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“And when I looked, behold, an hand was sent unto me; and, lo, a roll of a book was therein;
And he spread it before me; and it was written within and without:”
    Ezekiel 2:9-10  


About my efforts making available and disseminating these seminars
Purpose of this presentation versus Saving people for Christ
          (Includes: Dr. Hovind saving his first person; Prayer and preach)

Back to Main Index About my efforts making available and disseminating these seminars

I have been hosting transcripts of Dr. Hovind's Creation seminars 1-4 (given 1998-99) this since March 2003. I was actually the very first to do that, they were just not around anywhere else on the Internet. For years I remained the only person making these available. During the years I have received many pleasant appreciations for this initiative. Rather obviously it was filling a need!

An initiative that as it appears had been much appreciated, this by the Internet public, the co-workers of Dr. Hovind and Dr. Hovind himself. (see details here, separate window).

At this time the updated and improved seminars given 2003 and 2005 have now been transcribed and verified, and a variety of these have even been translated in other languages. Then since December 2013 I have been working on implementing and making available these updated seminars in the English, Dutch and Swedish language. I did spend quite some time breaking up the bulk of texts, and creating a suitable index with descriptive chapter titles. Further having separate search engines for each of these 3 languages. This way the various topics that are addressed in these seminars are very easily accessible and located. The English texts have been carefully verified and now they present a very accurate transcript of the life seminars. These are by far the most correct transcriptions available! The Dutch translation has also been much improved, and a variety of errors were rectified in the Swedish translation. Although if you still do find errors (and I am sure you will) please do tell me about it so that I can verify that and correct these!

Seminar slides:  Then a considerable amount of time has been spent on having suitable illustrations. For this I made primarily use of the seminar slides that accompanied and were shown at the life seminars. Here as well the rule applies, that in regards to the information that these seminar slides relayed, that they remain unaltered. All that has been done is adapting them for use into this printed (text form) version of these seminars. Therefore a careful selection of these slides had to be made. See, one just can't have too many illustrations. Just the ones that sufficiently facilitate the understanding of the reader while going over these texts. These slides and illustrations that were selected however were, where needed, rearranged and quality greatly improved. After all I just don't have a huge screen here were I can display them on. Also regularly I was able to get better resolution illustrations elsewhere from the same (or very similar) illustrations as that appear on the original slides, and sometimes I even found instead a coloured version. If I did, I exchanged and implemented these. Over 1,400 illustrations have been tackled and were implemented.

Reference sources: Finally then the reference sources used on the seminars also have been included, they are all indicated as: . I used alternately 2 methods for accessing the information.

Shorter notices:  You move your mouse on there and some text will appear
  (you can copy this reference text (in Firefox browser) through right-clicking it, choosing View Image Info, clicking quickly 3 times to select the text at Associated Text, pressing CTRL+C to copy it, opening some text handling program (notebook or any) and pressing CTRL+V to paste it in);
  2. Larger notices:  If you instead see a hand appearing, you click on it, a pop-up window will appear.  

Note that if the illustrations that are added already carry the reference source, I refrained from giving it again via the -facility. In that case you look for the close-by illustrations. These references notices may also include additional information. If the original quotation is a bit different than spoken, or shortened by Dr. Hovind when he gave the seminar, it is here you will also find the complete and/or corrected quotation.

The source of each of the Bible citations have been added and are indicated in brackets if Dr. Hovind doesn't say it himself. They however always appear on the seminar slides. If he mentions the Bible book and not the verse, the verse number is indicated also in brackets.

Additional information:  Occasionally I have added additional relevant information. These are indicated with: ‘click here’. If it is taken from seminar slides it is indicated so.

I used clams [] to indicate most of the portions that are not spoken at the actual life seminar. There are also a few occasions in where Dr. Hovind doesn't finish quoting in full, or skips something by mistake or haste. If deemed crucial to have these included in the transcript they have been added in these clams.

At some places the spoken seminars have been corrected guided by the information displayed on the seminar slides. For example, if the slides list argument #1 to #7, but the spoken seminar skips one of them, I have added these in the transcript. I have however not indicated these in clams. The numbering you find in the transcripts is always the one that is found on the slides.

I have done my very best to make it as good and as accurate as possible! Here you have all the data pretty much at hand. Now USE IT!

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Back to Main Index Purpose of this presentation versus Saving people for Christ
(Includes:  Dr. Hovind saving his first person; Prayer and preach)

The ultimate reason for Dr. Hovind giving these seminars, as he states so himself, is to get people converted and save them for Christ. And he does that by using scientific means, so to say. He shows through his seminar presentations that there in fact had to have been a Creator. And thus we find that he always ended off his seminar presentations with a short prayer and a short preach urging people to get saved and how to go about it.

The focus however on this website is primarily on the information that he reveals, and thus not so much on getting people saved. When I originally started putting out these pages it was a means to facilitate locating and analyzing the information that Dr. Hovind discusses. Creating a searchable database of sorts. When I started this (2003) there was a frequent complaint coming from amongst other evolutionists that they could not get hold of transcripts of these seminars, and that it was a bit tiresome to locate the information they wanted on some 17 hours of film. And indeed, this would not be an easy task. Another problem was that people published quotations of Dr. Hovind out of context. To find the correct context however you need to have an easy way helping you to find that text. And so here we go!

Because of this approach I deleted the short prayer and the short sermon from the transcripts (but not from the video's). It was my foremost intent to challenge the actual beliefs of the evolution follower. At the time I was on a spell for some years debating on forums, newsgroups and other places. So I said: “Here are transcripts and the sources, try to disprove its scientific correctness, that is if you can!”. Having prayers and sermons on them only would provoke and invite the stout evolutionist with ridicule, as I experienced. Now they couldn't offer distractions away from the exact topic discussed! And if you don't know your stuff down cold, or are not that knowledgeable, this is what will be tried.

So, the seminar transcripts are complete excepting only the prayer and the preach at the end of the seminars. Thus you won't find them with the seminars, but you will find it instead here under. You may ask why? Well, it is part of Dr. Hovind's seminars and purpose, if I don't place it at his actual seminars I figure I have to place it somewhere close by. In seminar #5 given in 2003 we find Dr. Hovind even speaking about how he saved his first person. And so both the entries here under are taken from that seminar.

Dr. Hovind saving his first person

Dr. Hovind:  When I was 16 years old, I gave my heart to the Lord, got saved, started going to an independent, temperamental, fundamental, right-wing, radical, chicken eating Baptist Church. Started reading my Bible, growing in the Lord, boy it was great. After about 2 or 3 months a friend of mine said: “Hey, Kent, lets go to the Heart of Illinois Fair, they've got a fair going on their, carnival you know, and our job as this Christian organization is to try to get all these people saved at the fair.” I said: “I don't know how to get anybody saved.” They said: “Well, don't worry about it, just come with us, all you have to do is go out and do a survey in the crowd. Ask them a question: ‘Would you like to get to know God better?’ If they say: ‘Yes’ you bring them to us and we'll show them how to get saved.” I said: “Great.”

     First night I went out and I was bringing folks out to the back of the tent, introducing them to the soul winner, this is good, man, this is fun. Third night, I believe, I'm out there talking to this big old football player, I said: “Hey, would you like to get to know God better?” He said: “Ya I would.” I said: “Come with me.” We went to the back of the tent, I opened up the tent flap and there was nobody there.

     I later found out they had been down at the…it's a circus you know, they had been talking to the Siamese Twins, and led one of them to Christ. So the next night they went down there to disciple them and started talking about, “Ya know, one of these days the Lord is going to come and all the Christians are going to be taken out of here.” And of course, his brother's sitting right there, “What's going to happen to me?” Oh you are going to have a problem aren't you. So he ended up getting saved too.

     I didn't know that all at the time, all I knew was I'm standing here with this big football player and there's nobody in the back. He said: “What do we do now?” I said: “Well, uh, I guess I'll show you.” I was a brand new Christian, never showed anybody how to get saved in my life. I reached in my pocket and had a tract, God's Four Spiritual Laws, one we used to use back then. We sat down in the chairs there, in the dirt floor, in the Heart of Illinois Fair, in the tent, and I read the whole tract to him. I said: “Law One: You are a sinner, you deserve to go to hell.” You know, Christ died for you. Went through the whole plan of salvation. God's Four Spiritual Laws, at the end it had a prayer to pray. It said: “If you'd like to receive Christ then pray this prayer.” He said: “Ya, I'd like to receive Christ.” I though, oh brother, I got him on the hook and can't land him, what do I do know? I said: “Well, it says, pray this prayer so let's pray.” We bowed our head, closed our eyes, I kept one I opened, and I read the prayer off that tract. I didn't know what else to do, so I read the prayer to him. And he prayed, and invited Christ to forgive his sins and save his soul that night. He stood up, he looked at me and said: “Kent, I've been worried about this for 2 weeks now. Thanks so much for showing me.” I said: “You're welcome.”

     First person I led to Christ. He walked out of the tent, boy it was a noise carnival, just a mess outside. I just got down on my knees, by that medal chair in that dirt floor in the middle of that tent, all the hollering and yelling outside, I said: “Lord, uh, it's me, it's Kent.” I said: “Lord, I've just been saved for a couple of months here, this is all new to me, I'm kinda confused.” I said: “I don't know what you want me to do with my life, but, Lord, if it's okay with you I think I'd like to do this the rest of my life. I just want to bring people to Jesus.” I don't know what's important to you, I don't know, but , I tell you what drives me, I want to win souls. I want to influence others for Christ. I want to do this the rest of my life. People say: “Brother Hovind, you travel so much.” Oh I know. Man. Flew 175 times last year, spoke nearly 800 times, gonna try to do more this year. They say: “Well, if you burn the candle at both ends you know.” Oh, ya I know. You get twice the light. I know.

Prayer and preach

Dr. Hovind:  Hey, if you are here tonight and you are not a Christian, it's so simple. You and I are sinners. We deserve to die and go straight to hell for our sin, according to Romans 3:23. If God sent us to hell tonight it would be exactly what we deserve, but in spite of the fact that God is angry with the wicked everyday, He loves you and He wants you to come to heaven, but He's not going to bring you like you are, you gotta come through Christ or you're not coming.

     So February 9, 1969, a friend of mine said: “Kent, you are a sinner.” I said: “I know that.” He said: “You deserve to go to hell.” I said: “Yep, I know that too.” He said: “But Jesus died in your place. That's why He died on the cross, to pay for your sin and if you'd like to receive him as your Savior right now, you can take Him and He'll take you.” I thought: “Wow, what a deal.” I bowed my head and said: “Lord, I'm a sinner, I deserve to go to hell, but I want you to forgive me and save me right now.” And on that day, I accepted Christ as my Savior.

     You can do the same thing. There's no magic words, just get off by yourself and just say something like, “Lord, will you please forgive me. God, be merciful to me, I deserve to go to hell. Forgive me and save me.” And then write this date down in your Bible because this is your spiritual birthday. The Bible says: “As many as receive Him, (John 1:12), to them gave He power to become the sons of God.” John 3 says you must be born again to go to heaven. That's how you get born again. As soon as you receive Christ you are born again. Now you are one of God's kids. Which means, He won't send you to hell, He might take you to heaven early if you don't straighten up, you know, but He won't send you to hell. See some of God's kids He takes them home and crowns them, others he crowns them and takes them home. That's your choice, okay. But, once my kids got into my family I was stuck with them. And once, you get into God's family, you're stuck, okay. Now, that doesn't mean you'll get by with things, He may judge you, there is a sin unto death, you know. You can commit sins as a Christian and God will kill you, but He won't send you to hell. He gave you ‘eternal life’ not temporary life. We'll cover all that some other time.

     If we can be of any help please give us a call. Our phone number and website and address will come up on the screen here, we want to help strengthen your faith. In videotape #6 we are going to talk about the flood. When God judged this world. What caused the flood in the days of Noah? Then on tape 7, we go through three hours of questions and answers, things like where did the races come from, what about carbon dating, what about starlight, how did….what 60 some questions we try to answer on there, on videotape number 7. We want to help answer questions, to set the record straight. God's Word is true, and if you're not saved you are going to hell, whether you believe it or not. But you can be forgiven and go to heaven if you'll accept Christ as your Savior. Thank you so much.


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