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Scientology: Is its true history being exposed?  or 
Independent publications that confirm various crucial elements of the tale as suggested on this website
(‘Watergate: The Hoax’ (2016) by Ashton Gray)
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“Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
    John 8:31-32  

Basically a promotional page that intends to give attention to various efforts made by other people then myself that through their book publications do confirm various of my findings relating to what may be the real (undisclosed) story about L. Ron Hubbard and his creation the subject matter of Dianetics and Scientology.


     The disbelievers ... (a foreword)
‘Watergate: The Hoax’ (2016) by Ashton Gray
  The Watergate? Why promoted on this website? Who is Ashton Gray?
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             - ‘Amazon’: Watergate: The Hoax – May 28, 2016 (release date)
- ‘Coast to Coast AM’: Interview - June 23, 2016 (1 to 3 a.m.)
  Additional information: ‘Chalet Reports’
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Back to Main Index The disbelievers ... (a foreword)

“Did you hear that? Are they for real?”

It would seem that a rather significant portion of the members of the human race suffer from some sort of disqualification to accept particular proven facts if they clash with that they either want to believe or already have taken as their favourite rocking horse. See, they just may want to ride that rocking horse, they really don't want to see what else is out there to see. Then if you persist in asking them to look at something else they'd either (1) say angrily “Let me play my rocking horse!!”, (2) make fun of you, or (3) they will make you suffer from ad hominem attacks. Oft there just doesn't seem to exist a middle way! At least this seems to be the case with particularly sensitive or emotionally charged topics like for example politics, religion and the likes.

Now, regarding such sensitive topics, anything that is out of the ordinary, and particularly anything that may clash with the officially authorized version of the tale will quickly be dismissed and circumscribed as conspiracy theories. In reality however that so labeled conspiracy theory too often appears a lot closer to the truth (when you are scrutinously factual about it) then the officially authorized version given out by governments!

No doubt various angles forwarded on this page, this website will be prompted with such reactions. It has been so in the past and it will be so again. And there have been quite a few. And this is all fine! Mind however that truth can only remain hidden such and so long, it appears to be gifted with that innate quality that it will stick its head up now and then, and then again. Now, are we going to push any of these controversial views on matters to the side at forehand or are we going to look at if we can make some sense out of them? So, when it comes to this website and also the publications that it suggests you may have a look at, do they fall under the category of so-called taletellers? Well, it is wholly up to you to determine if the claims and/or the suggestions that it makes are sufficiently backed up with verifiable and factual research. Thus it is up to each member of the human race to regard these or simply ignore these and judge based on their liking and personal preferences or not. Mind that this is just an invitation! With other words, you stand on your own feet and establish what is true to you by yourself, or join the comfortable (but cowardice oft illiterate) flock of the obedient authority submitting members of the human race. Que sera sera ...

So do mind that I only suggest you have a look at these writings. Surely I do not say you have to swallow blindly what they say. Are you prepared now? Are you in the right state of mind? Then here it goes ...

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‘Watergate: The Hoax’ (2016) by Ashton Gray
Back to Main Index The Watergate? Why promoted on this website? Who is Ashton Gray?

The Watergate? That scandal from 1972 that forced the then US president Nixon to resign his presidency prematurely? What does that got to do with the topic of Scientology? Well, a hell of a lot according to the researcher/writer of the book. Its first two chapters go in detail about a burglary into the Watergate that was not. Indeed, that was not! Then if the ‘burglars’ were not there, then where were they and what were they doing? Then chapter three advances into the Scientology connection. The writing proposes a take over of the organization (or more precisely to subjugate its intellectual property) in where L. Ron Hubbard had to either be taken out or at least discapacitated.

Of course this will raise various pertinent questions. For example:

  • If there was no burglary then why had president Nixon had to be framed for it?
  • In case there existed an intent to cover up a Scientology take over, then why needed this to be done with such measures as faking a Watergate break-in?
  • What is the deal really with the Scientology thing? What importances to its technology and information may have been attributed? Or was it something else?

Indeed there does appear then to exist sufficient with recorded information to support the notion that something of particular value would be embodied within this subject matter called Scientology?! Why otherwise do we see these comprehensive efforts taken to suppress its original information and finally gain control over it, this by an apparent outside entity? Now, would you resort taking all these efforts with such measure if there was nothing to gain and/or to be made hidden?

Why is the writing interesting enough to get promoted here on this website?

Well, amongst other because it suggests that L. Ron Hubbard was taken out in the year 1972. See, in my own studies I followed this so-called tech-line. While researching the printed information regarding this it has been found that something ended near the end of 1972, and something new started in December 1972. It is as if someone other than L. Ron Hubbard had taken control and started to disrupt the technology that he had announced completed in 1970. First at a slow pace and then culminating in a complete turnaround during 1978-82.
Now, Ashton Gray approaches the issue of L. Ron Hubbard being around still or not from a rather different angle, and does appear to come to this rather same notion that L. Ron Hubbard must have been taken out or somehow discapacitated during 1972. Interesting enough outset thus to promote reading of this book.

Either way you still have to make up your own mind about these concepts that are shared through this book. Indeed one should also mind that information needs to be evaluated, if it is not, it turns in essence useless. All it will then created are mindless followers. And we have already enough of these walking around on planet earth.

Who is Ashton Gray?

We find further that its named writer (Ashton Gray) is proposed as being a pseudonym by various people on the Internet, and here various names are suggested for who may be behind it. It is sensitive controversial information that is shared through the writing, and so using a pseudonym may very well be warranted for several reasons. But then, does it matter? If this be so or not, we still should regard the information that is being forwarded. So, let's rather have this shared information speak for itself.

It is of course also nice that this author does give my person and my website in his book a more than gentle appreciation:
Michel Snoeck, “The Wise Old Goat”
His integrity and diligence in cataloging events and materials of Scientology online have been invaluable to the completion of this work.”

Mind here though that this is not the reason why I promote the reading of this author's writing!

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Watergate: the Hoax

“There was no "first break-in" at Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate over Memorial Day weekend 1972. There were no electronic "bugs" planted in DNC headquarters at all that weekend. There were no "logs" of intercepted conversations, because there were no bugs to begin with. What the world knows as "Watergate" was an elaborate hoax designed to hide what the CIA was really doing over those three days, while Americans were cooking out and celebrating the start of summer. It was three days that changed the history of the world—but the "Official Story" of a break-in at the Watergate that weekend is the real cover-up of something far darker, far more malignant, than the world has ever known. "Watergate" was a hoax. It was a malicious fiction. And fiction doesn't leave a paper trail.”  (source, external link, last checked: 26 Jun 2016)

Go back ‘Coast to Coast AM’:  Interview - June 23, 2016 (1 to 3 a.m.)

Coast to Coast AM

Host: George Noory
Guest: Ashton Gray

“Thursday's first guest, Ashton Gray has spent many years investigating the circumstances and motives behind the Watergate break-ins of 1972, which ultimately led to the resignation of president Richard Nixon. The official story was that the Watergate "burglars" broke in to the offices of the Democratic National Committee (with Nixon’s knowledge) to plant bugs so that the Democratic party's election plans could be learned ahead of time. Gray says that the idea from the beginning was to allow the burglars to have an alibi when they confessed to their activities, since "a confession in court always trumps any evidence" and what they were actually doing was to embarrass Nixon out of office so that the CIA could win a race to achieve superiority over the Soviet Union in ESP applications. The two biggest obstacles were Nixon and surprisingly, Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Nixon, because he wanted to decrease the power of the CIA, and Hubbard because Gray says he had discovered some of the true secrets of practical parapsychology.

Gray says that eventually the CIA was successful because they forced Hubbard into hiding, Nixon resigned, and three people who he says were all high-level Scientologists – Hal Puthoff, psychic Ingo Swann, and retired police chief Pat Price were immediately put under contract to begin research into remote viewing. Gray read an excerpt from a letter from Swann to Hubbard saying that his amazing psychic achievements could not have been possible without the help of Scientology. Hubbard claimed that those who reached the highest levels of his program could travel out of their bodies, perform mind-over-matter feats, and have control over others without their knowledge, which was exactly what that CIA wanted at the time. Because of this, Gray believes that they tried to steal Hubbard’s methods, and that they were eventually successful. He thinks that we may never know the complete story of this period until the CIA is "dismantled brick by brick."”  (source, external link, last checked: 26 Jun 2016)

“Biography:  Author Ashton Gray began his lifelong love of writing as a copywriter for advertising agencies, and as a contributor to a newspaper called the Kansas City Free Press during the heady days of the 1960s and '70s. He went on to become an independent researcher, writer, and editor for corporations, periodicals, and book publishers. He has done work for clients such as Random House, Universal Studios, and PBS, and he has written or ghostwritten seven books. The research for Watergate: The Hoax spanned 20 years, resulting in a database of over 13,000 entries from over 2,000 sources.”  (source, external link)


Go back Additional information: ‘Chalet Reports’

Chalet Reports

On the Chalet Books website you will find various further promotion and also a series of articles that were foregoing the release of the book. There were 12 in total and released during Oct. 31-Dec. 24, 2015. The person listed for these articles is David Reznor who is a research associate of Ashton Gray, although the work on these is a collaborative effort that involves several people. You will find the first of these articles here (external link, last checked: 26 Jun 2016).

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