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A collection of appreciative responses to my Scientology pages
(to other Scientology pages)

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“So that is the basic lesson anybody learns in this universe. They learn to keep their mouths shut, and it's the wrong lesson. When in doubt, talk. When in doubt, communicate. When in doubt, shoot. And you'll be very successful all the way along the line if you just remember that.”
  L. Ron Hubbard            
  (from Phoenix lecture #31 “Two-Way Communication and the Present Time Problem”, given on 27 Jul 54)  


Introduction to this page
            (Includes:  The considerations that people have ...!?,  Violation of the “Code of a Scientologist”? and a rule of thumb  &  A coming into being!)
Selection of appreciative responses received to my Scientology pages
      - In the years 2004 through 2013
Mimeo background information (commendations received)

Back to Main Index Introduction to this page
(Includes:  The considerations that people have ...!?,  Violation of the “Code of a Scientologist”? and a rule of thumb  &  A coming into being!)

The considerations that people have ...!?

This page intends to list various spontanious positive responses that I received to my Scientology pages during the years. See, at times I had been approached in such ways as if something would be wrong about my pages or my person, like in that it would be forbidden by policy letters (something) to discuss the subject of Scientology in the way that I have done, this in spite of that I provided an abundance of references from L. Ron Hubbard that tell that this simply is not the case.
Then we had those persons that contacted me that seemed to have erected some kind of stumbling block, which they wanted to have cleared and vaporized prior to having continued communication with me. These persons figured that having a website like that I have, and say the things that I say, well, could such a person be in good standing with the Scientology community or rather with the Church of Scientology?  These kind of considerations actually greatly dumfounded me! First we have this fear factor coming out of some place, “what if ...” and such and such ... So well, I was thinking, what did I do that was so terrible? Is this Scientology thing not supposed to be about free speech and such things? Are particular human rights being denied particular rights there? Must there be some big brother looking over our shoulders that will dictate what is, and what is not permitted? Is it wrong wanting to make a difference? Should one not take responsibility for the things that one sees and the knowledge that one possesses? Should one remain sitting in one's ivory tower?
I guess that some people out there should realize that the sole reason why I did what I did, and are having these pages out there, and walked this path of enlightening research and analysis, that it was simply because I chose to follow my personal integrity. So, I ask you, what other reason could there be?

Violation of the “Code of a Scientologist”? and a rule of thumb

Just a few days ago I was accused of not following the Code of a Scientologist, the argument accompanying the accusation was that I should not discuss the things that I talk about on my pages, meaning out on the Internet in the open, but to take it up with the right terminal within the organization. I guess this person should check up on this Code of a Scientologist himself, there is no such point listed in there (consult full list here, pop-up window).
On the contrary actually, as we find instead the following 2 points listed in there:
“To work for freedom of speech in the world.
To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help mankind.”          LRH
(from HCO PL 5 Feb 69R (Revised 15 May 73) “Code of a Scientologist”)
So, I guess some persons got that rather wrong. People should understand that Scientology is not about opinion, it is about what it says that it is, but it appears that not all people can get this into the right perspective. It appears to be a problem for those being the opponents of Scientology who condemned it altogether, but also for those who claim that they support it, but somehow got ‘entangled’ in it.
But folks this Scientology things is not something you blindly follow and adopt. It is not a means that you use for setting your paradigms. From which end you then start shooting at persons!

Now, on my pages you will find amongst other an array of actual recorded happenings. Then I let these happenings be accompanied with these so-called source references. So, I am not accusing any individuals or groups here. I am just recording behavioural patterns!  Quite a different thing this is.

Presented here are appreciative responses from over 70 unique individuals. As a general rule of thumb one can roughly estimate that only 1 out of 10 appreciative readers may actually contact the writer. This would then mean that more than 700 individuals must have gotten something good out of these pages. And this percentage may very well be less than 1 out of 100 as some persons tell me. So, do your calculation. Now, what did that “Code of a Scientologist” read again?
“To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help mankind.”          LRH
(from HCO PL 5 Feb 69R (Revised 15 May 73) “Code of a Scientologist”)
Ah right, got it now ...

A coming into being!

A first attempt to react upon responses which I received in regards to my Scientology pages was my page “A word about Criticism: Critical responses received and my defence”. It folded out that quite a few individuals had a serious misunderstanding about this thing called critique, who ever said that this would be something bad? Well, that page clarifies this most definitely! In particular the quotations taken from the works of Jiddu Krishnamurti and L. Ron Hubbard in the first chapter are enlightening. But here I was, focusing on the critical responses that I had received. Just having finished that page it came to me that there has to be counter part to that. And that became this page here. Simple originations of appreciations from my various readers that now came into light. Such a thing should not be absent! And so this has herewith been done!

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Back to Main Index Selection of appreciative responses received to my Scientology pages
Any of these responses are fully authentic and they are of all sorts. The bulk of them are in fact original first responses without me having any foregoing contact with these persons. I have not corrected any spelling or grammatical errors, although sometimes I placed a [sic] notification. I also did enforce in some of the responses a correct use of lowercase and uppercase, this to facilitate easy reading. The responses that are not anonymous have requested me to publish their name.
Various information given in the responses I received were of a personal nature, or were a bit too technical. And sometimes they were lenghty and dropping relevance in regards to why they are listed on this page. Such passages appear as ellipsis ‘ ... ’. The main focus on the replicated texts would be on received appreciation and in what manner the information on my Scientology pages may have assisted people. Then various persons had expressed how they had perceived my pages and have shared their thoughts and concerns. There is particular value found in that as well, and so I let them speak. A few responses are in a language other than English (translations have been provided for).

Do mind that only a selection has been published of what I have received through the years. As the years pass by the responses that I add are more and more selective as to avoid repetition.

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Source:  Email response, from Australia
Date:  Thu, 24 Jan 2019 06:56
Subject:  Information

Hi just wanted to say very impressed with your body of information. Have been "in" for 30 years. Good to see an unbiased presentation of facts, unlike the scandalous, nasty and vile books and sites out their thriving on smear tactics. With your presentation one can make up their own mind and not have some biased viewpoint rammed down your throat. Good work. Useful. Harmless. Essential.
I particularly liked the info about dictionaries.


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Source:  Book publication: ‘Watergate: The Hoax’, issued in US
Date:  May 28, 2016 (release date of book)
Subject:  Acknowledgement
Michel Snoeck, “The Wise Old Goat”
His integrity and diligence in cataloging events and materials of Scientology online have been invaluable to the completion of this work.”

(the book is addressed here, separate window)


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Source:  Email response, from Germany
Date:  Mon, 18 Nov 2013 12:53:44  &  Mon, 18 Nov 2013 22:39:14
Subject:  New releases  / 2. Antwort
Hi Michel,
musste gerade einmal wieder Deine Seite besuchen. Das ist professionelle Arbeit, wie sie bisher wohl kaum jemand gemacht hat. Und sie gehört entsprechend gewürdigt.
Warum ich auf Deiner Seite war? Ich wollte nach zwei Namen suchen, die ich hoffte, dort irgendwo zu finden: John Galusha und Mike Goldstein.
Wüsste gerne, ob Du Infos über sie hast bzw. ob Du ihre ggw. Aktivitäten kennst und vor allem natürlich, ob Du ihre Scn.- und Hubbard Geschichte kennst?
Danke nochmal für die top-Arbeit und ich hoffe, dass Du Deine Brücke gefunden hast und machen kannst oder schon zu einem schönen Teil gemacht hast!
Wünsche Dir alles erdenklich Gute!

[for the non-multilingual ones an English translation can be found here, pop-up window]

Source:  Email response, from Australia
Date:  Thu, 31 Oct 2013 18:27:33
Subject:  Similar admiration for LRH

Dear Michel
I see that you have lots of answers for the questions I have regarding what the hell happened !!
I can see a little better now that this situation will not just crack open or unravel and produce a rapid solution ! You figured that out the hard way as you stated but you still persisted : ) .
In reading more and more of your understandings and I can see just how clever you are in research and presentation Plus how much you do actually understand about this monumental problem .
After I read and reread some of your insight .... only then will I try and give some suggestions IF I have any !!
Hope you are doing well because you certainly have made me feel better and again i am ploughing into the knowledge LRH has given us.
Still there is so much to duplicate as to how long this sabotage has been happening and who has been involved and the only true source on this is what your timeline depicts .
Many many thanks for your efforts,I do definitely appreciate every day you have spent so far on this challenge and you can attest there have been plenty plenty plenty of them !

Very best regards

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Fri, 18 Oct 2013 21:34:05
Subject:  Questions

I've been reading through your Scientology index. You've really done an incredible job. I just wanted to say Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I appreciate all the time you've spent answering my questions. Without your site who knows if I would have ever found Scientologists who deliver the original tech. I've never met you and still somehow you have managed to influence, greatly, the spiritual path of a random 20 yr old guy in LA through the internet. It was thanks to your emails that I began investigating Scientology more and eventually had my first auditing session. I had a lot of doubt about Scientology and LRH. The well researched material on your site helped me move past that. Once I was audited all doubts were cleared. It was so mind blowing that I became totally set on completing the entire 1972 Bridge.
Thanks for the time,
Ryan B...

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Source:  Email response, from Netherlands
Date:  Sun, 25 Nov 2012 23:58:04
Subject:  site

Beste heer,
Heb vandaag de gehele dag op uw site gekeken w.b.t. de Scientology kerk. Erg boeiend en bovenal verhelderend.
Vandaar mijn complimenten over de wijze van opzet en bronvermelding. Erg goed.
Overigens wel lastig om te achterhalen op internet (hoewel ik daar niet zoveel tijd in heb gestopt) wie nu werkelijk achter deze site schuil gaat. Desalniettemin: Klasse!
Met vriendelijke groeten.

Source:  Follow up email response
Date:  Mon, 26 Nov 2012 21:35:35
Subject:  Re: site

Beste Michel,
Dank voor uw antwoord.
... Daar ik een liefhebber ben van waarheid en graag doordring in zaken die mij aangaan , heb ik na het constateren van wat out-points binnen de kerk mezelf spontaan afgevraagd “wat er werkelijk gaande is”. Na deze onderzoeksvraag te hebben geformuleerd, ben ik dus ook op uw site gekomen.
Werkelijk zeer waardevol! Het bevestigd wat ik heb waargenomen en vermoed, maar wordt nu bekwaam geanalyseerd met alle refferenties. Well-done.
Ik realiseer me natuurlijk haarfijn dat uw gegevens ietwat “verontrustend” zijn. Doch er zit veel waarheid in, dus laat het zo zijn. ...
Desalniettemin: gewoon puik werk!
Vriendelijke groeten.

[for the non-multilingual ones an English translation can be found here, pop-up window]

Source:  Email response
Date:  Tue, 16 Oct 2012 13:49:34
Subject:  LRH and disconnection, etc

Hello Michel,
I've been reading with interest some of the information on the pages of your website. Well done for collecting so much data, thank you.
What is not clear to me is how much training you yourself did in Scientology. Maybe I missed it, but I was not able to find that info.
It does seem you really know the Data Series !
Did you pursue much training, are you an auditor?

Source:  Email response, from Germany
Date:  Wed, 26 Sep 2012 19:54:37
Subject:  LRH EDs

Dear Mr. Snoeck,
On your website I read of LRH ED 117 INT, 26 Aug 70 “Current Cases”. I was fascinated about the article.
... I’ve already search on the internet and so on, but I was not able to get the executive directive anywhere.
So I would be very appreciated if you could help me.
Thank you

Source:  Email response, from Germany
Date:  Wed, 29 Aug 2012 21:57:30
Subject:  Standard Dianetics

Hello Michel,
My name is I... and I live in .../Germany.
In the ninetees I was staff and public at ...
But I quit and left the church almost ten years ago.
I just wasnt able to pay the high prices for service and somehow I just wasnt fully satisfied with the end results.
To go Clear and OT seemed to be unattainable.
In the last weeks I spent many many hours to read your overview about Scientology.
Everything you write is very plausible and makes a lot of sense.
Especially your analysis about Standard Dianetics vs. New Era Dianetics is highly interesting.
Meanwhile I am very glad that I never got any NED which seems to be totally Out-Tech.
Can you tell me if its somewhere still possible to get any Standard Dianetics-Auditing?
Are you an auditor?

[Notice from website owner, March 2012:  Some persons in Germany got together because of the initiative of this person and got themselves trained up with Standard Dianetics and at present he is receiving this and he reports to me that he is having good results.]

Source:  Posted on a blog
Date:  Mon, 27 Aug 2012
Subject:  “Below is a list of some of the blogs and sites in the Independent Field, and my evaluation of them. ‘My evaluation’ is my opinions. You may or may not agree with my opinions, but hopefully this will serve as a handy guide for those who wish to pursue the continuing stories of the Church of Scientology and the Independent Field.”

Wise Old Goat.
This is actually the site of a Michel Snoeck. I don't know who this is. I'm guessing he was at one time a Scientologist. The specific link I give here is to the part of the site where he spends considerable effort detailing research he's done into various aspects of Scientology and the Church. There are sections on all kinds of subjects, like how the Grade Chart changed over time, how fast flow training came about, you name it. He's probably done some research on it. Very thorough. If you're doing research on something regarding Scientology, this is an excellent place to go, because Michel has done some quite thorough research.


Source:  Email response, from Germany
Date:  Wed, 1 Aug 2012 13:21:42
Subject:  RE: materials

Hi Michel,
Whats your native tongue?
Is English the best way to comm. with u or could it also be German too? Asking does not cost anything, although the chances are small. ...
Great appreciation for you fantastic website and thanks for the immense work.
Best -

Source:  Email response, from Russia
Date:  Wed, 4 Jul 2012 04:36:00
Subject:  Thanks for your site: all info on it!

Sorry, I couldn't find your name.
I had doubts about some things that are going on within the Church...
And I found some discrepancies with HCO PL, HCOBs even!
You did a good job. Things I've read already are totally the same I
thought about, some even more dipper thought of!

Source:  Email response, from England
Date:  Fri, 8 Jun 2012 00:09:13
Subject:  Hello, Fellow LRH Friend

Wow! Iam impressed with your research.
I fear that something is going on, but have not been able to put it so factually. I simply observe the indicators go wrong... that is, in my experience the results appear to be those of black Scientology.
I only arrived in 1994, though was around two other lifetimes and can testify to several infiltration psych-type evil doers, that opposed LRH's work, and tried to make it seem that the work didn't work. That is the lie. Turning SCn into black SCn themselves then accusing it. This is as devious as it gets. I can perceive through it all but I have not been able to demonstrate it to others and have not ever so much as tried.
I have read bits and pieces here and there but much of the criticism is just that, and is illogical.
You are the only person who is not just trying to open a splinter group or so with criticism as a justification, which of course is an absurdity.
You seem to be genuinely concerned with Technical degrades./verbal tech checklist. Do the people that alter or issue the ‘nw’ versus “old” stuff have the authority to do so? How come the data is so altered,and even contradictory, and omitted etc. ? These are, evidently outpoints.
Wrong source, falsehood (false source); Omitted datum (that the current source is not the same as before is an alteration that has been omitted and is SERIOUS.
You are giving genuine outpoints , valid points, not just personal opinionated complaints.
You are clearly concerned with the welfare of all living things and that is how i have been feeling the whole thing. It weighs on me like crazy and I feel quite impotent about it. ...
I wonder whether you are still on this project...?
Are you till
[sic still] collecting originals...? Still trying to safeguard the tech? Have you not been shot yet???
Do let me know. I also wonder whether your email is bugged...! And what the risk is in contacting you.
I just cannot believe that such an exposure would not be targeted heavily. Are you alright?
In the name of allness of all I wish you do well, for you only seek for the truth and that cannot possibly be harmful.
[continues on next sheet]
                 Seek and you shall find... and you have found plenty. Brave to expose it. I assume you are not onlines... I am but the uncertainty , or rather, the certainty on how not to trust a thing in the materials is there. Do write to me I would like to hear. I am quite away from lines, since a long while- 6 years?I am merely doing an extension course from home, as I just could not function with all the illogics, when onlines and my questioning was putting me on the spot. No one else questioned, you see... I was ferociously rejected for my insistence on policy, etc, and I quietly removed myself... not a a blow but very alertly so.
I feel I am with and of LRH. The Church feels everything but light, and the impositions feel everything but like freedom. I sense the heavy spirit, the fanaticism, with which the Church is believed,. There is no longer integrity, or freedom of speech, certainly no freedom of thought. There is a tremendous bank agreement on being sheepishly... and only a few of us, very few can stan back and disagree...
Most of those that disagree, however, are simply people full of OWs which compounds the problem.
Only you seem to have kept your eye on the mountain.
You have no business overthrowing SCN, or degrading it, or anything. You are doing a very massive , exterior,Verbal Tech Checklist' number.
It is as if you were collecting the original works for when LRH is back...
It is very brave and commendable of you. Your questions, your doubts are valid, and you should have the right to an answer. Are you getting answers? What made you simply go public.. plenty of obvious abuse of tech I assume...In my experience you are no allowed to question any instance of out tech and certainly not allowed to go public...
I know how you feel though. If internally any report or correction is not only ignored but faced with an attack (my experience) however valid and serious... then one is forced to step out and speak alarmingly of the fact. What else could a person do... when faced with Black Scientology???!
So I understand, not because I am evil or anti anything. I well recall LRH asking us all to scatter in 1952 NY I believe PRECISELY because the system had been infiltrated by serious CIA type/level/caliber people who were indeed murdering away any honest scientologist left speaking aloud. It was all about getting the book... getting it for themselves, whoever it was that they represented...
[continues on next sheet]
                  So I can just feel what LRH would expect of me to day. And I am doing it, but I am, like then, lost. I have no idea where to start again, where to find him, and with him, the true tech and the way... the bridge. The true unadulterated Bridge that I can trust...
Already on my next return and in 67 things were not well, again infiltration of such forces... at some point in Ron's journal 67 he apologises for what we are going through as individual scientologists. one can feel his actual sorrow in the words, in his voice... He was aware of what was going on.. thus the safe spacein the sea.. I suppose. But that message, only arrived to me, weeks ago, though I heard it before, and it was actually truly directed to me, if also to many more, it was for me.
I wonder if the brief breadth in eternity has passed us by...?
Kind regards,

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Sat, 2 Jun 2012 00:00:51
Subject:  enjoyed your web pages

I really enjoyed your web pages. Nice work – really.
I've been working on two major projects myself.
One to have all the chronological materials and study them in order. I started that in 1973, and am getting closer. ...

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Sun, 26 Feb 2012 20:56:34
Subject:  Re: MSH, Quentin

Michel.. I admire the work you have done and am glad to be of any very small help. Depending upon how far you want to take your research... there is an enormous reservoir of untapped information available via people who worked directly with LRH & MSH.. ...
My direct contact with LRH lasted less than one I had a personal & direct contact... but for only a short period compared to so many, many others ...
I will be surprised at anyone who will not appreciate what a great job you have done to date! I can really see you must have devoted a great deal of time! ...

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Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Sat, 13 Aug 2011 20:22:25
Subject:  Re: Question

About me. ...
I had just finished my contract, so I left. So none of the staff can talk to me now because as the I & R says, I am PTS because I'm still connected to my daughter and son in law. I started looking trying to find out more information about the “disconnection” policy.
Your site seems to have more information than I've found anywhere else. ...
ML, A...

Source:  Email response, from Israel
Date:  Sat, 13 Aug 2011 17:52:02

Hello Michel.
My name is S..., and I am from Israel/
English isn't my native language.
I came lately to read deeply in your site re scientology, since I have got into com with an Israeli recent CoS OT5 achieved
It again raised my curiosoty of the matter. So I came by google to your site.
I found much and I appreciate very much the research and your willingness to share and thus contribute to better goals.

I myself was involved learning in the mission in Tel-Aviv 1978-1982 and little auditing from a freelancer auditor
I have quitted for I felt very uncomfortable with org policies, and the following turmoil, however I found many ideas and cognitions I have received very valuable and in a way useful.
I did not get the ability or skill or power or freedom to apply all and I did have real gains on some.
I have got some very significant data from your research.
I was there when the big marketting of NED was carried.
I did not realise at the time what it relly meant. I do remember statemnts that you quote about the clear state and the creation of fear using SD Dianetics over Clears and OTs.
I can now see the big change in the “bridge” to freedom. ...
I can see your observation of the abandoned bridge, in favor of what looks like a lighter less effective course/
Also the systematic erasing of histirical participation and contributions of David Mayo and Mary Sue Hubbard. ...
I'd like to have some coments

Source:  Email response, from Sweden
Date:  Thu, 2 Jun 2011 19:33:49
Subject:  wiseoldgoat

Jag har börjat studera din webbplats wiseoldgoat. Det är en imponerande plats och jag kommer att återvända. Kollade in en del av vad du skriver om Mayo, en herre som jag respekterar. Kul. Tack för att du hörde av dig. Det skulle vara intressant att få veta mer om dig och din bakgrund. Jag har mina aningar.
Vänliga Hälsningar,

[for the non-multilingual ones an English translation can be found here, pop-up window]

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Sun, 01 May 2011 08:31:49
Subject:  RE: Dianetics

Hello wiseoldgoat,
My name is M... I'm assuming you are Michael Snoeck.
I read in part your thesis....“Overview of Scientology”. I haven't read it all in detail but intend to.
I was particularly interested in the whole switcheroo regarding Scientology Grades before Dianetics.
Since I received Standard Dianetics in 1973 before my grades, I have to concur with your conclusions. To me, it only makes sense to deliver Dianetics before Grades.
At any rate, I wanted to get your opinion on HSDC vs NED.
There is much controversy around NED as well.
For many many years the HSDC produced great auditors with great results. ...

Thank you for taking the extreme time and effort to lay out the twists and turns of the Grade Chart. As LRH pointed out one must always go back to the basics when it gets confused.
Thank you kindly,


Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Thu, 24 Mar 2011 18:12:10
Subject:  Hello from across the pond ... and some data on "disconnection"

Hi Michel,
I've been an admirer of your website for many years (particularly the section on Scientology), and notice that more and more people are aware of it and using it around the net. Congratulations! After studying carefully your page on “disconnection”, I wanted to pass along some observations that I think you might find useful for the article.
First some brief background on me. I've been in and around Scientology since the mid-70s, and was on staff in both 1978 and then again in the mid-80s. ...
And so I have some firsthand experience in seeing how the organization treated “disconnection” differently between those two time periods. ...
I'd be very curious to get your thoughts on the matter.
All the best,

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Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Fri, 24 Dec 2010 02:41:32
Subject:  Overview of Scientology

Hi. Name please, wiseoldgoat.
I'm P... Founding Scn. 1952.
I have been keeping your “Overview of Scientology” on my desktop because it has wonderful source materials.
There are certainly a lot of apparent contradictions. ...
Do you have any other goodies written up somewhere?

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Thu, 4 Nov 2010 22:54:41
Subject:  [your website]

... after reading your detailed analysis.(which i thought was excellent and very detailed alot of work and VERy revealing, i take my hat off to you ! a mammoth project!!!! ...

Source:  Email response, from a later date
Date:  Thu, 7 Apr 2011 16:35:11
Subject:  cheers

Thanks for your good work, it is much consumed and appreciated.

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Sat, 18 Sep 2010 08:37:17
Subject:  Re: Overview of Tech changes during 1978-82 or When the Route to
Freedom was interfered with and turned upside down (formation of the ‘David Mayo Bridge’ vs a lost Bridge)

Thanks Michel,
As usual I see you have put a considerable amount of work into this.
I will have to study it at length before I feel able to comment.
Thanks for taking the time to do this research!
Much arc

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Tue, 14 Sep 2010 05:09:51
Subject:  Hello!

Dear Michel,
I wanted to write to you and let you know that I am deeply impressed with your research and work regarding L. Ron Hubbard and the subject of Scientology.
This is the most complete and truthful information about Scientology and what has happen with it that I have found on the entire internet.
You are probably angry too but your site is very interesting to read and somewhat destimulating.
In what country do you live now, Michel?
Sincerely Yours,

Source:  Email response, from Serbia
Date:  Wed, 14 Jul 2010 08:25:01
Subject:  Hi :)

I want to say that your website is interesting to me. :)
These studies you did, about Scientology.
Whereabouts of LRH, HCO B's and PL's and so on..
Thank you for sharing all these useful informations.

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Sun, 20 Jun 2010 01:38:50
Subject:  Your website, question about self analysis book

I've enjoyed reading your material.
I recently purchased an early edition of Self Analysis , 1953 printing.
It is very different from the current edition.
For example it has you “imagine” a time when rather than “recall” a
time when.
Do you know any of the history of this book?
Did LRH re-issue it at some point with these changes? ...

Source:  Email response, from Mexico
Date:  Thu, 22 Apr 2010 07:05:55

Hi Michel,
I am B…, at first want to tell you the only one thing I can about my own story in this whole theme:
I am an old StHiller and friendly and self determinated quited in 1978 from all activities related with giving services as a staff member. The reason: finished my own cycle when attested old OT7 (the original), got married, and changed country of residence to live a long and happy life with my loved wife and kids. Now my kids are great adults and I am an old guy in total freedom.
To say the truth, I had never stopped my studies about Ron's works, you never finish the learning from him. ...
Thge real thing is that I never got affected with that “little changes”, and never got affected with the worst changes that happend just after I ended my cycle. ...
Nevertheless... I knew of all terrible things that were happening in the orgs after 78, mainly in 80 to 84, and after that the appereance in scene of the “New Tech”
Finally, I knew in 86 the official anouncement of Ron's passing.
My heart was broken, and I am not sure about that strange cause of death and neither with that date. I suppose any old member of the crew really believed all that crap.
Some day I started my own research proyect, looking for references, comparing, searrching for alterations or technical degradations, omissions, etc.

Nothing new about, I simply found the same you found, and saddly got aware of all the crude new reality.
A few days ago, i was wondering on some data, i started to search in google and i striked with your site and all your work.

I got truely excited and stonished! You know what I mean... There is someone else in this world doing something about. All hope came back to my life, i just rehabed my purpose!!
The second thing that happend to me was to find in your work the las [sic last] pieces of the puzzle I needed to put order on my own work.
So, as many others surely did, I give you my recognition, a real validation, and a commedation for your extensive work. ...
I just saved and printed all your work because I think it is a great priceless job.


[I had send out a message to various persons on the event of a new chapter on my Disconnection page: “In the year 1996 ..., ‘disconnection’ once again ...”]

Source:  Email response, from Switserland
Date:  Wed, 17 Feb 2010 16:20:03
Subject:  Re: Disconnection again...

Dear Michael
I have not read that yet, but I have to admit you do a good job to investigate those things!
Much love M...

Go back In the year 2009

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Sun, 25 Oct 2009 23:10:06
Subject:  [drills]

I just read your very thorough time track of the history of drills as auditor training aids. Very impressive.
I worked in RTRC* for many years and am preparing an article on the Golden Age of Tech from the inside perspective.
I found the date of the original HSDC* drills in your write up. So, thank you.

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Tue, 06 Oct 2009 12:49:26
Subject:  LRH issue

Hello there,
R... suggested I get in comm with you for a copy of an LRH reference. ...
p.s. I love the wiseoldgoat pages. Well done on your research and level head.

Source:  Email response, from Germany
Date:  Mon, 17 Aug 2009 18:53:41
Subject:  PRD [Primary Rundown]

Hello Michael,
first of all - thank you for putting this great Webpage up!
my name is H... and I would like to introduce myself. ...
Scientology I know since 1988 and I have been on Staff in a Class V Org and at the Sea Org. ...
I finally got my self confidence back and also the ability to focus on the future again.
.. and now your Webside gets into this game - In 1999, I was on the KTL (almost through after serveral years on this course starting originally with its release in LA ) when I left the SO. And after reading your artikle about KTL and PRD I had a big cognition about the importance of this piece of tech - the Primary Rundown and how important it is for Scientology and mankind . My plan is now to set up the delivery of the PRD here in Germany - in english, german and maybe russian ...
I would like to know if you would be willing to help me with informations and maybe checksheets or other tech informations. ...
I hope to hear from you.

Source:  Email response, from Netherlands
Date:  Mon, 20 Jul 2009 16:14:03
Subject:  Mayo

Dear Michel,
Thank you for your work on the Scientology papers.
A great job!!!!!
Can you tel me.... is David Mayo actiev and still alive.
Thank you in advance for your answer.
met groeten van

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Fri, 3 Jul 2009 06:49:50
Subject:  Tech and Non-E

Hello. I came across your site and I like it. I worked in the SO on Flag for 2 years ... Anyway, I left the cos in 1998. I saw two many alterations of the tech. I have my own small church ( right now). I have been very fabian in my activities but have been deliveing the un-altered versions of the tech. We use the 1971 Grade Chart with some basic additions that are 100% LRH. I have a tremendous amount of tech and policy. It was carefully hunted down over a 10 year period. We have enough to get people up the entire bridge ( the real one) not the rtc one. I would love to hear from you and to assist you so long as we share the same realities. KRC, ARC, J...

(Non-E = Non-Existence, a phrase commonly used by Scientologists to introduce themselves, you tell what you want, and you tell what you can offer)

Source:  Email response, from Canada
Date:  Wed, 4 Feb 2009 23:31:01
Subject:  Hi,

Dear Wise Old Goat,
I was just reading some ifachat letters and came across a reference to your website.
I only read the bit on evolution and scanned the biblical parrallels. ...
But I just want to say that I study all religions impartially and during times of key out I can come up with lost of parrallels.
To me removing the veil of darkness, is a parrallel to clearing.
Jesus said, there are things I cannot tell you yet, brings to mind the data of scio. ...
Based on little evaluation, I think you have done a great job. ...
I love scio.
What city do you live in?

Source:  Email response, from Germany
Date:  Wed, 04 Feb 2009 07:04:32
Subject:  Your Website

i will thank you for your outstanding work on the Scientology Research Project. Do you already have translaters for the german part?
Much ARC

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Tue, 13 Jan 2009 17:48:24
Subject:  thank you...

I really appreciate that you took the time for a lay person like me...
and what you said was very insightful. Thank you!
I also appreciate your website and the hard work that you continually put into it.
I wish you only the very best in success! And thank you again.

Go back In the year 2008

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Sun, 30 Nov 2008 13:49:30
Subject:  apolgy [sic]

I apologize.
You're not a wuss.
I just read some more from your site.
Thanks for posting your observations & opinions.


Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Fri, 21 Nov 2008 13:43:23
Subject:  [none]

I have been reading your website re: Scientology for some months now. Thank you. What you have written is what we have seen. We have been in Scientology since 1972 and then some. We have known for some time that something is very wrong - not with LRH but with those who have set themselves up to make him wrong and themselves Source.
I have been very hesitant to email as I usually keep my observations and comments to myself. Again thank you for all the time you have put into this site.

Source:  Email response, from Greece
Date:  Mon, 29 Sep 2008 14:42:55
Subject:  Wins out of your site

Dear Mike,
how our
[sic are] you.
I would like to thank you for your Scientology research, it seems there are many views we share in common, specially regarding where Dianetics belongs on the Bridge, a matter that kept puzzling me for a great period of time during which the proper Source references that resolve it were just not available for me to reach a conclusion.
For many years my reservations on this matter as an auditor resulted in me refusing to audit more than ruds, assists sessions in Dianetics, etc. but never major actions. Although I would often perform some "miracles" with auditing I would just still keep feeling, back then, that I wasn't ready yet for auditing this kind of stuff, stuff like major actions.
Soon after your compiled materials to LRH references helped me remove all doubts regarding this matter, some people expressed interest to be audited by me on whom the proper Bridge was applied.
The results were phenomenal in comparison to PCs I know that were audited otherwise. Thus I would like to thank you also on behalf of those PCs.
Problems and obstacles I was used in encountering during my earlier auditing of PCs - to the degree I would reach a state of mind of taking such obstacles for granted or lead to believe “it takes lots of experience and a top notch C/S to handle such” - like high or low TA that would just strangely resist no matter the remedy applied or could not be easily handled by the indicated forms - JUST VANISHED!!!
I could see forms and lists start “magically” working as intended, actions that would drag through several intensives completed in time expected per HCOB, I wonder whether is possible to realize the extent of how an alteration of the tech like misplacing an action on the Bride can affect its workability - I could really go on and on and on. I really would like to express my thanks for this as it resulted in great gains for me as an auditor.
[continues on next sheet]
               I came to realize that the tech is so strong that it keeps working in a great degree even after an alteration like this has been made - alas, thus making it difficult to suspect or detect the very existence of an alteration.
I really feel your work should be more broadly available to the public, this is extremely important stuff you are dealing with to be kept in the dark and I know of no one who has researched it to such an extent, thoroughness, responsibility and proper references to Source .
I also feel that published as book would greatly contribute to this direction plus it would offer an opportunity to be absorbed as a whole and in its entirety by a reader - avoiding the QA quality distraction danger that html documents often present through their links feature.
I also feel that your materials should be translated in more languages, I could do the Greek translation for example, so let me know if you are interested in such a project.
Best regards,

[ps. this person has been translating my pages into Greek, visit here (separate window)]

[This was on the event of sending out various emails about a new chapter released in the “The whereabouts of L. Ron Hubbard chronology”]

Source:  Email response, from Switserland
Date:  Sun, 3 Aug 2008 04:00:54
Subject:  Re: Will L. Ron Hubbard be returning?

Dear Michel,
I finally got to read the stuff you sent.
I have to tell you the ideas you put make an awful lot of sense to me.
J... and I refused to attest to Clear (the new tech) and I insisted on wanting to do power. It became impossible.
I have since read the power processes and I know that they were exactly what I should have had and that they would have expanded my wins.
They turned the tech into a joke and now the world is full of wothless products. ...
J... thinks that all the OT levels have been changed. He said it would not make sense for all the stuff up to OT to be so logical and then OT to be so crazy.
The original OTs were OT only they did not need to tell you because you knew they had something else. ...
Thanks so much for sending me this stuff. ...
Hope you are well,
All my best

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Fri, 25 Apr 2008 21:23:25
Subject:  Re: Media page updated - just released

Dear Michael,
I very much enjoyed reading about your adventures on
[Scientology forums] and Wikipedia.
Itsaline/Emma at E... has a strict rule against sockpuppets. It appears she invoked that rule so she could ban you without addressing your concerns. Roan is Emma's boyfriend and may well have influenced her to do this.
Your Wikipedia experiences have been similar to my own. I was advised by another editor there to edit something else for a while, so I would not get banned or blocked from editing Scientology articles. Tilman Hausherr was most insistent on adding tabloid gossip and links to his anti-Scn website into the bio articles of living Scientologists, agaisnt wiki policy. I contacted the biography of living person help desk more than once and they backed me up and reverted his edits. Most recently I saw with some satisfaction that Tilman has gone on a wikibreak. I will say in Tilman's support that he backed me up once when I tried to edit out ridiculous misinformation from the article about Rundowns, he's not all bad, just not very objective at all.
Thanks for working to make true information available,

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Tue, 15 Jan 2008 12:13:36
Subject:  C... - friend of D...'s

Dear Michel Snoeck,
I have seen you large site exploring some of the matters relating to Scientology. D... originally sent me the link. It is very impressive.
As I noted above, D... is a friend ...
I myself have been in Scientology since 1961. I worked at St Hill from 1965 to 1977 ...
So much for that.
I have been reading the pages concerned with “Disconnection”. There are plenty of things to comment on but I would like to just observe a couple of points. ...
Anyway thanks for your work.
Very Best

[When I thanked the person for his appreciation he responded with:]

Source:  Email response, from later date
Date:  Tue, 22 Jan 2008 00:59:12
Subject:  Re: C... - friend of D...'s

Well it is clearly a work of scholariship!! ...
Very Best

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Sun, 13 Jan 2008 22:44:41
Subject:  [your website]

I looked over your site. It is a quite impressive body of work. Very academic. You're a bit like me in the way you quote LRH often and try to comprehensively explain the meaning of the passages. ...
Thanks for the email,

Source:  Email response, from France
Date:  Sun, 6 Jan 2008 14:51:06
Subject:  Just to say hello ...

Hi Michael,
have been flying over your internet universe - have known Caspar and done Method 1 - and I loved your desire for precision.

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Thu, 3 Jan 2008 17:39:28
Subject:  Thank you

Dear Michel,
I just found your site. Brilliant work and great reference.
I want to thank you for putting it there and giving the data the way you do. Find your own truth!
Keep it up please.
Thank you, very very much.

Source:  Follow up email response
Date:  Mon, 7 Jan 2008 10:42:48

Dear Michel,
I like your pages because they make a very good, complete, and quite scientific study of scientology subjects that are in question, must be questioned and should be worked over, as you do.
Having done my own research on many things, I realize that this is a very involved job and know what it takes to just tackle one subject. You do that with many subjects and I appreciate it. I can use your website as a reference to difficult and often controversial points. There are no conclusions. Just the data. Make your own conclusions from that. My motto: Find your own truth. And it fits with that.
  So, yes, great job.
  Thanks again.

Go back In the year 2007

   Source:  Email response, from USA
   Date:  Tue, 28 Aug 2007 15:30:06
   Subject:  Regarding the Golden Age of Tech

Dear Michel,
I found your website, particularly the section on GAT, very interesting indeed! ...

   Source:  Follow up email response
   Date:  Wed, 29 Aug 2007 03:54:07
   Subject:  Regarding BPLs BTBs

Dear Michel,
Again, while reading your fascinating site. I came upon the following question. ...

        Source:  Email response, from Germany
        Date:  Sat, 4 Aug 2007 01:08:04
        Subject:  Help!!

Dear Michel,
This is so much to read and translat for me. I don't speak really english.
I'm very worried about of all the AlterIs. Mostly about the Qual Library.
What can I do now. I impossible dont can go with all this Material to the Org here in germany. Maybe they will “kill” you. Have you any ansers from any org to your work?
What will be happen, when I go whis this in the Org to make my condition doubt. I think, that you get then heavy problems. Is your server save? It would be sad, if this last correct tech is destroyed.
But I want to see, how answeres the Church.
Otherwise, what is the result for the Orgs, if they will change. What is the solution? I think they are many people who would to do something.
By the way, did you speek german, maybe we can take a call.

Source:  Email response, from Australia
Date:  Sun, 22 Jul 2007 08:08:09
Subject:  scio work

Hi Michael,
great work.
Really appreciated reading the world book dictinary data a couple of years ago when i stumbled onto your site.
I was trained as a course super and this ommission was very annoying. ...

Source:  Email response, from England
Date:  Fri, 6 Jul 2007 11:13:13
Subject:  [critics of Scientology]

Hi Michel
My name is J... and I have noticed your website the first time when browsing the web and the second time from Wikipedia. I highly value your work as I have recognised that you, and probably Bernie (see, are about the only true critics of Scientology. Many others, on the web, pretend to be Critics but are actually nothing less than garden-variety anti-Scientologists.
Now a true critic would not criticise just for the sake of criticisms. He would criticise if there there is real ground for criticisms. ...

Source:  Posted on a Scientology forum on the Internet
Date:  28th May 2007, 05:47 PM
Name of thread:  Analysis of Church writings

I spent all weekend reading a very nice site of a Scientologist.
I suggest critics and good standing scientologist to read it.
I enjoyed most the Disconnection topic, but the entire site is worth reading.

Source:  Follow up posting on Scientology forum
Date:  30th May 2007, 09:23 AM
Name of thread:  Analysis of Church writings

The web site I referred is analyzing the issuance of HCOB/HCOPLs and point out that latest HCOB/PL may not have been written nor authorized by LRH, in other words controversial issues like ‘disconnection (’ and ‘heavy ethics’ ( may have been originated by someone else (guess who?) and issued under LRH name.
What I like about this site is that it does not give you conclusions nor bypassed charge, just investigate facts.

[the website addresses have since moved to]

Source:  Email response, from Italy
Date:  Wed, 23 May 2007 09:58:07
Subject:  Thank you

Thank you for sharing your very good analysis of Scientology texts.
I higly appreciate your work.

Source:  Follow up email response
Date:  Thu, 24 May 2007 01:48:21
Subject:  wow!

Well, I just now finished reading the Scientology - Disconnection section of your website.
I thing you got the point very much.
I want to tell you my story. ...
Again, thank you very much for your good work and for sharing it.

Source:  Email response, from India
Date:  Thu, 22 Mar 2007 22:48:45
Subject:  Thanks for your info

I am very happy to see your home page, very informative. I had the fortune of meeting J. Krishnamurthi at the Rishi Valley school in Karnataka India. I am equally thrilled to read about Ron and Corelli.
Regards, T...

Source:  Follow up email response
Date:  Wed, 28 Mar 2007 22:44:07

Yes, I came to know about scientology only through your homepage. In fact I lived for a short while in Los Angeles last year and this year also I have planned to go, I passed thru Ron Hubbard Way, I did not know why that road has been named after him.
Now I know about his greatness, and I also quite often visit and I am very happy to see your profound insight into the religious and philosophical lives of these great men like JK and LRH.
All the best for your interest in the subject and thank you for sharing your knowledge through internet.
Thanks, T...
Flautist, Kanjira Player and Violinist, India

(JK = Jiddu Krishnamurti, LRH = L. Ron Hubbard)

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Wed, 16 May 2007 23:15:35
Subject:  [your website]

Dear Michel, You are an interesting guy. I like your work in setting up these pages. I myself have been a Scientologist 27 years. ... Anyway i'm just a little way into your site, very good! How long were you in for? Are you still in? Regards. G...

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Thu, 08 Mar 2007 17:17:28
Subject:  Re: New page released - Golden Age of Tech

hEY Michel
VWD (as usual) !!!!!! Thanks for notifying me. I have a quote where LRH talks about burying a new technique in a tomb, and he "thot that would be a good joke" which I always post when somebody talks about the tech vault, and a couple about the GOAT too, if yu want me to send em.

(VWD = Very Well Done)
Source:  Email response, from Canada
Date:  Wed, 17 Jan 2007 11:56:37
Subject:  Re: Michael, are you still researching LRH?

Okay, thanks, just thought I would ask. Your LRH HCOB and HCOPL pages are a big help to me in finishing up my Doubt Formula, thanks.

Source:  Email response, from Switserland
Date:  Thu, 11 Jan 2007 08:19:57
Subject:  non-ex

Hi Michael,
I read a lot from your homepage and the newest was
Thats fantastic what you are researching!
My research went in similar direction and was published on
[site address]
The newest in
[site address]
Can you read German?
There is not yet much translated into english.

(Non-E = Non-Existence, a phrase commonly used by Scientologists to introduce themselves, you tell what you want, and you tell what you can offer)

Go back In the year 2006

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Tue, 19 Dec 2006 09:19:45
Subject:  freeloaders

Dear Michel,
Your research pages on LRH policy are very informative. I appreciate your “just the facts” approach and the care you have given to the details. I am involved in a resolution of the issue of “freeloader bills” among others and attempting to get this thing sorted out and back to the intention Mr. Hubbard had on the subject. ...
If you can help me out I thank you. J...

What a fabulous web site!
Thanks for sharing.
It is wonderful that someone took so much time and effort to document and explain this to others. What a wonderful gift!

Source:  Posted on a forum on the Internet
Date:  Sun, 17 Dec 2006
Subject:  [your website]

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Sun, 17 Dec 2006 01:05:06
Subject:  Key to life

Hello Michel;
I just started reading your website and am learning alot. It is very very interesting. I am on the KTL pages. ... arc, R...

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Sat, 16 Dec 2006 13:59:59
Subject:  [your website]

Well written answers!
I like what you have done here!


Source:  Email response, from Switserland
Date:  Mon, 25 Sep 2006 04:16:55
Subject:  I have a concern

Nice site, Michael. You speak German too? Regards, P...

Source:  Email response
Date:  Wed, 26 Jul 2006 00:32:50
Subject:  [freeloaders]

Dear Michel,
I have just discovered your most interesting web site.
In particular I am fascinated by your research on freeloaders. I was declared a freeloader after I had to come off staff because I became physically ill. I fully intended to go back on staff but the illness just dragged on & on so after about 9 months of not getting any better I decided to “do the standard thing” and route off staff.
Things got incredibly complicated! A big understatement.
Anyway it's a very long story. ...
Look forward to hearing back from you.
I like your site!
Warm regards

Source:  Email response, from Germany
Date:  Tue, 13 Jun 2006 11:03:47
Subject:  Re: Standard Tech

Dear Michel,
Thanks for your feedback. Of course I took a look at your site - and immediately you stole an hour of my time, and I haven't even read a small part of it. Great! What a thorough study. This is the kind of work we need to one day really find out about the truth of the publicational track - what is LRH, what has been written on his orders, and what was simply “somebody” who created it out of whim or malice intent? Actually what I read on your page did not contain any completely new viewpoint for me, but rather validated my stable data or gave some more precise proof to different points. I guess you won't mind if I put a link to your page on mine?
Once again, very well done.
What is the story that lead you to spend so much time and effort in researching the background of the alter-is and the take-over in the Church of Scientology? I also wonder whether you as somebody who is deeply devoted to such a subject are still active on your own bridge, be it in the Free Zone or in the Church? If you like to, I would be interested to find out more about you as a person, as we seem to have some common interests...

  Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Mon, 13 Mar 2006 00:11:33
Subject:  [Religious shunning]

Dear Michel,
... I have looked over your website and see that you've done a very thorough study of a number of different areas. Regarding your analysis of ‘disconnection’ I can think of one thing you have left out. That is “The Way to Happiness” which is actually LRH's last word on this subject. ...

[The matters discussed with this person urged me to make some changes]

Source:  Email response from later date
Date:  Fri, 14 Apr 2006 13:30:17
Subject:  Re: Disconnection moved to separate page

Dear Michel & K...,
Michel, this is really excellent! I'll urge my husband, K..., to put this link up on the ... website. It makes it much easier now that the disconnection information is so easy to access. ...

Go back In the year 2005

Source:  Email response, from USA
Sent:  Thu, 3 Nov 2005 22:40:05
Subject:  Your website - very informative!

Hi Michel,
I received an email about a site now selling specifically the pre-1976
World Book Dictionary (
that pointed also to your site. Just wanted to say it is an excellent
site, very informative, and presents a lot of useful data for someone
who is looking at the situation of the Church. ...

Source:  Follow up email response
Sent:  Fri, 4 Nov 2005 14:03:30
Subject:  Re: Your website - very informative!

Hi Michel,
... I visited your site based on the recommendation in the email - and I thought I'd seen every site on Scn on the Internet, but somehow hadn't seen this, and it was one of the best I've ever seen. I sent it right away to a few friends. ...
Also, your attention to history is wonderful. I studied history and have written about history; my focus has been the history of progressive social movements. In this context, the importance of original documents cannot be overstated. And something that is so rational about the issuance of HCOBs and PLs is that by the notations of R, RA, RB, you can pull originals, and when the mimeo issues are used, the use of different typefaces to indicate revisions give every single document a deep sense of history. This is so tied into the idea that “if it isn't written, it isn't true.” Scientologists can have confidence in what is written partially because of this - you can make sure what is written is accurate and authentic. Following the history of a particular issue can be so instructive - I've certainly found it to be, and the extensive treatment you provide here is invaluable. ...
C... :)

Source:  Follow up email response
Sent:  Mon, 7 Nov 2005 04:18:47
Subject:  Re: Suppressive Persons and declares

Hi Michel,
... I think sites like yours are very good for Scientologists and the Church for a few reasons - of course because they address extant issues, but more than that, they do not provoke negative or nattery *criticism*, in fact it does quite the opposite, people already think about these issues and go through a lot of confusion and doubt about whether they should think or talk about them - seeing your site is instead a message that “we can talk about these issues and we can fix them where outpoints exist.” It builds confidence. ...

Source:  Email response, from Pakistan
Date:  Sun, 25 Sep 2005 22:08:42
Subject:  Re: Lots of things ...

... I have not much of an opportunity to go on line and read your webpages but from the little I did look through fantastic stuff man your definitely doing an ace job. So keep up the good work and do let me know if I can be of any assistance to you in whatever way.
Thank you very much.

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Sat, 17 Sep 2005 14:59:26

Dear Michel,
I wonder how many hours research and writing you have put in your quite impressive website. You don't shy away to go in the smallest details to get your point across. We Scientologists want Scientology written by L. Ron Hubbard and nobody else because we know him as our friend and a researcher like no other. Therefore, any effort by you trying to get on the button of what are his originals, and what not, is highly appreciated.
I noticed however that your website is nothing for a quick read. Dictionary and especially the demokit is a must in order to follow you on your discovery journey.
In Ron's sense, who said that the truth will come out always, I remain with best regards,

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Thu, 18 Aug 2005 19:01:29
Subject:  Your FreeLoader page.

Whoever you are, I THANK YOU! :) Myself and my husband were Class V Org Staff Members for 3 dedicated years and we gave EVERY OUNCE of our blood,sweat,tears,soul,money,time,intention,etc to COS and we're stuck with huge F/L bills!
I will study your F/L page in more detail, but wanted to thank you SO much, I've ALWAYS thought LRH didn't write enough on the subject or that maybe P/L's were altered.

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Mon, 4 Jul 2005 15:01:39
Subject:  Hello & Regarding your site

Hi Michel,
Just spent a bit of time looking thru your site, specifically the pages you have devoted to Scientology. You have done quite a good job of researching and presenting much of the data you have. The depth and detail are much greater than one finds usually on the internet.
I wanted to ask if you are in fact a Scientologist, specifically are you in good standing with the Church and are you active and affiliated with the Church of Scientology. (i.e. are you declared or disavowed or operating independently of the official church.)
The reason why I ask you this directly is that I would in fact like to have further communication with you. I have some input regarding a few matters, but at this time I am not willing to be in open communication with you if you are not in good standing. I am still affiliated with the Church and am on-lines and wish for now to keep it that way. But I do need to know really what your “official” standing is. (Just so I know up front please.) I would also like to know what your training level is and if you have any previous staff experience. (Seriously not intended as an interrogation! I am actually just curious on these last points.)
I have been in Scn since 1988 and have a fair bit of previous staff experience (I am a tech trained (both pre and post GAT) and have been very active in Scn since I walked thru the door. I have done a good amount of research very similar to yours but in different matters, many of a technical nature. Thus your site was very appealing to me and I appreciate the time and effort you have put into this.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Fri, 3 Jun 2005 12:44:25
Subject:  Found your site

Hi there.
I was searching LRH on google, and found your site.
I'm very happy I did. I've told all my friends about it already.  ...
Your site is very balanced and sane, and full of useful information and observations and viewpoints.  ...

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Fri, 3 Jun 2005 00:29:09
Subject:  Your website

Thank you for the work that you have done, the passion and intrigue you have followed in putting your thoughts to bytes. (Not paper anymore, but electronic bits and bytes.) Anyway, it is good to see some sanity reign in this arena.
I have seen too many who do not apply simple basics of critical analysis, i.e. a proper data evaluation. And as you've stated, many find that data which supports their belief windows, their paradigms. And they find that which destroys others' belief systems. As you state at the end of one of your pages, “What is important though, is what you do with the information. Don't let anyone tell you what is true for you!”
As a Class VIII C/S and long-term staff member quite familiar with the OEC policy and Scientology for 30 years, I just wanted to pass along some theta acknowledgement. So thanks.

Source:  Email response, from Denmark
Date:  Wed, 16 Mar 2005 23:31:50
Subject:  Re: Your website

Hi Michel,
I just visited your site, the part about freeloaders. Great stuff well compiled and put in perspective. Well done! I have put a link to your site on my site ...
Hope you are doing well. Are you on the Bridge for the moment?

Source:  Email response from a later date
Date:  Mon, 27 Nov 2006 01:24:25
Subject:  Provisional release of David Mayo pages

Hi Michel,
Thanks for your posting about David Mayo. ...
Anyhow, well done for your work and let me know when you are ready for realease
[sic], then I would like to link to it.

Source:  Email response from a later date
Date:  Wed, 29 Nov 2006 15:42:24
Subject:  SV: Provisional release of David Mayo pages

Super, thank you Michel!

Source:  Email response, from USA
Sent:  Tue, 22 Feb 2005 03:41:24
Subject:  Mimeo

Hi Michel,
I am rather intrigued by your knowledge of Mimeo Issues. You and I share a common reality here. Just need to know if you are in good standing before I develop the comm line. I am currently on Staff as a staff auditor in New York and I have 17 years of advanced Mimeo experience under my belt. ...

Nevertheless, I am so intrigued and thought I was the only one on the planet to know of the 1991 HCO Admin Letter examples that you mention here and there and of course you would also know the one HCO Admin Letter that cleaned House the most which is HCO Admin Letter of 21 September 1991 Cancellation of Issues.
Just let me know that all is cool on your end. I did look at your site and haven't seen any reference to negative sites and that's cool and an acknowledging you for the obvious love of Mimeo issues.
Darren Desepoli

Source:  Email response from a later date
Sent:  Fri, 10 Jun 2005 20:56:57
Subject:  New page out

Hi Michel,
You are a total competent thetan! This new page is truly awesome. Your comparison of our basic Scientology principles to various religious proverbs etc., is totally creative, and original to say the least.
As far as eating it - um very delicious!
And all of your pages have been extremely helpful to me especially the Suppressive Acts chrono page, Ex-staff and free loader page etc as I've lived through and observed these issues coming into Mimeo FLB in their updated formats.
Darren Desepoli

[ps. later this person wrote a commendation on me (pop-up window)]

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Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Tue, 15 Jun 2004
Subject:  About ‘fair game’, ‘disconnection policy’, etc..

Thank you for taking the time to research, compile and host this informative site. You've pointed out some interesting and significant ambiguities in the two policies which have perhaps contributed most to CoS's overall negative reputation and general bad karma, especially the disconnect policy, which has been the source of tremendous loss, grief and upset. You might also want to research what LRH said about ethics vs. justice, and how this might apply to a Scientologist who is connected to a clam, I mean a Kike, I mean a nigger, I mean a goon, I mean a wop, I mean a Chink, I mean an SP (sorry, it's hard to keep the verses straight while singing the same tune. [You get the idea.]).
Ethics is considered a personal matter, and if an individuals' personal conduct/contacts is not doing harm to the group then there should exist no need for justice actions, particularly when the justice action would cause far more harm than good, both to the individual and the group, which enforced disconnection achieves more often than not. In other words, it should be the individuals' decision whom they are, or are not, connected to, which is the norm for about age three on up. Soooo BIG!!! (arms held high). If one such connection is that of a declared SP, then said connection should be able to continue unimpeded by outside influences, left up to the personal decision/self-determinism of the individuals involved.
Of course, the other side of this equation is that the declared SP should be respectful enough of the Scientologist and their beliefs to not harangue them, as well as valuing the contact more than valuing the need to impose their negative views on Scientology, which may well fizzle to a dull thud over time. To do otherwise could serve as the flip side of the MAA's role. The idea is to practice the ‘Live and Let Live’ policy, and can be quite effective toward peacefully co-existing with loved ones whom we desire to have in our lives.
I sincerely hope the day comes when the practice of enforced disconnection within CoS and elsewhere is all but released and falls away.
Source:  Email response, from Netherlands
Date:  Sat, 5 Jun 2004 23:20:47
Subject:  [suppressive acts & disconnection]

Hi Michel,
just read your dissertation on the development of the Suppressive Acts - Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists Policyletter this is superbly done, for the insider. I had a cog
[nition] on the 10 august vs the original cancellation of ‘disconnection’ as a condition. It think it is the first time I really get what this means. Me and my family are victims of this in fact.
I also appreciate the orders query of reference. Just great!!!! ...
I admire your thorough work!.

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Back to Main Index Mimeo background information (commendations received)

The mimeo or mimeograph section of the organization is the area where the typing, proofreading, printing took place and where the printed materials were stored. The filing area stored multiple copies of references in folders in filing cabinets that could be pulled by staff to be used for example to compile course and hat packs.

The only recommendations received at that time that I consider have any particular value are the ones that I got from Pat Brejcha the then FSO Mimeo Officer. He had been involved in the mimeograph section of the organization for very many years, and had been on staff since 1975. Prior to arriving at the Flag Land Base (FLB), Clearwater, Fl he was associated with the mimeo section at Flag Bureaux (FB) located in Los Angeles. Until 1984 the main mimeo archives were located at the FLB; the place where all the action was; but this was about to change.
Pat Brejcha told me that a mission was fired that year to bring about the move from the actual mimeo archives from FLB, Clearwater, Fl to FB, Los Angeles. Pat told me that the original plan was to accomplish this task with great care, and this included leaving a copy of each original reference in the filing cabinets. But this was not to be. People had come down from LA and then one morning they turned up with a large van at the place where the Flag mimeo archives were kept. These people entered the mimeo area and started, without any particular organization, emptying the drawers of the filing cabinets into the van. In a couple of hours this was completed, these people climbed back into the van, drove off, and left a complete mess (papers lying about everywhere). Pat had observed all this. He had come down from LA to assume the hat of Mimeo Officer for the Flag Land Base as he previously had held this position at the FB there; he was now left at Flag to take care of the mess created, one could say...
When I arrived at the scene 5 years later new archives had been sort of build up again almost entirely from so-called mimeo returns. You see, once the staff had come down to mimeo to pull their needed references, and we had those references that had been send out by the mimeo section to the staff at the base. At such time that these had served their function they were returned to the mimeo archives. The mimeo secton then sorted these papers, shredded part of these (that did not require bulk storage), and other references were re-filed into the filing cabinets. All the main communication centers at the base had this mimeo return basket. Once a week we went around and emptied these baskets.

I was stationed at Flag mimeo as a means to speed up the mimeo line towards the Freewinds ship (FRO = Freewinds Relay Office). I was chosen for this because of my background and familiarity with (old) books and papers. I started out in the offset printing area. A second (this time a 2-colour) press had been purchased recently. Later I found my way to the mimeo files and finishing area, leaving the other printer (Gavin Parrish) single-handedly running both the old presses. And indeed many improvements could be brought about in the mimeo archives. These efforts have also been acknowledged by the then CO FSO Ron Norton when he noted in the periodically issued Orders of the Day at the section:
WHITE GLOVE: This week during inspection of the AB we found the following: The Mimeo area not only passed white glove inspection but the staff there are actively upgrading their work area. Each week they are doing a small project to improve some of the mimeo space. They are COMMENDED for this and should get copies of this and put into their ethics files.”
(from FLB Orders of the Day, Vol. XXI, Issue 186, 8 Aug 89)
We were only 5 persons there, but to neither of these persons you could tell what to do or what not to do. Indeed we were an odd lot... Not so bad actually to have just these 5 persons servicing some 1,300 staff at the Flag Land Base and the ship Freewinds with needed printed materials.

Some years back (about 2002) I met up with David Kartuzinsky again, who was a frequent visitor of the mimeo area back then and who still in recent days visited the mimeo section at the Flag Land Base whenever he could. He told me that my handwriting was still found all over the files. It does seem that the product gotten lasted a while...

ETHICS 26 Jan 1989


Michel has done a very good job on the work that he does on the Mimeo lines. He has produced many many good LRH products and has definitely forward the Source comm line to the Freewinds by the work that he does. He learned to operate the offset press and now produces many products during the weeks time.
He has also done an excellent job in the work he has done in the finishing area of Mimeo. I have been on the lines for many years and by far he has produced the best quality work on the finishing lines of any thetan that has worked there.
From his work it can be seen that he cares to get a high quality product, not matter the size of the job he is willing to confront it and he does it very fast and efficient. If a table would have to be moved so that he could get his job done more efficiently he would do it no Q and A. He has also developed many ways to improve the quality of the product on the finishing lines.
This is a commendable to Michel to have such care, attention and intention in his work.
He has definitely helped the Mimeo line on creating Source issues for use.
                       Mimeo Off FSO 

  27 Sept 1989


MICHEL has been working in Mimeo for almost a year now. Since his arrival on the lines he has done numerous major improvements on the mimeo lines totally on his own origination and initiative that has greatly improved the service on this mimeo line and its establishment.

Just to name a few
He has take the bulk stock area of the Mimeo files which has been an disorganized and unestablished area and totally mock it up to get it usable. This is definitely a good product and improvement on the mimeo lines.
Michel has done some major create cycles on the Mimeo files.
He was the major contributing factor in building up the files from 30 to 70 filing cabinets full of Mimeo files. He located where unused filing cabinets were from the CF
[Central Files] establishment and got all the good ones over here and fixed up any broken ones and get all the files organized and into them so that the files were not jammed as they were due to lack of filing cabinets.
He totally organized the HCO PL files that were jammed pack and got the files all in the right order and spaced out correctly so that more stocks could be added into the files.
On his own origination he took the list of cancelled issues that were existing and made sure that each of the files that were to be cancelled were cancelled and noted what issue was cancelling them.
He does an excellent and caring job of filing. If he find an outpoint in the files he handles it there. As the files were first put together by an all hands and was really a mess and then when the FB moved out they had cadet handling the mimeo files it was a seriously bad scene.
Michel is a very good post creator. He took on the Mimeo files post actions even before he was move onto the post and create the files. He would do this from start to end of day.
[continues on next sheet]
               I had no problem with Michel's production. He was continuously there producing since the day he arrived on the lines.
In addition the to the work that was done in the files, Michel also handled the collation and stapling of the issues that came from the print shop. These is a mountainous cycle that he personally created getting the products as a finished product.
He is the fastest and caring on all the cycles that he collated and stapled. He even counts the issues as he staples them so that they could be distributed without recounting again. By far he is the fastest product getter on this line that I have ever seen on the Mimeo line.
The point with Michel is that he is the one that has created the post of Mimeo Files IC and has made this post and existence on this base and has made thousands upon thousands of products for the delivery of tech on this base and the service to the exec and staff of this base.

                                                                      Mimeo Off FSO



Affinity, Reality, Communication’. A word from the initial letters of Affinity, Reality, Communication which together equate to Understanding. It is pronounced by stating its letters, A-R-C. To Scientologists it has come to mean good feeling, love or friendliness, such as “He was in ARC with his friend.” (LRH Def. Notes)
Hubbard Standard Dianetics Course’. This was replaced in July 1978 with ‘New Era Dianetics’ (NED).
     KRC (triangle):

The upper triangle in the Scientology symbol. The points are K for knowledge, R for responsibility, and C for control. Little by little one can make anything go right by: increasing KNOWLEDGE on all dynamics, increasing RESPONSIBILITY on all dynamics, increasing CONTROL on all dynamics. (HCO PL 18 Feb 72)
     Method One Word Clearing:

1. by meter in session. A full assessment of many, many subjects is done. The auditor then takes each reading subject and clears the chain back to earlier words and or words in earlier subjects until he gets an F/N*. 2. assess, take the reading items from the best read on down and with E/S (earlier similar) pull each one to F/N. Get each word you find to F/N. There can be many F/Ns per subject. End off with a win on the subject. 3. the action taken to clean up all misunderstoods in every subject one has studied. It is done by a word clearing auditor. The result of a properly done Method One word clearing is the recovery of one's education. Abbr. M1.

Organization Executive Course’. Refers to ‘The Organization Executive Course’ volumes. See at that entry in vocabulary.
     ‘The Organization Executive Course’:
Subtitled in the 1970-74 release: ‘An Encyclopedia of Scientology Policy’. This is a series of books that contain the HCO PLs, and any references that are primarily dealing with administrative matters. They are divided up division wise. The HCO PLs are printed in green ink on white paper, and the volumes themselves come in green bindings. These books may also be referred to as the ‘green volumes’ or even ‘OEC volumes’. The ‘old green volumes’ then would refer to the 1970-74 release, the ‘new green volumes’ instead to the 1991 release. See a listing of published volumes here (pop-up window).
     PTS, PTSness:
potential trouble source’.  1. Somebody who is connected with an SP (suppressive person) who is invalidating him, his beingness, his processing, his life. (SH Spec 63, 6506C08)  2. He's here, he's way up today and he's way down tomorrow. (Establishment Officer Lecture 3, 7203C02 SO I)  3. The mechanism of PTS is environmental menace that keeps something continually keyed in. This can be a constant recurring somatic or continual, recurring pressure or a mass. (HCOB 5 Dec 68)
     Q and A:
Question and Answer’.When the term Q and A is used it means one did not get an answer to his question. It also means not getting compliance with an order but accepting something else. (HCOB 5 Dec 73)
‘LRH Technical Research and Compilations’.
     Sea Org (SO):
Short for ‘Sea Organization’. This is the senior organization within the Church of Scientology that see to it that Advanced Organizations (AOs) and the Class IV-V organizations do function well. They send out so-called missions if there are indications or if they find that improvement or corrections are called for. They also provide for dissemination and other programs that the Scientology organizations are to comply with. Missions may be send out to implement these and instruct the organizations.
Sea Org(anization)’. See at that entry in vocabulary.
Short for ‘suppressive person’.
1. The living unit we call, in Scientology, a thetan, that being taken from the Greek letter theta, the mathematic symbol used in Scientology to indicate the source of life and life itself. (Ability Magazine 1)  2. The person himself—not his body or his name, the physical universe, his mind, or anything else; that which is aware of being aware; the identity which is the individual. The thetan is most familiar to one and all as you. (Auditor 25 UK)

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