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These pages aim to carry Christian friendly advertisements!
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“The righteous is more excellent than his neighbour: but the way of the wicked seduceth them.”
    Proverbs 12:26  

About the advertisements that you see on these pages...

You will see advertisements around here. These are here to help me to perform researches and carry out projects. For example about all the creation pages have been compiled or are rewritten during the 1st half of 2014. Now, supplying accurate transcripts of the 2003-05 seminars of Dr. Hovind, this in 3 languages, took me some 6 months to do, about 8-10 hours a day. This includes verifying the texts, checking virtually all reference sources for their correctness and implementing them in the pages, handling the +1,400 illustrations, breaking up the text, indexing it, figuring out appropriate chapter titles in 3 languages, creating 3 separate search engines for each language, and many more things... And so these advertisements are supporting these things, and enable me to do more work in less time. In part it supports having the pages on the Internet. So, that's the idea. These projects are all personal initiatives and I am not being paid or compensated for it.

Also mind that the advertisements only appear on the sides of my pages and near the top, they thus appear never within the text! And when you scroll down the pages they will not follow you around. I have done all this on purpose like that. The main purpose of my initiatives is still to provide for and share information for use! Visitors nor students should be bothered with over-excessive advertisements all around as you will find on various other websites that are just all in for the money and personal profit.

In any case it is my intent is that these advertisements are all viewer friendly. I thus do wish to skip all the sort of gambling for money and Meet Hot Asian Woman (questionable dating services) kind of stuff on all my pages! I weeded out already various websites that I perceive are not fitting the purpose of my pages overall or that I find are just moralistically not justifiable and or suitable.

Do mind here that the advertisement service that I use also would adjust to the sort of information that is found on the particular pages. In addition it will sense the kind of websites you have been visiting prior to ending up here on this website. So, the advertisements that you see are partly pending what pages you have been consulting prior to coming to this website!

Mind though that I do allow dating websites, there is really nothing wrong with people meeting up with other people. However as soon as the focus gets to plain physical attraction and presentation I do ban them. I have found that some of the looks of the advertisements tends to be a bit misleading in that respect. For this reason I have to check out the actual websites and what they go for.

Hint for teachers:  Mind here that for those persons that wish to teach these creation seminar transcripts in class, that they can simply download these pages onto their computer. When viewing the pages the advertisements will then not show! (accepting the creation ads for CSE ministry) However the search facilities that I have on these pages will then not work either.


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