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The position of Scientology towards a New World Order  or
     Revelations from Ron's Journal 67 & PDC lectures

(Black Dianetics, censorship, ‘Brainwashing Manual’, etc.)
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“Beware of all routes where you have to ask for approbation and permission in order to be. ...
The only possible way that you can get any freedom is to stop asking everybody's permission to be.”
  L. Ron Hubbard            
  (from Philadelphia Doctorate Course supplementary lecture #6 “SOP Long Form Step III (cont'd): Spacation”, given on 19 Jan 53)  
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L. Ron Hubbard vs A New World Order 

On this page I assembled information found in the writings of L. Ron Hubbard somehow relating to the viewpoint of a New Word Order concept. Is it possible that various matters and happenings can have been staged in order to misrepresent and discredit the subject matter of Scientology?


  An introduction ... (and a few selections from lectures)
  ‘New World Order’ concept explained and ‘Ron's Journal 67’
  “A Story” (ca. 1952)  (‘The Golden Ball’ - A story by L. Ron Hubbard)
  ‘Philadelphia Doctorate Course’ lectures (PDC) & ‘Black Dianetics’ (1952)
  A future perspective ...
  “An International Objective” - ‘Scientology Plan for World Peace’ (1963-65)
  Who actually wrote the ‘Brainwashing Manual’? (1955)
  Censoring Scientologists and ‘Scientology On-line’ (1998- )
         (Includes:  Net Nanny filter software)

Back to Main Index An introduction ... (and a few selections from lectures)

“Neglect of this PL* has caused great hardship on staffs, has cost countless millions and made it necessary in 1970 to engage in an all-out, international effort to restore basic Scientology over the world. Within 5 years after the issue of this PL, with me off the lines, violation had almost destroyed orgs.”          LRH
(from HCO PL 7 Feb 65 “Keeping Scientology Working”)

The above quotation is part of the text added in its reissue of 15 Jun ’70. It focuses on what had happened to the organization with L. Ron Hubbard “off the lines”. There have been additional reissues in 1973 & 1980. 25 years have past since L. Ron Hubbard went “off the lines”, what can we expect to have happened since then?

While addressing the various topics and angles that in some way relate to these matters in this topic I have attempted to ask logical questions concerning these topics of which I do not have all the answers. The reader should understand very well that it is not my intent to propose any final conclusion about anything. Basically all I am doing here is drawing attention to inconsistencies found and an attempt to analyze and/or explain them. I simply put matters to the test. I challenge and see how they could be interpreted. If you have anything to add, comment, or to rectify, feel free to contact me about it!

“And as I look into the future, I see that we are handling here, material of a potential control and command over mankind which must not be permitted at any time to become the monopoly or the tool of the few to the danger and disaster of the many. ...
And I believe that the freedom of the material which we know and understand is guaranteed only by a lightness of organization, a maximum of people, good training and good, reliable, sound relay of information. And if we can do these things, we will win. But if we can't do these things, sooner or later the information which we hold will become the property of an untrustworthy few. This I am sure, because it has always happened this way. ...”          LRH
(from Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress lecture #15 “What Scientology Is Doing – Organizations, The Control & Division of Man”, given on 6 Jun 55)
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(Please note that above sound snippet is longer than the printed text that you find here above.)

“But there's something that can be substituted for total ignorance and that is false data. And false data is probably a much more effective means of denying freedom.
One of the ways of going about false data, for instance: The fellow wants to get out of the woods and there are two trails. And one trail lies much deeper into the woods and the other trail goes out on to the plain. And all you have to do is put up a sign at the crossroads and point to that trail which goes deeper into the woods and say, ‘This way lies freedom,’ you see, and you've promptly trapped a lot of people.
And that is such an easy action that when it is added to the fact that everybody is sort of mired down in their favorite fixated data, this can become quite a vicious morass. The trick is, then, to find the exact mechanics—the exact, precise mechanics which apply to all minds.
Now, the moment you have found the exact, precise mechanics which apply to all minds, you can then get a broad agreement on the situation because they override the minor data on which the people are fixated. In other words, they also would have this broader perimeter of data and they'd recognize the truth in the broader perimeter of data. But the moment that you move even a sixteenth of a millimeter sideways off of what is generally applicable to all minds, you are again into the particularities and opinions. So therefore, if you had a broad sphere of knowledge which was true, and these were all high generalities and everybody would agree with them, frankly it would be very easy to bankrupt and upset that whole operation by taking it, and by false relay—you see, bad instruction and bad relay of the material, and dropping out a datum here and a vital datum there, and substituting something or other—you eventually could then again effect a sort of a slavery out of that information.”          LRH
(from Saint Hill Special Briefing Course lecture #308, renumbered 1991: #338 “Saint Hill Service Facsimile Handling”, given on 18 Sept 63)
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“Now there've been people on the line who have put out re-written bulletins and things like that, and there is a re-written bulletin which shows just that happening. But that is bonkers! So we can assume that people who are a bit inclined to malign, knock apart and shoot the human race, and have that as their only goal, can get into Scientology and can remove things from the technical line, or pervert or alter things in the technical line, which then makes Scientology unworkable.”          LRH
(from Class VIII Course lecture #1, “An Introduction to Standard Tech” given on 24 Sept 68)
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Back to Main Index ‘New World Order’ concept explained and ‘Ron's Journal 67’

Now what is New World Order for something? If you ever read George Orwell's book “1984” you probably would have some idea about how this could be. A dark vision about totalitarian world domination controlled by some Big Brother. The basic concept is that only a few individuals would be able to rule everything on this planet, a kind of Nazi regime or police state you might say. Now this is only possible if you create some kind of central control unit, this unit then has the sole power to control, change, or do anything they would set their mind to. Any opposition would be wiped out immediately as this central control unit would control all of the military and police force and so on. This central control unit would naturally also be in total control all of the banks and its debt/interest system. This group being in control then who would look upon themselves as being the enlightened ones is often referred to as ‘The Illuminati’.

To read more about all this:
The New World Order (NWO) - An Overview (external link) (last checked: 10 Apr 2013). Additional links are found on my linkspage (separate window), for further study of the subject.

“Our enemies on this planet are less than 12 men. They are members of the Bank of England and other higher financial circles. They own and control newspaper chains and they are oddly enough directors in all the Mental Health groups in the world which have sprung up. Now these chaps are very interesting fellows. They have fantastically corrupt backgrounds, illegitimate children, government graft, a very unsavoury lot. And they apparently some time in the rather distant past had determined upon a course of action. Being in control of most of the gold supplies of the planet they entered upon a program of bringing every government to bankruptcy and under their thumb, so that no government would be able to act politically without their permission. ...
Anyway, these fellows have gotten nearly every government in the world to owe them considerable quantities of money through various chicaneries. And they control, of course, income tax, government finance.... Wilson for instance, the current Premier of England, is totally involved with these fellows and talks about nothing else actually.
They organized these mental health groups which sprang up simultaneously all over the world and anything that has mental health in it, in its name, or mental hygiene, or other things of that character, such names as that are all part of the organization which stems from these, less than a dozen really, men.”          LRH 
(from Ron's Journal 67, recorded 20 Sept 67)
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A longer quotation from this recording is found here (pop-up window).

Back to Main Index “A Story” (ca. 1952)  (‘The Golden Ball’ - A story by L. Ron Hubbard)

In the early ’50s L. Ron Hubbard wrote a short story. It was published in ‘The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology: Volume I, 1950-1952’ (1991 release). To find the story you have to open up this book and turn over the leaves till you arrive at page 285. You will find that it was simply entitled “A Story”, some exact date was not known but it was dated circa 1952. It is a rather interesting fable, you can consult it in full in the link here below (pop-up window).
    “The Golden Ball” - A story by L. Ron Hubbard (ca. 1952)
Fables told often provide us with some reflection of the reality of daily life we find ourselves in. They may teach us a lesson in form of a parable. The fables of for example Jean de La Fontaine are a good example for that.

Now, some people have proposed that ‘The Golden Ball’ tells about that what was to be the fate of L. Ron Hubbard. If there is some truth in it this would thus have been a fable of foresight. Familiarity and acquaintenance with past recorded history enables you with some certainty to predict how matters will fold out. Through history man did not change very much, it were primarily his cicrumstances and surroundings that changed. Foresight however will not always be appreciated by some people, in particular if it does not support how these people wish matters to fold out. Therefore attempts may be made to change, enervate or obscure a tale, which may be the reason we had these messages that were shared on some forum a while back. There some person got this email from a Nancy that “tells us, that ‘A Story’ was altered in a major way by RTC”:
“Wow, I am so glad you sent this to me... They have ALTERED it, BIG time..
The only copy I ever saw, was at Flag in 1980. It was in his own handwriting. He had written it in the late 50's or early 60's.
I remember what struck me was the bit about they took and imprisoned his WIFE. And I remember thinking how did he know this way back then...
(When Nancy read A Story in 1980 - Mary Sue had just been sentenced to prison.)
So, RTC has changed WIFE to Captain. And omitted the paragraph about how the man was isolated from his family and his children were treated poorly.
And then they completely omitted the ending...
Because in the ending I saw in LRH's handwriting there is justice...
and the golden balls become FREE...

“More recall...
I remember that some people got control of the golden ball for themselves. I remember that the man was kept isolated from his family, his wife went to jail, his children were not treated well.
And darkness fell across the land for a long time...
But the Ending - well that's the part I wanted to find the story for...
I do know there was a bit of a battle for control but that there was a happy ending.
And lightness and happiness won out...
The Golden balls were free in the end...

Of course these messages can not be verified for their accuracy, however I forward it here simply because it nonetheless offers some interesting views. It is presented as-is.

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Back to Main Index ‘Philadelphia Doctorate Course’ lectures (PDC) & ‘Black Dianetics’ (1952)

Go back Philadelphia Doctorate Course (PDC) - 1952-53

“Just prior to December, The Hubbard Foundation at 237 North 16th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was a buzz of activity preparing for L. Ron Hubbard's arrival by plane from London. New tile was being laid in the first floor and movie theatre seats had been purchased and repainted for the students who would be attending the lectures on the second floor.
Ron arrived in Philadelphia several days before the lectures began. The lectures were delivered three evenings and six afternoons each week. He stood behind a raised podium, facing a spotlight that was located near the ceiling in the back of the room. The lectures were illustrated by Ron using large red and black crayons on an enormous pad firmly hung on the wall behind the lecture platform.
At these lectures were many people who had heard Ron lecture often in Wichita and Phoenix but none of them, or any of the other students for that matter, were prepared for the astounding data and OT cognition's that characterized each lecture. These lectures were truly the first of their kind.”
           (from Promo sheet for the 1982 release on cassette of these PDC lectures)

PDC release 1980 Today these tape lectures still endure this same distinguished reputation. They were first released on a broad scale on reel to reel in 1972 (62 lectures on 31 reels), the lecture charts were also released in that year. A special release in neat cases was on sale in 1979. In 1980 we saw the first release on cassette tapes, now including the 14 supplementary tapes (see picture to the right). A new cassette tape release saw the light in 1982 (first time collected together in 8 binders). Issued separately from this tape set were transcripts which where specially made to fit into these binders. Almost always however this tape set is found without these transcripts. There was also another release of these transcripts available in separate binders (also released in 1982). In 1986 followed a release of these tapes on cassette in binders with new cover design, this time with transcripts already included in the set.
Then in 1991 an edited version of these tapes were released, it had again a new cover design and a much extended vocabulary. In the early 2000s a limited edition (1,000 copies) on cdrom saw the light. And a couple of years later the regular cdrom edition was released. It is clear that no other lecture series have experienced so many different releases or received so much attention as these Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures.

Go back Selections from these lectures

Now, I like to draw your attention to especially the below quotations from these lectures. The texts that appear in purple are edited out from the current versions of these tape sets for sale. Only the original reel to reel tapes and the 1980, 1982 & 1986 release of the cassette tape sets appear unedited! Starting with the 1991 cassette release these were all edited out from these tape lectures. (I have made available 3 sound snippets from these, please note that they are slightly longer than the printed text that you find below.)

“They (psychiatry) deepen one's agreement with the MEST universe. You just tell these people to face reality now. Now I'll tell you what's wrong with you, you just have not faced reality. Now you must face the reality of your problem.
The day you face the reality of this problem you will then be able – then you will be able at last to be better off. And this fellow goes into apathy and he goes further and further and further. And of course, he goes more and more under control and I am sure that the fee has nothing to do with it whatsoever.
You can get a much better fee—I tell you as auditors quite frankly—it's... it's much easier to get a great deal of money out of somebody who's on a down spiral into becoming MEST than it is to get money out of somebody who is going on an up spiral toward becoming theta.”          LRH 
(from Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture #15 “The Logics, Infinity Valued Logic”, given on 4 Dec 52)
sound  Sound snippet (0:39) 

“There is only one thing that could happen to Scientology and that is to say that it would be buried—the remedy would be buried. If it ever went out of sight, this world's done. All you've got to do is invalidate it and put it out of sight and hide it, and it'll come up in the wrong place doing the wrong thing and mankind will find itself a slave.
So anybody that knows the remedy of this subject—anybody that knows these techniques—is himself actually under a certain responsibility; that's to make sure that he doesn't remain a sole proprietor. That's all it takes; just don't remain a sole proprietor. Don't ever think that a monopoly of this subject is a safe thing to have. It's not safe. It's not safe for man; it's not safe for this universe.
This universe has long been looking for new ways to make slaves. Well, we've got some new ways to make slaves here. Let's see that none are made.” 
sound  Sound snippet (2:12) 

“Did you ever read poor old George Orwell's 1984? Yes, yes, that's wonderful. That would be—could be the palest imagined shadow of what a world would be like under the rule of the secret use of Scientology with no remedy in existence. ...
It's a very simple remedy. And that's---just make sure that the remedy is passed along. That's all. Don't hoard it, don't hold it; and if you ever do use any Black Dianetics, use it on the guy who pulled Scientology out of sight and made it so it wasn't available. Because he's the boy who would be electing himself ‘The New Order’. And we don't need any more new orders. All those orders, as far as I am concerned, have been filled.”          LRH 
(from Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture #20 “Formative State of Scientology, Definition of Logic”, given on 6 Dec 52)
sound  Sound snippet (1:52) 

Go back Some comments about tape lecture editing

Now are these removals allowed as per LRH policy?

Some people have suggested that this was done because of political reasons. But then I wonder, how could this be as Scientology is a religion and is therefore by definition would not be politically motivated nor active as such?

“I hereby declare Scientology to be nonpolitical and nonideological.
Scientology is for a free people and is itself on this date declared free of any political connection or allegiance of any kind whatever.”          LRH
(from HCO PL 14 Jun 65 III “Politics, Freedom from”)

“Nonpolitical in nature, Scientology welcomes any individual of any creed, race or nation.”          LRH   
(from “The Aims of Scientology”, Sept 1965 - published in ‘The Auditor 10’, late 1965)

Another argument is made by referring to HCO PL 5 Oct 59 “Tape and Record Production Hat” which says:
“To ensure excellent quality reproduction of voice in tape and record production. ...
Edits out all snaps, pops, coughs of audience (where possible) and LRH coughs (where possible). Cuts out any phrases which might in some way downgrade Scientology, Scientologists or Central Organizations.”          LRH

Now these edited out parts are unlikely to be “snaps, pops” or even “coughs”, but were these phrases then to “in some way downgrade Scientology, Scientologists or Central Organizations”?
In fact it has been suggested that this was the reason for these deletions. But this can be argued, it's all still a matter of opinion. Fact is that some valuable information also disappeared with them. It should be taken in consideration as well why it was decided upon such an action so very late in time, this is as late as 1991.

Go back Analysis of the tape lecture selections and some considerations

“You can get a much better fee—I tell you as auditors quite frankly—it's much easier to get a great deal of money out of somebody who's on a down spiral into becoming MEST than it is to get money out of somebody who is going on an up spiral toward becoming theta.”          LRH
(from Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture #15 “The Logics, Infinity Valued Logic”, given on 4 Dec 52)

It could be conceived that auditors would be motivated to misuse this information or technology for personal economical benefit. It would however not be very likely that properly trained auditors would do such a thing. They would realize that they would not get very far with that. Only so-called squirrels, people who alter Scientology procedures, may be urged to do so.
So, then what? Could it be that the organization itself is operating on such a scheme, and don't want people to consider this option? Well, this is what it may suggest. Fact is though that the present organization seems indeed very much involved with the subject of money.
Is this information then to “in some way downgrade Scientology, Scientologists or Central Organizations”?  Not sure how this would work though..

“Did you ever read poor old George Orwell's 1984? Yes, yes, that's wonderful. That would be—could be the palest imagined shadow of what a world would be like under the rule of the secret use of Scientology with no remedy in existence.”          LRH
(from Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture #20 “Formative State of Scientology, Definition of Logic”, given on 6 Dec 52)     

The key phrase here may be “secret use of Scientology”?  Is this then to “in some way downgrade Scientology, Scientologists or Central Organizations”? It simply lays out what would happen if Scientology knowledge would be used secretly (behind the scenes) for selfish or other questionable purposes without being able to reverse or handle the bad condition caused by it.
Would be good to know that this in fact can happen! So, then why removing it? Is someone involved in doing this then? You see, altering, editing and removing stuff, can in fact have very long-range consequences. Wasn't Scientology all about informing people about matters and how the mind works?

“..., and if you ever do use any Black Dianetics, ...”          LRH
(from Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture #20 “Formative State of Scientology, Definition of Logic”, given on 6 Dec 52)

This term “Black Dianetics” seems only having been in use during 1951/52, it appears on some tape-lecture and in some very early Scientology journals. ‘Journal of Scientology Issue 3-G’, [ca. late Sept 52] started with a series of 3 articles describing in detail what this was all about. The first part was entitled: “Danger: Black Dianetics!”. The first paragraph starts of with: “Death, insanity, aberration, or merely a slavish obedience can be efficiently effected by the use of Black Dianetics.”  LRH.
The term is used to address those practices that accomplish the opposite as what Dianetics aims to accomplish, while using the same knowledge. (see also in vocabulary at the end of this page)

The Editor of ‘Journal of Scientology Issue 5-G’, [ca. late Oct 52] tells:
    “Mr Hubbard tells how the very processes of the mind are used for man's control, when utilized by persons seeking power. By knowing how the mind works, and adapting this knowledge to his needs, man at the same time can free himself of his aberrations, his psychosomatic illnesses—even ascend to the stars.”

From ‘Journal of Scientology Issue 4-G’ [ca. early Oct 52]):
    “Thus, the first basic principle of Black Dianetics: So long as a natural phenomenon remains the knowledge of a few and is denied to the many it can be utilized to control the many.
  The first law of Dianetics which you should know is as follows: The human organism receives and records all perception while under duress and in a reduced state of consciousness.”          LRH   

From ‘Journal of Scientology Issue 5-G’, [ca. late Oct 52]):
    “Processing cleans up these old areas with resultant rise in health and sanity.
  Black Dianetics uses this mechanism to implant new compulsion.”           LRH  

Alright then could using the term “Black Dianetics” be interpreted as to “in some way downgrade Scientology, Scientologists or Central Organizations”?  Think about it...

(..., and if you ever do use any Black Dianetics), use it on the guy who pulled Scientology out of sight and made it so it wasn't available. Because he's the boy who would be electing himself ‘The New Order’. And we don't need any more new orders. All those orders, as far as I am concerned, have been filled.”          LRH
(from Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture #20 “Formative State of Scientology, Definition of Logic”, given on 6 Dec 52)

Some persons have uttered that some New Order was introduced, shortly after that L. Ron Hubbard disappeared from the lines in early 1980. It has been rumoured that the current management of the Scientology organization spearheaded by David Miscavige did exactly that.

    “Mr. David Miscavige has worked tirelessly to protect the religion. He authored the early 1980s reorganization of Church corporate and management structures.”  (from their website, external link) (last checked: 4 Sept 2019, slightly rephrased since Jan 2005).
You may compare this with what it says in ‘International Scientology News, Issue 27’, May 2004 on page 19:
    “The Establishment phase was the early 1980s when LRH established the International structure for eternity, giving us the structure from which to operate.”  
Are these in contradiction with each other?

The rumourmongers would then say that Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) –owner of the copyrights– , Religious Technology Center (RTC) –using these copyright with permission of CST– and the Church of Scientology International (CSI) were entirely new, and that during the same time the whole international line-up underwent a total reorganization, and more of such things. They would say that this could be looked upon as introducing this “The New Order”.
Also they would say that many changes in the technology itself have been introduced. L. Ron Hubbard tells us that the technology loses its workability when altered. “All you've got to do is invalidate it and put it out of sight and hide it, and it'll come up in the wrong place doing the wrong thing and mankind will find itself a slave.”  LRH  (from PDC #20)
These changes implemented in the technology could be interpreted as to have “pulled Scientology out of sight and made it so it wasn't available”, so the rumourmongers confide to us.

If this all would be correct it would also mean that L. Ron Hubbard displayed quite some foresight as the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures were given 30 years prior to these actual happenings. On the other hand if one does understand how the mind actually works, it will add to your ability to predict.

Go back Conclusion and an observation relating to copyright notices

Could it be that someone doesn't want us to have the information that these deleted paragraphs provide us, because we might get suspicious about some things and start making associations which that someone doesn't want us to make? Or is it so that these paragraphs simply are deleted as per the wishes of L. Ron Hubbard as directed by HCO PL 5 Oct 59 “Tape and Record Production Hat” ?: “Cuts out any phrases which might in some way downgrade Scientology, Scientologists or Central Organizations.”  LRH.
Or could it be that some individuals indeed have been too overzealous about this. Were they may be alarmed about seeing phrases like: “secret use of Scientology”, “Black Dianetics” or “pulled Scientology out of sight”, and simply thought “No, this is no good!” and pulled them out. Question then if this was the correct thing to do? Should they then may be return in there?

I assembled some of the possible options, you however have to figure out for yourself what is true for you...!

Noted is as well that the 1980 release carries the copyright:
  ‘Copyright © 1952, 1972, 1980
 By L. Ron Hubbard All Rights Reserved.’
On the 1986 release it said:   (first ‘Clearsound’ version)
‘Copyright © 1952, 1978, L. Ron Hubbard (USA & UK)’
On the 1991 release it became the following:
  ‘© 1952, 1978 L. Ron Hubbard © 1986 L. Ron Hubbard Library. All Rights Reserved.’

This ‘L. Ron Hubbard Library’ appears to be something new, do note that it is a different copyright name (for details see study: “The copyrights issue, licensing and related matters”, consult here, separate window). Either way that what we can conclude here is that this ‘L. Ron Hubbard Library’ was the entity that was allowing and introducing edited LRH recordings!

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Back to Main Index A future perspective ...

A foresight of perspective would have to do with actual outcome. Now how would that turn out to be in regards to these subjects of Dianetics and Scientology? People wish to overthrow, wish to have control, wish to have only their view in reach. So, will this mass of information continue to be in existence, and if so, in what form? What criteria does survival of it have to answer to?

We are facing a variety of angles here. Primarily it is about still having a workable technology, having it disseminated, gettting it into the hands of as many people as possible. There should be freedom for application. Dissemination of it would be far senior to hindering it by means of excessive outer control.

A correlation obviously can be drawn to copyrights and licensing the application of the subject matter. L. Ron Hubbard as it happens to be, did address these things to come. I would say, find out for yourself. Compare the situation of back then and now.

Consult at link here below:  (separate window)
    Snippets from “The Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress tape lecture #15 “What Scientology Is Doing – Organizations, The Control & Division of Man”, given on 6 Jun 55”.

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Back to Main Index “An International Objective” - ‘Scientology Plan for World Peace’ (1963-65)

In June 1963 a plan was proposed with this aim. Its outset was first introduced in a policy letter that was written by L. Ron Hubbard and dated 25 June AD13. As far as I know this policy letter only exists in handwritten form. It may have been printed up, but I do not have this confirmed, I find no record anywhere that it has ever been published. This policy letter was not for broad publication (limited to members of the Scientology community), the actual plan that it referred to it however could be freely distributed.

This proposed policy letter (25 June AD13) starts with saying:
“When we were attacked in January for using E-Meters I adopted for us a two part policy:
To hold the line legally and win in courts where possible but in no event to lose ground;
To speed up research by passing clear and theta clear as objectives, abandoning work on the technology that gave interim states and concentration on the attainment by auditing the state of O.T. as the best forward answer to our difficulties.”          LRH
This places expectations towards future developments of Scientology technology. Opposition had been met during these early ’60s, and a solution was attempted to be found which would handle this favourably.

The policy letter further lays out:
“We now have O.T. in direct and real sight with only a few hundred hours of actual skilled auditing intervening. This is an astonishing break through, a real by-the-boot-straps necessity level research sprint.
We are then only months away from having O.T.s, a year at the most.
No Scientologist need be told what that means.
This fact enters us upon forward planning. The trouble with O.T.s in the past has only been lack of cooperation and a commonly agreed upon objective. Without these O.T.s eventually fall prey again to smaller beings with bigger organization skill, O.T. is an unstable state only when O.T.s are not cooperating with O.T.s but each one going his own way in the strong but fatuous belief he can single-handedly survive. The proof is, O.T.s have not survived as O.T.s whenever this super individuation collided with the super organization of weaker beings. The answer is to remain organized, with mutual assistance and integrity and not lose touch with or responsibility for all levels of life forms and societies.
This means that programmes for such agreement must be offered.”          LRH

“I recommend that any action taken by any O.T. on this planet be guided by the attached programme “An International Objective”. Any public ambitions for us or Earth, any vengeful or destructive urges, any stunts or public actions should be channeled into accomplishing the attached programme.”          LRH
Amongst its aims were included “prevent atomic war and planetary chaos”.

The intent could be seen as admirable, however would it be realistic?

Then we don't hear about it anymore, not until the SHSBC lecture #375 “International City”, given on 24 Mar 64. The reasoning behind this International Objective is pretty much in detail laid out on this lecture. It is introduced as follows: “Well, today I'm going to talk to you about something entirely different than ordinarily I talk to you about here at Saint Hill. I want to talk to you about a project having to do with world peace.”.  Later in the lecture L. Ron Hubbard says:
“You would be surprised how many ideas that a—of Scientology have materialized in the world in the last few years. It's interesting. They very often get warped and twisted around in numerous ways but it's very peculiar how often this can occur. How often these things have been actually adopted.
So here's a plan, An International Objective is the name of the plan at large and the plan itself is the International City, which merely says a government of Earth.”          LRH

Same layout of the steps taken and the ideas attached to them as given in the lecture can be consulted here below:  (pop-up window)
    “Extract from lecture ‘International City’, Overview of the steps for the plan”
The remainder of this lecture is an interesting listening. A few more notices about International City are also found in SHSBC lecture #379 “Problems and solutions, given on 21 Apr 64.

An old-timer Scientologist reminisces the following when I asked him about it: “I remember International City. What I remember was that all the governments of the world were to be placed in the Sahara (which would have been made green, as it once was). Therefore if they wanted to fight each other, it would not damage their populations. What I remember was that when I joined staff at Saint Hill in August 1964 (or perhaps afterwards - I cant be sure off hand) I found in a cupboard in the basement where I worked, a number of the World Government pamphlets.”.

This plan appears to have been distributed as we see the following notices in ‘What Is Scientology? (1978 edition)’, page 313:
“A Plan for World Peace, by L. Ron Hubbard, published by Scientology Publications, Ltd, Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex, England, 1964.”
It is made available only as far as I know through the periodical Ability with the following notice:
  by L. Ron Hubbard
ten or more
25 c
10 c”
We find this in ‘Ability 166’, Dec 64, ‘Ability 167’, Jan 65 and ‘Ability 169’, Mar 65. Then we don't hear about it at all anymore. At present it is rather hard to get an actual copy of this published plan. You can consult it here below:  (pop-up window)
    ‘Scientology:  Plan for World Peace’ (1964, pamphlet)

It appears to have been abandoned. Things may not have been feasible or realistic. After all certain expectations had been attached to the condition of OT and the things it could create. And there may very well not have been the expectation that it physically would happen, which the lecture International City hints at, nonetheless it proposes an interesting concept and it stimulated people to consider some things, and get a communication started. Later in February 1966 L. Ron Hubbard was looking for a place to create an OT base. He went to Rhodesia (see SHSBC tape lecture #432 “About Rhodesia”, given on 19 July 1966). Further developments and discoveries went into the direction of OT III. It made him go out to sea with the ship christened Apollo. He says on Ron's Journal 67 (recorded 20 Sept 67): “I formed the Sea Organization of OTs in order to have an area where a Scientologist could come, who could safely then walk through this last wall of fire.”  LRH.  A safe environment had to be created. Things may simply not have been that easy as thought at forehand.
In that respect it will be interesting to listen to this Ron's Journal 67 as it does relate about various findings, and it may explain why such a plan would have been deemed to a failure (see first chapter on this page “‘New World Order’ concept explained and ‘Ron's Journal 67’” for sound excerpt, and relevant part of transcript).

Today we face various developments on our planet. One of the speakers with a critical view about these matters is David Icke. He is regarded by various people to be not ‘sound of mind’. However the things he has forecasted that would happen already 15 years ago, are confirmed to be actually happening today. We are for instance facing many natural disasters world wide, and it does not look like they are going to stop. Also the happening of the 911 incidence with the twin towers disaster in US has in essence been predicted. I give no personal opinion about these matters here. Various relating can be researched from my link collection, consult here (separate window).

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Back to Main Index Who actually wrote the ‘Brainwashing Manual’? (1955)

There is this book which is referred to as the ‘Brainwashing Manual’ or sometimes even as ‘L. Ron Hubbard's Brainwashing Manual’. The word manual seems to indicate as if this can be used as a means or some kind of instructions how you will go about it if you are to brainwash people. This is a claim made mostly by those critics that have condemned Scientology all together. This publication is said to have been written by L. Ron Hubbard and they may then say something like: “L. Ron Hubbard incorporated brainwashing techniques into Scientology to put people under his control. He wrote this ‘brainwashing manual’ which is still in use today.” or something along these lines. Well, there are some illogics involved in this statement.

Alright, if you actually get a hold of a copy of the original publication you will find it carrying the title: ‘Brain-Washing; A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics’. Underneath this title (on the front cover) we read:
“PSYCHOPOLITICS—the art and science of asserting and maintaining dominion over the thoughs and loyalties of individuals, officers, bureaus, and masses, and the effecting of the conquest of enemy nations through ‘mental healing.’”

There is no indication found anywhere in the whole booklet (64 pages) that this was written by or shows any involvement whatsoever of L. Ron Hubbard. On the back of the booklet it says in large text:
One has to understand and know that there existed a whole variety of such “PUBLISHED AS A PUBLIC SERVICE” publications, various of these are listed in ‘What Is Scientology?’ (1978 edition). All these other publications however are not being attributed to have been written by L. Ron Hubbard by those same critics of Scientology, but this particular book persistently is, now why would that be? Some may point out that the word ‘thinkingness’ appears in the little writing, which word is especially used within Scientology, and therefore L. Ron Hubbard must have written it. I believe we have various other options here as well. L. Ron Hubbard would not have been the only one using the word even within Scientology, now would it?

Page 1 gives us an “EDITORIAL NOTE” which is signed at the bottom: “CHARLES STICKLEY, New York City, 1955.”, and this person appears to be the compiler of this publication. This Editorial Note will speak for itself and you can read this in full here (pop-up window). Reading this is adviced.
I even got confronted once with the argument that a search on the Internet did not turn up with a Professor Charles Stickley, and therefore he did not exist, and therefore L. Ron Hubbard must have written it using a fictitious (non-existing) pseudonym. Well, you people make up your mind about this kind of logic...

The reality may be is that we have no reason to actually believe this having been written by L. Ron Hubbard himself from scratch. In fact authorship has repeatedly been claimed by one Kenneth Goff. He also published his version of the little book at a early date. It is unsure exactly when it was published as it is undated. For this reason it is hard to establish which got released first. The Goff edition is believed however to have been released already may be late ’30s or early ’40s.

Coinciding with the various problems that the Church of Scientology endured in January 1963 from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) we see the release of a reprint of the manual. It carries a different Editorial Note and names Kenneth Goff. It is advertised in ‘Ability 148’, Apr 63 as follows:
“Now, by arrangement with the publishers

eyes looking
eyes looking
This is actually the ‘Communist Manual of Instructions of Psychopolitical Warfare’ which was discovered in use by Communist agents operating in the United States.
The following is a portion of the ‘Editorial note’ taken from the text:
         ‘on the following pages you will read a synthesis of the Communist Manual of Instructions of Psychopolitical Warfare. This is the art of applying psychology to politics. Testimony, under oath, of Mr. Kenneth Goff, before the House Un-American Committee (1) tells of this manual being used as a textbook not only in the Soviet Union, but right here in the United States ......’         
We urge you to acquire and read a copy of this book. It will serve to educate you in the tactics of the enemy as well as to alert you to the dangers of these tactics to America.”

It is quite clear from these notices that it was issued to expose certain things and make people aware of them.

It seems clear why critics of Scientology attribute this particular publication to have been written by L. Ron Hubbard. You just ignore what it says in this Editorial Note, you ignore also the fact that there existed quite a few publications from the ’50s/’60s published by the Church of Scientology or “PUBLISHED AS A PUBLIC SERVICE” which were not written by L. Ron Hubbard. You then get out this message of: “Well guys, L. Ron Hubbard wrote this. Now you people know what Scientology is all about!”. To me this kind of logic seems to sort of feeble-minded, anyway the tool used here is ‘associate’. It doesn't matter if there is no actual relation, you just make it up, and say that there is a relation, and you give a direction of how you want people to interprete it. You will find this little publication spread all over the Internet, usually as an so-called E-book, which is just a transcript of the original publication. The ones that I have checked in fact include this Editorial Note, but they may have omitted the text found at the back of the booklet (quoted earlier in this little chapter).

So did L. Ron Hubbard write this? I relate here from “The Turn of the Tide”, Operational Bulletin # 9, 19 Dec 55, section entitled: “Brainwashing Manual History”:
“In our studies of brainwashing it has been necessary to procure what information existed on the subject. Fortuitously, in Phoenix there came into our hands two manuscripts on the subject; as well as I can recollect, they were left there at the front desk with the request that they be mailed back to their owner. We are not sure exactly from whom these came, but we understand now that this is unimportant since the subject is broadly rather well known in a book on Psychopolitics. It is to be found in the Library of Congress. It is in German, but we suppose it is the same manual. As we needed this material for research, we read it off onto a tape, compiling the two manuals and removing from them some of their very verbose nomenclature, substituting for it more common English terms, and we have had a few copies of this struck off for use in our research.”          LRH

There appear to exist a whole variety of prints of this. The Scientology release (1955) may or may not have been the first one (unverified as yet as some supposed earlier prints by others are not dated). Various later prints may include a foreword and additional background information. Either way I have not ever seen this manual in use by, or in the hand of any Scientologist preparing/planning to brainwash some! The problem is also that if you are to brainwash people you do not disclose any possible techniques that you can use to accomplish such a purpose! If you know how the tricks work, it may be much harder to get some people under your control. So, why exposing these tricks if you intend to get people under your control?

“Thus, the first basic principle of Black Dianetics: So long as a natural phenomenon remains the knowledge of a few and is denied to the many it can be utilized to control the many.”          LRH
(from ‘Journal of Scientology Issue 4-G’, [ca. early Oct 52])

“Mr Hubbard tells how the very processes of the mind are used for man's control, when utilized by persons seeking power. By knowing how the mind works, and adapting this knowledge to his needs, man at the same time can free himself of his aberrations, his psychosomatic illnesses—even ascend to the stars.”
(from the Editor of ‘Journal of Scientology Issue 5-G’, [ca. late Oct 52])

It would be rather logical that if you intend to unriddle the mystery of man, that you have to study any method of how he may have gotten ‘riddled’ in the first place. It appears to be all about the purpose that you have... so, then what could be the actual purpose of those making such unsubstantiated statements in regards to this ‘Brainwashing Manual’ discrediting the subject of Scientology?

Related reading material is found in previous chapter entitled: “‘Philadelphia Doctorate Course’ Lectures (PDC) & ‘Black Dianetics’”.

“This universe has long been looking for new ways to make slaves. Well, we've got some new ways to make slaves here. Let's see that none are made.”          LRH
(from Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture #20 “Formative State of Scientology, Definition of Logic”, given on 6 Dec 52

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Back to Main Index Censoring Scientologists and ‘Scientology On-line’ (1998- )
(Includes:  Net Nanny filter software)

Some time during 1998 I heard about some initiative from the Church of Scientology that would enable you to create your own homepage. This could be done in a very easy way so I was told. I was informed that you could get such packages at the local organization, giving exact instructions how to go about this complete with a cdrom with templates for building your website. I was already pretty much involved with making my own websites, but I was curious about what all this was about. I looked at the material and found that not so very much options were given. The layout of those pages were the same for all. The only distinction you had was that you could choose among various examples of backgrounds, colours and picture of L. Ron Hubbard. Your favourite LRH quotation you could pick yourself. Then you would tell something about yourself, how you got into Scientology, your favourite surflinks, and that was pretty much it. It provided for a very simple layout that gave not much space for own creativity.
You may look at all these homepages and determine for yourself. The original domain for this was:
Later they also appeared here:  (external links) (last checked: 17 Mar 2015).
(Mind that at least since Sept 2019 both these addresses will redirect you to

In the package with the cdrom there was also a letter of agreement that layed out various rules one had to comply with. Rules that were rather stiff and demanding.

This following may exert a little bit too much control:
“(5) comply immediately and completely with any and all changes that CSI* may require in the Web site, including termination of use of the Marks and the Works if required by CSI;”

Net Nanny filter software

And then there was this:
“(6) agree to use the specific Internet Filter Program that CSI has provided to you which allows you freedom to view other sites on Dianetics, Scientology or its principals without threat of accessing sites deemed to be using the Marks or Works in an unauthorized fashion or deemed to be improper or discreditable to the Scientology religion;”

You may consult the full text of this letter of agreement here (pop-up window).

When you signed this letter of agreement you did agree to install some Internet Filter Program on your computer. This would mean that when you signed this that you would basically submit yourself to let someone else decide for you what is “improper or discreditable to the Scientology religion”, this in regards to the Internet. It thus meant you submitted to being controlled. Now, what does this all have to do with that homepage? And what does this have to do with Scientology? For some time now we were having these campaigns with the slogan: ‘Think for Yourself’, how are we going to do that if we are being restricted in our access of information? And whatever happened with:
“To work for freedom of speech in the world.”         LRH
(from HCO PL 5 Feb 69 “Code of a Scientologist”)

The thing is that in some cases it may very well be convenient to avoid being faced with undesirable information on the Internet, but on the other hand this filter program controlling this may very well stop you from acquiring factual information which you were actually looking for. A filter program does consist of search words, and words may have different meanings, and they also may be used in different contexts. For example I am using a filter program for my emails to counter spam. Such a program provide for various default settings. I still run very quickly over these and then I do find at times emails there which were not meant to blocked! This especially gets troublesome if you communicate through emails in a variety of languages as I do.
Another problem has been that the filter program was banning whole web domains. Including various web domains that were hosting lots of individual websites. None of these websites could then be reached. There have been various complaints that people could not even visit their own website on-line. I found that I was actually one of them when I tested the software, this was prior to me having my own web domain. Instead of banning the individual website addresses that contained information that the Church of Scientology did not approve of, they frequently thus chose to ban the whole web domain. And this of course is easier in particular if you have several critical websites listed on the same web domain. And yes the code of the software has been cracked by computer programmers, lists of the websites and domains banned appear at various places out on the Internet.

This whole Scientology homepage adventure appears to have been instigated on 13 Mar 1998, at this L. Ron Hubbard Birthday Celebration event held in Los Angeles. Mark Ingber, a Church of Scientology official, announced that Scientologists would be given an opportunity to sell Scientology books and recruit for Scientology through promotional websites. To be allowed to put up one of these websites, you then had to sign this letter of agreement and thus ... install that software on your computer.

Sometime later I received an email that was addressed to these Field Staff Members On-Line (these parishioners having these homepages). Attached to this email one received these 2 filter software programs: setup.exe and clean.exe. This whole email message spoke about these 2 filters.
The setup.exe filter was for the Internet surfing, clean.exe was called the ‘CleanMail’ filter.

I still didn't know though what these had to do with these homepages? Anyway you were reminded of that agreement you had signed, and you were urged (or rather ordered) to reinstall the updated version of the filters. After all you had already submitted to that, and you also had to confirm that you had done so:
“So follow the installation instructions at the end of this email message in order to install the filter software and then email me back letting me know that you have done so.”   
Again one gets the feeling that something wants to enforce control ...

You may consult the whole email message here (pop-up window).

The last years I haven't heard anything about this anymore. The above message was actually the last thing I ever received about this. It was not given any attention anymore, although one could still download these filterprograms on this website. (last checked: 17 Mar 2015)  For addresses see at end of the email message.

Legal notice

The website used to have a legal page (location: that laid out the terms of use. It read:
  CSI may terminate User’s access, or suspend any User's access to all or part of this site without notice, for any conduct that CSI, in its sole discretion, believes is in violation of any applicable law or is harmful to the interests of another User, a third-party Provider, a service provider or CSI.”
This text you would have found there at least until 2004. Today the text has been rephrased, consult here, external link. (last checked: 10 Apr 2013)

I would like to note here that these Scientology individual webpages obviously aim at dissemination purposes, no fair use is made of any copyrighted work: “The fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.”
US Code Collection: Title 17, Chapter 1, Sec. 107. - Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use & Notes (external links) (last checked: 10 Apr 2013)

Naturally if you would be owning some copyright you have to be precautious about some things.



     ..R, ..RA, ..RB (etc) or #R, #RA (etc):
For example: ‘HCO PL 24 Sept 70R’ & ‘HCO PL 24 Sept 70RA, etc. The given date denotes the first time it has been published in issue-form. The R, RA indication may also follow after an issue-number. The R stands for ‘Revision’ and would refer to that it has been revised since it was first published. If it is revised a 2nd time it is indicated as RA, a 3rd time RB, then RC, and so on.
After Dianetics ..’. The main book ‘Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health’ was first published in 1950. Therefore for example AD8, AD12, and AD29 would respectively give the years 1958, 1962 and 1979.
     audit, auditing, auditor:
The application of Scientology processes and procedures to someone by a trained auditor (listener). The goal of the auditor is to make the receiver of the auditing look at incidents and reduce the mental charge which may lay upon them. The auditor may not evaluate and has to adhere to the Auditor's code.
     Black Dianetics:
1. Hypnotism. (5109C17A)  2. There are those who, to control, resort to narcotism, suggestion, gossip, slander–the thousands of overt and covert ways that can be classified as Black Dianetics. (Journal of Scientology Issue 3-G, Sept. 1952, Danger: Black Dianetics!)
Church of Scientology International’. A senior level within the Church of Scientology.
     HCO (Division):
Hubbard Communications Office’. It's in charge of the org boards, personnel, hatting and communication lines. HCO builds, holds, maintains, mans and controls the organization. It's in charge of inspection and it's in charge of ethics. Has the say on all copyrights and trademarks, rights of materials and the issuance of publications.
    HCO PL:
Hubbard Communication Office Policy Letter’. Color flash–green ink on white paper. Written by LRH only, but only so starting from January 1974. These are the organizational and administrative issue line. For more information go here (separate window).
An usual abbreviation for ‘L. Ron Hubbard’.
A coined word, meaning matter, energy, space and time, the physical universe. All physical phenomena may be considered as energy operating in space and time. The movement of matter or energy in time is the measure of space. All things are mest except theta.
     Operating Thetan (OT):
1. Willing and knowing cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space and time. And that would of course be mind and that would of course be universe. (SH Spec 80, 6609C08)  2. An individual who could operate totally independently of his body whether he had one or didn't have one. He's now himself, he's not dependent on the universe around him. (SH Spec 66, 6509C09)  3. A being at cause over matter, energy, space, time, form and life. Operating comes from “able to operate without dependency on things” and thetan is the Greek letter theta (θ), which the Greeks used to represent “thought” or perhaps “spirit” to which an “n” is added to make a new noun in the modern style used to create words in engineering. (Book of Case Remedies, p. 10)
Short for ‘Operating Thetan’. See at that entry in vocabulary.
Short for ‘organization(s)’.
    P/L or PL:
‘HCO PL’. See at that entry in vocabulary.
Religious Technology Center’. The highest echelon within the Church of Scientology.
     Saint Hill Special Briefing Course (SHSBC):
This was a course delivered by L. Ron Hubbard at Saint Hill, England during 1961-66 and comprises of 447 lectures. Its result is a very adept auditor and thorough know-how of Scientology itself. The materials are studied in chronological sequence so as to fully understand the development of the technology. This will make you a Class VI Auditor.
Saint Hill Special Briefing Course’. See at that entry in vocabulary.
     ‘The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology’:
This is a series of books that contain the HCOBs, and any references that are primarily dealing with technical matters. The HCOBs are printed in red ink on white paper, and the volumes themselves come in red bindings. The references are arranged in chronological release order (per issue date). These books may also be referred to as the ‘red volumes’. The ‘old red volumes’ then would refer to the 1976-80 release, the ‘new red volumes’ instead to the 1991 release. See a listing of published volumes here (pop-up window).
Thought, life force, the spirit or the soul.

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