found that it generally is not very well confronted at all by many a person when I forwarded my findings. It appears it makes people uncomfortable, and they prefer to not know about, and instead look the other way. They don't want to get involved. Now, where have we seen this all before?

Responsibility is commonly found resting on but a few shoulders.

Some questions that should get some answers:

  1. Why is Creation Today a corporation and not a church? (matter of 501(c)(3), Free-Church vs State-Church)
  2. Why is seminar #5 cut in half, and seminar #7 edited? (more info here, separated window)
  3. Why are a whole variety of Dr. Hovind's video's NOT hosted (banned as it seems) by Creation Today? (i.e. ‘Answering the Critics’ (8 video's/hours), College Class courses 103, 104 & 201 (30 video's/hours))
  4. Why am I being told by the co-worker of Eric Hovind (president of ministry Creation Today) to remove those indexed and illustrated transcripts of Dr. Hovind's seminars that I host on my website, when these purposely were never copyrighted? (more info here, separate window)

For Christians it becomes then a matter of asking themselves: “What's your cause?” (I Sam. 17:29). Well, I guess someone has to start to explain some things here!

So, contact the Creation Today ministry and forward your questions and wonderings, send them a message (mail or email) and/or a telephone call, and just do not take a no answer or an explain-away answer for an answer! Or help them to become a free church!
Contact information on their website here (external link). Or use this direct email address for inquiries.

Back to Main Index What can I do to help?

Of course there is always something that one can do to support a good cause! And there is also no excuse to refrain from doing that. Today we have the means of communication, today more easily than ever with the Internet and all that came with it. We can send messages and film instantly through mobile phones and so on.

You communicate, make matters known, you talk to people, inform them. If need be you say against, and make your voice being heard. If you find that a wrong has been done, you don't just sit there, you do something!

You may also contact various of the here under listed websites, and ask how you could support. Forward your question, get your answers. And if you are satisfied with the answers that you get, then ask again!

      Dr. Kent Hovind's own YouTube channel Kent Hovind OFFICIAL
  Latest news about and from Dr. Hovind Dr. Kent Hovind's Blog
  Kent Hovind's Case, updates and information #FreeKent Hovind Campaign
  Kent Hovind update & Kent Hovind trial 2peter3
  Here you could petition to get Dr. Hovind released from prison + additional information Free Hovind  
(original website at taken down 2015-01-01, it listed 19,458 signatories on 27 Oct ’14, see web.archive version here)
  The White House petition website We the People
  About jury nullification (a last peaceful resort against injustice) (info here) Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA)

The justice cycle and imprisonment

Back to Main Index A governmental operating manual ...

According to and documented by YouTube channel ‘Planet Zion’ (visit channel here, external link)

A video presentation:

A countdown:  (taken from ‘Planet Zion’ YouTube channel)

  1. In 2006, A Government swat team raided Kent Hovind's Creation Science Ministry.
  2. Kent and his wife Jo got arrested at gun point. Jo was dragged out of bed and not allowed to get dressed. This violent method of arresting a suspect is usually reserved for hard core gang related activity. It was dis proportionate, and a totally over the top display of force.
  3. They were both thrown in prison. Jo got released from jail a few years ago but as of February 2015, Kent, maintains his innocence, from behind bars.
  4. The prosecution of Kent Hovind was lead by Michelle M Heldmyer, US Attorney, and John David Roy Atchison, assistant US Attorney. In 1993 Judge Richard Kreidler of Jacksonville committed suicide when he was caught and charged with the crime of purchasing illegal pornographic materials. The following year in May 1994, Michelle Heldmyer made national news when it was found that her Husband Joseph Heldmyer was on the same pornographic mailing list as the Judge. He was never prosecuted. The Sun Sentinel in an article titled: “Attorney's Actions Warrant Probe” from May 14 1994 poses the question: Why? Was it because he's the husband of an assistant U.S. attorney, Michelle Heldmyer? Presumably.
  5. Just a few days after Kent Hovind's trial, the assistant US Attorney, John David Roy Atchison here, was caught, arrested, and jailed for attempting to rape a 5 year old.
  6. At Kent's trial, Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers, the presiding Judge over the case, allegedly said, Kent Hovind's crime was “worse than rape”. Did the Judge know the prosecutor was a rapist?
  7. To appeal the case, Kent paid 6000 dollars for a full Court transcript. A Court Transcript is an unedited copy of every word spoken in the court room. To be valid, the appeal had to be filed within 12 months. The documents were held back for 16 months making sure Kent missed the deadline for appealing his own case. Correction: It delayed the appeal but didn't invalidate the appeal. It's still ongoing.
  8. 4 months after the deadline, and too late to file an appeal, Kent finally received the Transcript, and somebody had tampered with it, removing the Judge's words: “Worse than rape”
  9. 8 Attendees of the Court have signed an affidavit stating that they all heard Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers declare Kent Hovind's crime to be “Worse than rape” Whoever Tampered with the official Court Transcript is not known, but that fact alone enough to overturn the case, and free Kent Hovind.
  10. And what Hideous monstrous crime deserves the title “Worse than rape? Structuring. Not murder, not genocide no. Structuring, that's withdrawing any amount of your own money from your own bank account. I'm not making this up. If you've withdrawn money from your own bank more than twice in the last 10 years then you are guilty of structuring. He's served 8 years in prison for a none sense made up crime.
  11. To recap. The assistant US attorney, who prosecuted Kent, was a rapist. The Judge allegedly said Kent Hovind was worse than a rapist. The prosecutor was then found guilty of rape. Then the Judge's statements about rape got removed from the Court transcripts which were finally delivered to Kent 4 months beyond the deadline for appeal. And that's only half of it. Do you still believe Kent Hovind was guilty?
  12. 2 Jury's were dismissed until the guilty verdict was made.
  13. Kent has been moved around from prison to prison 23 times in 8 years. Some say they're trying to get him killed. Because the more you move a prisoner around, the more likely they are to share a cell with a violent inmate.
  14. Allegedly The IRS agent...Scott Schneider ceased over 42,000 dollars from the Creation Ministry's safe. And then created a tax bill for the exact amount of money ceased.
  15. Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers has a track record of Handing out unjust and outrageous rulings against Bible believers. For example, she issued a contempt order against 2 School teachers... for praying before eating their food. The Washington Times reported, source below, that over 60 congressmen stepped in to show support for the teachers who were facing jail time, and that the Judge was completely out of line ruling against the 1st amendment constitution rights, she ought to have been dismissed as a Judge at that point but the case got settled out of Court, and the Judge is still in office. OUTRAGEOUS.
  16. The same Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers, who allegedly misdirected the Jury on the first trial, and seems to have delayed the paperwork to stop the appeal, and may have ordered the tampering with Court Transcripts, has been selected to be the new Judge in the upcoming trial.
  17. A coordinated effort between the police force who authorized the swat team, the IRS agents who invented tax bills, the prosecutor who was a convicted felon, and the Judge with a track record of issuing heavy handed anti Christian rulings... requires congress to investigate, because unsound, unsafe rough justice will continue to infect the system unless people are made aware.
  18. While in prison, Kent Hovind has highlighted the fact that Judges are allowed to invest in the prison industrial complex. They can hold stocks in private prisons for profit. Judges are incentivised to hand out longer sentences. Because while the prisons are full, the companies that run those prisons will be in profit, and an invested Judge will take a dividend of that profit. It's a conflict of interest for a Judge to profit from handing out longer sentences and they ought to be banned from investing in prison related stock.
  19. An internet petition with over 19 thousand signatures on it to free Kent Hovind, was removed from the internet. We know who has the petition but he won't release it. A link to a new petition can be found below this video.
  20. So the number one mind blowing thing that happened to Kent Hovind, is that he now faces, a further 100 years in prison. The new trial set for February 9 2015. The Trial could be moved to March. And what crime has he committed that deserves that sort of lengthy sentence? He mailed a Lis pendens on the title of his property. The Government appears to be selling off all his assets and his property is still in dispute. The Lis pendens informs any buyers that there's still a legal dispute over those houses. Once again they've made up a ridiculous crime of mail fraud, to unjustly have him jailed for the rest of his life.
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Back to Main Index A statement from Eric Hovind concerning the legal battle (Nov 2007)

11/6/2007 - Every-Once-in-a-While Newsletter

Dear Friends of Creation Science Evangelism,

Greetings in the name of the Great Creator of the universe!

This is Eric Hovind, son of Dr. Kent Hovind, writing to you for the first time.

Today the creation vs. evolution controversy is intensifying more than ever. In a recent Presidential debate, only three of eleven candidates did not believe in evolution. Clearly, many Americans think this is a subject worth debating, because everyone knows that what you believe determines how you behave. The question is, are you ready to defend your faith at this critical time?

For eighteen years now, CSE has been giving people facts they need to strengthen their faith, defend the Word of God, and bring the lost to Christ. This newsletter will shed light on our continuing efforts to spread the Gospel through the creation message and with what's going on at CSE.

This newsletter will also provide an important update with heartbreaking news for all of those who have benefited by the work of Dr. Kent Hovind. It is because of an ongoing legal battle that we have not been able to bring you this news until now. I ask that as you read this newsletter, please prayerfully consider the matter that I bring to your attention.

In July of 2006, the Federal Government brought three charges against Dr. Hovind. Below is a short explanation of the charges, the events leading up to the charges, the subsequent trial, and the reasons why Dr. Hovind believed that CSE's handling of these matters was in full compliance with the law. I have also included a description of the steps that we have taken at CSE to redress the situation to ensure current conformity to federal tax regulations.

Dr. Hovind's Defense:
From the start of the ministry, Dr. Hovind sought legal counsel on the proper way to compensate those who would serve with him in the ministry. He was told by several attorneys that as a 508 organization, CSE was not required to withhold taxes and that each person serving would be responsible for paying their own income taxes. For seventeen years the ministry operated without incident, and no notice was ever given to CSE or Dr. Hovind that the IRS wanted any changes made on this issue until the day the charges were brought.

CSE's Remedy:
CSE immediately began using an employee leasing service to ensure proper conformity to the tax laws. The employee leasing service deducts all the required tax withholding for those serving at CSE Ministry.
Dr. Hovind's Defense:
Up until 2003, CSE withdrew cash in order to compensate those who served at CSE. There was no knowledge of Bank Secrecy Laws and never any intention of evading Internal Revenue Service regulations.

CSE's Remedy:
As CSE began to grow larger, Dr. Hovind asked the governing director to begin using checks rather than cash when compensating those serving. This modification was instituted, and therefore, the cash transactions in question were no longer necessary. This modification occurred four years prior to the trial - not because of it.

As a signer of the checks, Jo Hovind also faced the charge of structuring.
Dr. Hovind's Defense:
Because Dr. Hovind filed papers questioning actions of the IRS, which was his legal right, he was charged with “impeding” the agency. They also believed he “threatened agents with bodily harm” by praying for those involved on public radio.

CSE's Remedy:

CSE is fully cooperating and complying with requests made to them by the IRS. We are thankful for the wise counsel that has been provided to us over these past several months from attorneys, CPAs, pastors, and friends in relation to these events.

In October a jury trial commenced that lasted three weeks. At the end of the trial, both Dr. and Mrs. Hovind were found guilty. Although this verdict is being appealed, Dr. Hovind was taken immediately into custody. While awaiting his sentence Dr. Hovind stayed in the Escambia County Jail for three months and led 17 of the 22 men in his pod to Christ! On January 19, 2007 the judge took Dr. Hovind's sentence from a maximum of sixteen months, as recommended by the guidelines, to ten years in prison. During the sentencing, the judge declared that the crimes Dr. Hovind had committed were worse than rape. On June 29, the judge reiterated that an example needed to be set and sentenced Jo Hovind to one year and one day in prison, double the recommended maximum. Although Mrs. Hovind was to begin her sentence on August 31, 2007, the judge granted a stay request pending the outcome of an appeal, and admitted that there was a “substantial question of law” that could result in an acquittal at the appellate-level court.

Despite this tragedy, God has been working on all involved in the situation. Dr. Hovind has been sending many letters to us, sharing his amazement at what God is doing in his life. Ironically, while getting some much-needed rest, he has been able to grow closer to the Lord. He says that once this chapter of his life is over, he can't wait to get back out there and demolish the stronghold of evolution. In the meantime, he is still making a difference by sending us incredible insights that will soon become future products of CSE. Mrs. Hovind continues to trust God that “all things work together for good to them that love God, who are the called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28).

As part of the court case, the judge determined that the amount of money withdrawn from the bank to compensate people for serving in the ministry must be given to the government. She ordered that Kent and Jo Hovind pay $430,400.00 to the government; and because Mr. and Mrs. Hovind do not have that money, the government is attempting to seize property belonging to CSE as a substitute.

CSE is currently in litigation awaiting a hearing concerning this matter. CSE is appealing this decision, and praying for a different outcome. Wanting to continue the ministry, we will try to raise the money necessary to satisfy the government. Doing so will allow CSE and Dinosaur Adventure Land to continue influencing people with the Gospel through the creation message.

The team here at CSE has banded together to continue this vital work for the Lord. We have worked tirelessly to continue traveling and speaking, produce new videos, entertain and educate the thousands of people that come to Dinosaur Adventure Land, and also begin a project that, when finished, will be the biggest accomplishment in the history of CSE. I've heard it said many times that there are two ways to come out of any situation, bitter or better. No matter what, we're choosing the latter.

I will always remember the three financial principles upon which my dad built this ministry eighteen years ago:

  1. "We are not trying to build a mansion; we are trying to win a war."
    He would never charge for his seminars, but depend soley on the love offerings of supporters.
  2. "You don't ration bullets in wartime."
    Although CSE's material is copyrighted, permission has always been
    granted to duplicate (unedited and unaltered), for free distribution only.
  3. "If God does not provide, we'll quit."
    He would not beg people for money, but trust completely in the Lord to provide.

Those principles have not changed. We still don't charge for our meetings; people can still copy our unedited material for free distribution; and if God does not provide, we will quit this incredible work. It is that simple.

These legal battles serve as a distraction from the mission and purpose of Creation Science Evangelism. Because of this, we have dedicated a separate Web site for those wanting information on this legal case or on Dr. Hovind's thoughts during this time. Please share with those who are interested in creation, and share with those who desire to pray for Dr. Hovind and the Creation Science Evangelism team's current needs. During this difficult time, we have received an outpouring of prayers and letters from so many individuals. We will be eternally grateful for all your continued support and prayers.


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Back to Main Index What has happened since? and some thoughts
(Includes notes on 501(c)(3) church)

Many appeals to the court during these incarceration years had been send in but failed to get the desired effect. He was scheduled for parole August 10, 2015. As this date was rapidly approaching some months prior to this efforts had been made to have him to stand trial for further accusations, that in prinicple would have kept him behind bars for life, if pursued. Probably because of extensive public attention in the media and activity from people from the Christian community it was all dropped, and he finally was relased on parole July 8, 2015.

To me it would seem that the one flaw made by CSE was that it had not insisted in establishing and having been granted an official Church-status for the ministry by the government. This then automatically would have made it tax-exempt. At the time of the indictment directed towards Dr. Hovind and his wife, this apparently had not been established. Applications had been send but remained unconfirmed by the government. Some matters had been assumed, but something like that in this world is just never enough. And then it was all too late! It is not impossible that various of the consequences that followed could have obstructed the charge or thwarted it all together. Thus, strictly taken, at the time of the indictment there was a violation of U.S. law because of that.

Either way, I find it all a bit well strange. The main ingredient here that actually bothers me is probably how one can jail a person that persistenly and with zest had spent all his time to speak and win people for Christ. Are such efforts not by definition tax-exempt? He did go about that in a scientific manner, he simply spoke about the actual Creation while using and scrutinously analyzing and presenting all the latest science information and discoveries.

The matter here is actually, why would someone spent that much time travelling around in US and giving up to 175 seminar presentations each year. Realize that there only 365¼ days in one year, and that a seminar would last an average of 2½ hours (this doesn't include travelling and preparation time). Now, if someone wanted to cheat the IRS by avoid paying their taxes, would that person work that hard? Dr. Hovind has been active with this from 1989 to 2006. Alongside that he also managed CSE's ‘Dinosaur Adventure Land’ (Pensacola, Florida), and a radio program. Mind also that no information has come forward that shows that Dr. Hovind was living in great wealth and luxury. He did not have a yacht, he did not have a Rolls Royce, and so on... It would be noteworthy that his opponents (evolutionist, atheists and the likes) not even once forwarded any such arguments. The whole focus here is placed as a general make-wrong, they say he is a criminal, he is a liar, and so on... No, Dr. Hovind's efforts were solely directed to saving people to Christ. And as far as I recall such truistic and idealistical purposes are actually tax exempted. Well, at least that was the last I heard...

Sure enough there is a resistance to the incarceration of Dr. Hovind. On the Free Hovind website we see this petition (external link) (last checked: April 2014) that thus far has been signed by 18,495 people. The responses we see there should speak for themselves. Obviously the man has changed people lives for the better! Yes, I am also on that petition, counted from the top I am listed as #11.

Then this matter of supposed tax evasion. It is not only Dr. Hovind that have seriously questioned such matters. The following example is taken from a writing deriving from the published works of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the subject of Scientology:  (underlining is mine)
“We could isolate four conditions of exchange.
 1.  First consider a group which takes in money but does not deliver anything in exchange. This is called rip-off. It is the ‘exchange’ condition of robbers, tax men, governments and other criminal elements.”
(from HCO PL 10 Sept 82“Exchange, Org Income and Staff Pay”)

Now, you may also will remember the documentary movie Capitalism: A Love Story (2009), in where Michael Moore amongst other reflects on that billions of dollars of tax paid by U.S. population were freely given to private bank owners as a means to rescue U.S. economy. In his documentary he undertook his citizen arrest of those agencies responsible (see near the end in that movie). Those individuals in government that proposed it had said: “It is a very easy solution!”. Yeah, it truly is!
Then we have Dr. Hovind charged with tax evasion amounting to some $600,000 which could get him jailed for literally hundreds of years, but the court let him off with serving just 10 years, and 3 years on parole. Now, wasn't that a kind gesture!

But not enough with that. You can read on Dr. Hovind's blog in where his son Eric Hovind relates:
“Dad, Kent Hovind, was moved from Atlanta, Georgia to the facility in Tallahassee, Florida in the middle of July. Then, on August 13, 2014, he was moved to the Santa Rosa County Jail in Milton, Florida. The reason for Move #22 in his nearly eight-year incarceration, is to take Dad back to court in November, 2014.
The prosecution obtained approval from Judge Rodgers to press more criminal charges. These allegations purport that the appeals, motions, and lawsuits filed by Kent Hovind are “frivolous” and that they have “encumbered” the government. In spite of the fact that in the county facility, he has no access to his legal files, he will be represented by a public defender at his September 8 trial. ...”
Eric Hovind (blog entry dated 16 Aug 2014)

It reads “encumbered”, now why would that be? Does one not have a right for defence and to pursuit the options that one has. If the justice system is correctly founded and has not erred, then what are they worried about? Well, is it may be this:
“We continue to pray that this long battle will end in order that Dad can fully devote his time to fighting on the battlefield for men's eternal souls. Thank you for praying with us to that end.
These are the words that ended that blog entry of Eric Hovind. Is it feared, when he would be released from prison, that he “can fully devote his time to fighting on the battlefield for men's eternal souls”. You see, a person like that will not obey human law, and thus would be considered a threat for that very human establishment.
But to be realistically about it. What more damage can he do, beside the doubt he has already placed in the minds of so many people? I would reckon, not so very much. People are speaking out all over, his message and his seminars are about all over.
In the end, all that will be found, is that the human establishment has indeed erred...

The 501(c)(3) church

Such a church can still get their tax-exempt status, on the condition of submitting to and allowing themselves to get muzzled. You see, an actual church answers only to God basically, and not to a government. A 501(c)(3) church on the other hand answers to the government. An actual church can speak freely about anything, a 501(c)(3) church simply can not.

The ministry Creation Science Evangelism (CSE) as founded by Dr. Hovind in 1989 was meant to be a church and this is how he advertized it anywhere and everywhere. He was in the business of saving people to Christ. Then in 2008 this CSE got registered as a business and got their 501(c)(3) status. By October 2011 the ministry changed it's name to Creation Today, and is till this day registered as a 501(c)(3) organization.

These changes also lead to that the seminars from Dr. Hovind were getting edited, after all the ministry had now signed up for and agreed to getting muzzled.

I explain the matter of 501(c)(3) at below link:  (separate window)
    “More about the 501(c)(3) church and its place in time...”

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