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Scientology Research Project

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Composed of studies that have been instigated since basically March 2003. The original objective reached its completion near the end of 2007. Since that time the studies continued to be updated, corrected, polished up and extended upon. A last 2 unexpected although vitally necessary treatises saw their release in respectively August 2010 and August 2012. Finally since May 2013 this research project is essentially a completed work as its aims have been accomplished. It offers a total of 1730 pages of information if printed, and 268 pop-up windows (another +500 pages if printed).
The range of the topics tackled is very wide. However that which has turned to be a sort of ‘backbone’ of this research is the timeline/chronology found at “The whereabouts of L. Ron Hubbard chronology” (see at section 6 in index). A simple culmination of and a holding up of most of the other topics tackled at an earlier date and that effectively puts matters into place. The ultimate purpose for publishing all these researches is for the sake of education, the killing of rumours, clearing up a large array of misconceptions, and opposing deliberate mispresentations. With 2 final particular valuable evaluations released as “Analysis of HCOB 24 Jan 77 ‘Tech Correction Round-up’” & “Overview of Tech changes during 1978-82 versus A lost Bridge” (see section 5b in index).
This Scientology Research Project has been written in the English language, however various persons have taken the initiative to translate various parts of my pages into other languages. I have made these available or direct to them in an ‘International section - Translations’ page.

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      1. General overview, introduction, and common misconceptions clarified
 An overview of the studies and of present day Scientology (includes disclaimer) (+ reference lists)
 Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard - An introduction  (includes ‘KSW’, yesterday and today)
 Scientology in the media and on the Internet (includes forums, groups & Wikipedia)
 Scientology: Is its true history being exposed? (various independent publications suggested)
 Scientology related Question & Answer session (FAQ)
(includes: Workability;  Xenu;  Expenses;  Freezone vs Church;  Where to go for services;  etc.)
 External links collection - Sources for further study
 Materials a) Restoration of Tech project - Want list
 Materials b) Dianetics and Scientology list of recommendations  (includes listing of ‘lost tech’)
      2. Responses to my Scientology pages (with annotations)
 A collection of appreciative responses to my Scientology pages 
 Critique (1) from churchgoing Scientologists overturned (includes common one-liners clarified)
 Critique (2) from out-of-church Scientologists overturned (position of Free Zoners identified)
 Critique (3) from anti-Scientologists overturned (critique, ad hominem attacks or illiteracy?)
      3. Various topics of particular interest
  (a): General topics
 The story of Mary Sue Hubbard (1931-2002)
 Holy Scriptures vs Scientology - A parallel
 L. Ron Hubbard about dictionaries
 L. Ron Hubbard on the theory of evolution
 L. Ron Hubbard and his works of fiction
  (b): Organizational topics
 A printing history of the materials of Scientology (includes proposals to solution)
 Scientology Membership: HASI vs IAS (with notes on fundraising and ‘Ideal Orgs’)
 L. Ron Hubbard vs Pricing policies
 The copyrights issue, licensing and related matters (Who ‘owns’ Scientology?)
  (c): Technical topics
 ‘The Bridge to a New World’ (History of the Grade Chart) - a) General overview 
 ‘The Bridge to a New World’ (History of the Grade Chart) - b) Detailed analysis 
 The definition of ‘Clear’ (A detailed tracking of how it was subjected to change)
 Notes on NED for OTs (NOTs) and its relation to the state of ‘Clear’
 Treatise of the Primary Rundown (Telltale of Fast Flow Training 1968-83) (incl. ‘Key to Life’)
      4. Topics surrounded with controversiality
 Scientology:  Various mistaken ideas of ‘Ethics’ clarified  (incl. ‘Ethics Orders’ & ‘Declares’)
 Scientology:  The ‘Fair Game Law’ - A detailed study
 Scientology: ‘Practice of Disconnection’ - A detailed study
 Scientology: ‘Security Checking’ - A chronology
 Scientology:  Freeloaders and Ex-staff members examined (What shall we do with our old?)
 Sea Organization: The ‘Rehabilitation Project Force’ (RPF)
      5. Church of Scientology: Changes in the flow of ‘information’, before and after
  (a): Alterations (LRH or non-LRH? or A first inkling of something is amiss)
 L. Ron Hubbard vs Alterations  (introduction & how to recognize and deal with them)
 Non-LRH turns into LRH? What happened here?  (includes proposal to solution)
 Story of the Cramming Series - LRH or not LRH?
 ‘Based on the Works of L. Ron Hubbard’ publications
  (b): General overview and various particular aspects looked into
 L. Ron Hubbard vs A New Order - Internal Administrative and Technical issues
(The Qual Library;  Scientology books written by others;  Criteria for new releases (written materials & tape recordings);  Scientology Policy Directives;  Knowledge Reports;  Source Information Retrieval; etc..)
       → Administrative and organizational matters
 The printed materials: New rules of the game & Summary of changes (1974-86)
 The establishment of the RTRC, the unit that wrote LRH issues (a chronology 1974-83)
 The dawning of ‘Religious Technology Center’ (RTC) and new management (1982-83)
       → Technical matters
 Analysis of HCOB 24 Jan 77 “Tech Correction Round-up”  or  A prelude to a deliberate ‘change of direction’?
 Overview of Tech changes during 1978-82 vs A lost Bridge
(Standard Dianetics (St Dn) vs New Era Dianetics (NED);  Consequences of NED;  NOTs; etc..)
 The history and dropping out of the original OT VIII  or  The scope of Scientology
 Scientology: A ‘Golden Age of Tech’ (GAT) (1996) analysis
(Includes: Scientology: A history of ‘drilling’ (1956-76) or An overview of ‘drilling for technical purposes’)
  (c): The matter and involvement of David Mayo
 The story of David Mayo (Snr C/S Int 1978-82) - Main index & introduction
(Saint or Judas?;  Did he interfere with the ‘No-Interference Area’, boost sec-checking and place Dianetics to be done after the grades?;  FCO 7138 & SO ED 2344 Int;  ‘David Mayo Bridge’;  Happiness Rundown; etc..)
 ‘SO ED 2344 Int’, 20 Aug 83 “The Story of a Squirrel: David Mayo” (Analysis of)
 ‘Training Routines’ (TRs) (with notes on auditor training) (part of ‘SO ED 2344 Int’ analysis)
 Chronological David Mayo reference list
      6. Conspiracies - Following L. Ron Hubbard in his footsteps - Scientology under attack
 The position of Scientology towards a New World Order
(‘Ron's Journal 67’;  censorship;  ‘Black Dianetics’;  ‘Plan for World Peace’;  ‘Brainwashing Manual’; etc..)
  (a): Where is L. Ron Hubbard? (A chonological piece of Scientology history)
 The whereabouts of L. Ron Hubbard chronology 
(Years 1972, 1977 & 1982;  Remote-Viewing Program;  Sec Checking;  Snow White;  SO #1 Line;  RPF;  Flag Land Base;  Music & Cine;  1978 new tech;  E-Meter;  Religious Technology Center;  Breaks Silence;  FPRD; etc.)
 The era of adoration celebrates its birth (presentation of L. Ron Hubbard through the years)
(‘Hymn of Asia’, the ‘LRH room’ & idolatry;  ‘SO #1 Line’ or ‘You can always write to Ron’;  Biographies and L. Ron Hubbard;  Where is his family?)
 L. Ron Hubbard into artistry: Music & Film (1973-78)
  (b): A premeditated series of occurrences? Scientology under attack or The ’80s conspiracy
 Introduction & The tale of Ron DeWolf (Life and goings of L. Ron Hubbard Jr. a.k.a. ‘Nibs’)
 The tale of Gerry Armstrong and his ‘affirmations’
 The tale of Russell Miller's ‘Bare-Faced Messiah’
 Scientology: A ‘religion’ created just to make money off of it? (Don Lindsay write-up)
      7. Battles fought on the Internet (2016- )

Selection of interesting popup windows used in above pages:
General information:
    Scientology: HASI contract (1954)
“A Brief Biography of L. Ron Hubbard” (1959)
“Essential Information Every Scientologist Should Know” (1963)
‘A Report to Members of Parliament on Scientology’ (1969)
“The Church of Scientology CREED” (1970)
Release notes: ‘Old red volumes’ (1976)
‘Genius’ (definition of) (1980)
Miscellaneous information:
    “©opyright and Trademark Issues for Independents” by Hank Levin (1989)  
By L. Ron Hubbard:
    “The Golden Ball” - A story (ca. 1952)
‘The work was free’ (1957)
“Five Years” (1965)
“The Anti-Social Personality” (1966) 
“The Social Personality” (1966)
‘A Summary on Scientology for Scientists’ (1969)
“Full Tech From 1950 Is Back in Use” (1970)
“Vital New Breakthrough; Superliteracy” (1972)
“Code of a Scientologist” (1973)
By Mary Sue Hubbard:
    “The way Ron works” (1955) “The Saint Hill Course” (1964)