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The era of adoration celebrates its birth (Sept 73-present)  or
     The presentation of L. Ron Hubbard through the years

(‘Hymn of Asia’, the ‘LRH room’ & idolatry; ‘SO #1 Line’ or ‘You can always write to Ron’; Biographies and L. Ron Hubbard & Where is his family?)
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“Deliver the goods. That's a crude way to put it. But if you want a new and better civilization you won't get it by advertising or worrying what people think of you.”
  L. Ron Hubbard            
  (from HCO PL 26 May 61 “A Message to the Executive Secretaries and All Org Staff; Quality Counts”)  

Since 1973 we find that the person L. Ron Hubbard started to be presented in very different ways, this in comparison with how this was in the years prior to that. Specially noteworthy is that his family (wife and children) are pushed into the background until they are no more.


‘Hymn of Asia’ (late 73), the ‘LRH room’ & idolatry
     ‘Hymn of Asia’ (late 73)
      - ‘The Hymn of Asia’ , a work by L. Ron Hubbard (discovered 1969)
- ‘Hymn of Asia, An Eastern Poem’ by L. Ron Hubbard (the 1974 book)
- “Who is L. Ron Hubbard? Why is he here?” “Am I Metteyya?”
- The creation of godly devotion. What for?
  The ‘LRH room’ or ‘Commodore's room’
  Idolatry at Scientology events
  The need for an icon on a pedestal?
‘SO #1 Line’ or ‘You can always write to Ron’ (1961-85)
  Introduction, brief overview, and a few notices
  ‘Standing Order’
  The ‘SO #1 Line’, original purpose, changes and the ‘LRH Communicator’
             - L. Ron Hubbard about SO #1
- ‘Standing Order’ line cancelled since 1986?
  ‘Standing Order’ notices and announcements published worthy of particular mention (1973-85) (a chronology)
  Write to ‘International Management’  (1983-85)
  Write to ‘Executive Director International’ (ED Int)  (1986-present)
Biographies and L. Ron Hubbard (1961-present)
  The original status quo
  An L. Ron Hubbard recording his autobiography on tape? (Jun 72)
  Presentation of L. Ron Hubbard - The marking of a change (Sept 73)
  The initiative for an ‘official’ biography on L. Ron Hubbard? (since Jan 80)
         (Includes: Omar V. Garrison; L. Fletcher Prouty)
  Into the ’90s ...
  Present time ...
         (Includes: An official biography released (2012))
Noteworthy annotations
  Wife and children ...

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The devotees (from 'The Life of Brian')
“The devotees!”

This page basically would serve as an assemblage of topics in where we can observe a change in how the person L. Ron Hubbard would have been presented. During the earlier years we see a person that appears to have been rather modest and didn't seem keen about having to endure particular or special interest for his person. The focus was on the subject matter, on Dianetics and Scientology, and getting these into the hands of people, and getting these applied. He used his interactions with people (and there were many) to advance that subject matter. He got it into the hands of people, wanted to learn what they did with it, and if possible he would improve the techniques with what he learned.

Then things changed, and they changed very abruptly. The changes did not come about spread out over a number of years. They were very sudden. Now, why would that be? If we for example scan through the various Scientology magazines we are able to make various observations. We also find that we often can date this turnaround to the recurring date September 1973, which in itself is rather noteworthy. (more info here, separate window)
In December 1972 he had boarded a plane to some place, then wasn't to be seen during some 9½ months, to then suddenly reappear in September 1973. Various people say that he was a changed man, some even questioned if it was L. Ron Hubbard, saying that it occurred strange to them that he didn't seem to recognize them. The L. Ron Hubbard that people had known, that was always interacting with people, was now withdrawing and avoiding. (more info here, separate window)
Then as we go through the various magazine publications and announcements, it is replaced with communicating through writing to him. And this what we are urged to do, to write, and really write a lot!

Particularly interesting here is that suddenly each and every issue of the AOLA periodical Clear News had a photograph of L. Ron Hubbard presented on its front cover starting with issue # 94 [ca Oct 73)]. People have commented to me that photographs of persons increase in value particularly when a person may have died. It's just to keep memories close to passed away loved ones.
Could it be here so that all these efforts that put the focus on the person L. Ron Hubbard, that they could be an attempt to convince us that he was still among us and active, when he was not?

It is wholly up to you though how to interpret all these indications that we do find. But it is fact that things would never be the same again since an apparently rather changed person came back in mid-September 1973.

What about presenting a person pretty much as if being Gautama Buddha reincarnated? Well, that's really not a streak of humbility, now is it? And what purpose does it serve? Beseeching a godlike adoration? Or may be to tell that L. Ron Hubbard is still with us physically? Or may be both?

Then the use for example of the so-called ‘SO #1 Line’ escalated more than just notably. As time progresses to the late ’70s we are urged to scribble down any insignificant piece of anything and then sort of let Ron know about that. And behold, he is answering all this in person, or so we are told, when he already in ‘The Auditor 59 (UK Edition)’, [ca Jan 71] had explained that “Some Standing Order No. 1s and petitions do not reach me but are locally handled. This has to be since the volume is staggering. ... This has to be because TIME would make it impossible for one person to handle such volume.”  LRH.  Mind here that he wrote that in 1971, by the end of the ’70s the “volume” had, as claimed, been “staggering” probably some 10 times over.

See, these are all contradictive and troubling signs ...

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‘Hymn of Asia’ (late 73), the ‘LRH room’ & idolatry

Back to Main Index ‘Hymn of Asia’ (late 73)

The Hymn of Asia was this book that got published in late 1974. This is what most Scientology parishioners will be familiar with. The name chosen for this book however had already appeared earlier in the history of Scientology. It would be justified to inquire if there may have been any correlation between the 2 occurrences.

Go back ‘The Hymn of Asia’ , a work by L. Ron Hubbard (discovered 1969)

See, first there had been this “work” that apparently someone had discovered in the “Guardian archives” back in 1969. It got typeset and it was judged that it could have potential if set to music. Some 14 months later the music had been composed. There seem to have been big plans for this piece of work. The only mention of this I found in an article in the Scientology periodical The Auditor and then only in the UK Edition of this particular number. The hope “that the completed work will be performed in all Scientology countries” apparently was not realized.
One can only guess what this Hymn of Asia was actually about as the article in The Auditor only says: “What does the Hymn of Asia deal with? Lynn Collins one of the nucleus of the Saint Hill Choir states ‘It comments on how Scientology fits in with the time track of philosophy,’ Bobby adds ‘It's a work that is typical Ron, it will make you laugh in places and it could make you cry. It's very beautiful.’”.
Does anyone had more details about this Hymn of Asia? Then please contact me!
The full article as published can be consulted at link here below:  (pop-up window)
    ‘The Auditor 82 (UK Edition)’, [ca Nov 72] article: “The Hymn of Asia”

In respect to this musical work it is interesting to note the later musical release of this book the ‘Hymn of Asia’ from mid-2000. Which was announced as “the first ever musical adaption of Hymn of Asia. An Eastern Poem by L. Ron Hubbard” (underlining is mine). This would indicate that the 1972 ‘Hymn of Asia’ musical interpretation from November 1972 would have been something else.

Go back ‘Hymn of Asia, An Eastern Poem’ by L. Ron Hubbard (the 1974 book)

“This moving hymn was written for a Buddhist Convention in about 1955 or ‘56, coincident with the celebrations in the Buddhist world of the 2,500th year of the Buddhist era. ...
  Then in late 1973 its author directed its publication and subsequently personally supervised the collaboration of a talented artist, designer and calligrapher in the final preparation of the book. ...
  Hymn of Asia concerns the fulfillment of a prophecy made 2,500 years ago by Siddhartha Gautama, better known as Buddha, the founder of the religion known in the West as Buddhism.”
           (from book ‘Hymn of Asia’ (1974), introductory notices)  

According to ‘What Is Scientology?’ (1978 edition) the ‘Hymn of Asia’ was released in December 1974. ‘The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology: Volume VIII, 1972-1975’ (1976 release) however says January 1975. The 1991 release of these same volumes actually skipped to mention its release all together, after all it was not a technical release. The periodical ‘Advance!’ published a series of articles during Sept 73-May 75 with historical background information about Buddhism and related that served quite well as an undercut to the forthcoming release of the book. Consult publication record here (pop-up window)
‘Advance! 23’, Apr-May 1974 is the first number to picture a Buddha on its front cover, see here on the right.
One of these articles is attributed to have been authored by L. Ron Hubbard. It appears only published in this magazine. You can consult this in the link below:
‘Advance! 21’, Oct-Nov 73 “The Hope of the Ages”  (pop-up window)

‘Advance! 27’, Dec 1974
finally introduced the publication ‘Hymn of Asia, An Eastern Poem’.
The book was reissued in 1984. To that effect we see a variety of advertisements for the book and further articles dedicated to Buddha being published in the magazine (ca June-Nov 84).
Around August 2000 we then see a musical release of it: “Now on compact disc, a vast and joyous musical experience, beautifully packaged in hardback with the 1,062-line poem fully illuminated. Stunningly performed by the Golden Era Musicians with special guest artists.”. This latest release appears to have abandoned the original illustrations that had come about when “in late 1973 its author directed its publication and subsequently personally supervised the collaboration of a talented artist, designer and calligrapher”.

Go back “Who is L. Ron Hubbard? Why is he here?” “Am I Metteyya?”

This strong association as if the work of L. Ron Hubbard with Scientology would be the fulfillment of some prophecies made by Siddhartha Gautama Buddha about 2,500 years ago is in particular made quite clear in a first advertisement as found in ‘Advance!’ of which I print the first paragraphs here below:
“Who is L. Ron Hubbard?  
Why is he here?
Ron's new book “Hymn of Asia” provides startling answers to these questions.
Hymn of Asia reveals a climatic moment in Man's spiritual history and foretells a future Man has waited 2,500 years for.
2,500 years ago a great prophecy was made that a golden-haired Westerner would develop Scientology and make total freedom possible. Hymn of Asia is the full story of that prophecy and its incredible fulfillment.
But above all Hymn of Asia is Ron's most personal and intimate statement. In Hymn of Asia Ron tells you who he is, why he has come, what his personal feelings are with regard to Western civilization, what his plans are for the future.
Further in Hymn of Asia you'll discover Ron's practical, down-to-earth instructions for creating a new cultural renaissance of Earth, a new golden age.
First written some 18 years ago for a Buddhist Convention celebrating the 2,500th anniversary of Buddha's life, L. Ron Hubbard waited until 1974 to publish the work as a full length book.
Through the years unauthorized and inaccurate typewritten copies were passed around by hand. The demand for full publication grew enormous. It became the most sought-for unpublished work of its day.”
          (from ‘Advance! 28’, Jan 75, page 13)

Now if you present yourself with an association like this then you are asking for a reaction of the receiving public! What kind of response can one expect to get if you portray yourself as some kind of successor of Buddha, more even so, as someone that had gone beyond that what Buddha achieved?

You see, referred is to this Metteya legend. Further introduction notices to the publication of ‘Hymn of Asia’ relate:
“But Siddhartha Gautama did not regard himself as an end point. He looked upon his work as incomplete and prophesied that at a later time a successor would arise to complete his work.
  The most specific wording of this prediction in Buddhist literature states that 2,500 years after Buddha a red-haired or golden-haired man would arise in the West to complete the job Buddha began.
  In Buddhist literature his name is known as Metteya.”
It summarizes in the last section of the introduction notices as follows:
  Thus, we find these are the most salient details of the Metteya legend.
He shall appear in the West.
He shall appear at a time when religion shall be waning, when the world is imperiled and convulsed in turmoil.
He will have golden hair or red hair.
He will complete the work of Gautama Buddha and bring in a new golden age of man by making possible the attainment of spiritual freedom by all beings.
Although the date of his advent is variously forecast, the nearest date places it
2,500 years after Gautama Buddha – or roughly 1950 (the date of Gautama’s own life being somewhat of an estimate itself).”

During the ’80s at a time when I learned about the existence of this book I recall that it was commonly perceived by the Scientology parishioners that L. Ron Hubbard would be the reincarnation of Buddha himself, he could not finish the tech back then, so he prophesied that he would come back later at a time to do exactly that. At a time that the communication lines (print, radio, television etc.) would have developed sufficiently so that the message could go out easily and effectively to all. Well, something like this I got to hear. Basically this is the view that got created by this ‘Hymn of Asia’ publication.

The first 4 stanza's of the ‘Hymn of Asia’ go like this:
“Am I Metteyya?
 If you see me dead I will then
     live forever.
 I come to you in Peace
 I come to you as a
 I do not come as an
     officer of Church or Sect
 I come to you as a
 I do not come as a
 I come to bring you

 I come to bring you
     all that Lord Buddha
     would have you know
     of life, Earth and Man.
I come to you with
I come to you with
I come to teach you
I come to help you.

With complete attention
With arduous study
With interest and
You will al
In very few years
Some in months
Become Bodhi.”
Indeed this is quite a presentation if you publish it and put your name underneath it.

Go back The creation of godly devotion. What for?

Personally I have never understood why this was all merchandised like this. Why would this be so interesting? To turn L. Ron Hubbard into a God or guru of some kind, the adoration naturally then will have to follow, and in fact it did! Obviously since that time efforts were in progress to make L. Ron Hubbard stand out, to turn him into something really special. Now, the subject matter of Dianetics and Scientology could attract my attention, but this? I may add here that this publication never particularly interested me. Partly because I am generally not very much into text that comes in these sort of verses that this book consisted of. The only reason how I came to own a copy of the book is because it was offered for sale secondhand for 4 Dutch guilders or so ($2), which was of course a bargain. I looked at it a little bit after buying it and then it disappeared in the bookshelf.
Now, L. Ron Hubbard could add a flamboyance in his lectures, but this is very far from portraying oneself as some sort of successor of Buddha and then even go beyond that! If you do that then you are out after to get a certain response! So, why was this response never asked for prior to 1973? Why was it there now? What had changed? The question is who had wanted this? Is it done to scare off the intelligent and rational people among us? See, if you present something in this manner you are aiming at the obedient non-thinking and non-questioning follower. Where as Scientology had been created for the intelligent and educated people. These were the people that were attracted by it during its first 20 years. Are we now reaching for an other kind of public? The whole point is here that all this nonsense got nothing to do with the subject matter of Dianetics and Scientology.
There is some resemblance here with occurrences that took place 10 years later during 1982-83. Here we see that experienced old-timer Scientologists systematically are gotten rid of. People that opened or could open up their mouth were either kicked out or decided to leave because of unjust treatment. Left are then primarily the obedient devotional followers, those that jump as soon as you say “jump”, and that will never say against you! (more info here (RTC), and here (Mission Holder Conference), separate windows).

The source of the writing is also sort of dubious. I wonder what this Buddhist Convention would say. The publications introduction notices say that it “was written for a Buddhist Convention”. But was it actually submitted there, and if so was it offered anonymously or with the author's name? The introduction notices do not tell. Is there somewhere a record where one could check out these things? The publication in its introduction notices is not even sure about the year, it says “1955 or ‘56”. I have also no data nor any sources for the claim that is made concerning it being the “most sought-for unpublished work of its day”. Now, how would you know that? This sounds like a rather silly saying, “most sought-for” and “unpublished work” may just not fit will together. Sure would be interesting to check out the archives of the Church of Scientology for all this.

The publication and the rumours around it disturbed me back then as it disturbs me today. It may very well have been written by L. Ron Hubbard in reality, however the way it has been presented since the book release close to 20 years later in late 1974 may not have done the cause and the concept of the subject of Scientology a favour.

As a matter of particular interest I received the following response from a Scientology old-timer (New Class IX Auditor):
“On the Hymn of Asia, I can only add that in 1970 a Sea Org Missionaire coming from Flag showed me a copy of a type written manuscript of the text which was later published as Hymn of Asia and he said it is not written there but we know he means there ..... indicating a particular point in the text that is LRH. Adding that LRH wouldn't let it be published.
  But I don't think he meant to say that it was not true.”
It is rather interesting as it appears to confirm my personal considerations in regards to the publication. This person confided to me that the manuscript made quite an impression on him at the time.
A note may be made here as well that nowhere in all the Scientology materials there is any statement or hints to be found where L. Ron Hubbard himself admits to such a claim and really would have been Buddha. This simple fact we should also not disregard.
At present the publication of the book appears discontinued. It is not offered for sale by the Church of Scientology anymore for some time now.

Back to Main Index The ‘LRH room’ or ‘Commodore's room’
from article in Golden Era promo
Office of L. Ron Hubbard at the San Francisco org

The Scientology organization also has this habit of having an LRH room. The place where the door used to be is then replaced with a braid or ribbon cord fastened at the sides of the doorway preventing you to enter the room (like you see in museums). The room has a writing desk placed in the middle of it, then there are various bookcases with the books of Scientology and other. In 1983 or thereabouts I asked the HAS of Amsterdam org about this. She said that the idea was that if L. Ron Hubbard would come by a particular organization, that he then would have a room for use. I could see some logic in this, but I was thinking that if he would use that room that they may have to put back that door for that occasion. Then the official announcement of the passing of L. Ron Hubbard was released in 1986, the years went by but the LRH room continues to be in existence! Every Church of Scientology around today does have such a room placed in clear view, but what purpose does it suit today, other than resembling an altar of some sort for adoration?

At a much later date (late 2000s) we find this message on basically all individual websites of Scientology organizations (they have all the same set up): “As is traditional in all Churches of Scientology, the Office of L. Ron Hubbard stands in honor of our Founder and symbolizes that this Church is true to his writings and ideals.”. (example external link, see illustration/text on slide show) (last checked: 9 Mar 2015)
The question is who ordained that it be a tradition and for what given reason? For sure I really haven't ever seen any reference from L. Ron Hubbard about this at any time! I am also unsure about exactly since when we first started to have such LRH rooms. As it seems they just appear. We find even such a room on the vessel Freewinds, there it is referred to as the Commodore's room.
In my experience one has to be particular careful when things like these are being set up. Does it not serve better if you invite people to just apply and use the technology thart was produced rather then creating a room for adoration with some claim attached to it in an attempt to make you believe something? Too often through recorded history it has later been revealed that these mearures often are taken to convince or assure you of something that may not necessarily be true. In particular when it can not even be shown that its founder did ordain it. This is usually something that followers think up!
Do you have information worthwhile knowing about the occurrence and appearing of these LRH rooms, and do wish to share your recollections then please contact me!

Back to Main Index Idolatry at Scientology events

Regularly the Church of Scientology organizes these gatherings referred to as events. This is for new releases, new information, updates on various, celebrations, achievements, etc. The more important happenings are filmed, video's of these are send to the various local Scientology organizations around the world. These local organizations then arrange their local event and invite their parishioners to come and watch this video.

“The routine...”

Pretty much as far back as I can remember (since early ’80s) there always has been this habit of standing up and enthusiastically clapping hands (all in a rather exaggerating manner) honouring L. Ron Hubbard as soon as something was relayed on the event that invites to this gesture. This for example gets triggered when some person up there on that podium is sharing some personal achievement or something. They may say: “... and especially thanks to LRH ...”. Then pretty much as on command various people (often quickly followed by the rest of the audience) start standing up and enthusiastically clapping their hands while facing towards this always present large photograph of L. Ron Hubbard hanging somewhere near the podium. I always had these thoughts in my mind about that this was a personal expressed appreciation, do we really –all of us– need to be standing there and clapping like that? Now, various things may cause this standing up/clapping sequence, this could be some ‘thrilling’ new book or tape release, or if some local organization got their interior nicely renovated, etc. As a rule the events end off with a last thank you to L. Ron Hubbard. Everyone stands up, directing towards this photograph of L. Ron Hubbard, clapping (usually a bit longer). During the clapping we then hear the master of ceremonies (or other) say loudly: “Hip, hip, ...”, and the audience responds with “Hurray!” (this is done 3 times).

“The signal!”

It turns however awkward when we see that all this is happening exactly like that during the playing of the prerecorded video that is shown at the local events. At present when the clapping is required the video screen will show a preselected photograph of L. Ron Hubbard, which is then the command for the audience to stand up and clap. That is standing up and clapping for this video screen, i.e. not a live broadcast, just a prerecorded video. At a regular event (2-3 hours) you could sometimes face standing up as many as possibly 10-15 times (some events however only a couple of times). It is very odd to see that as soon as this preselected photograph is shown on the video screen, you see various persons immediately jumping up and running the routine. It strikes me pretty much as robotic behaviour. For me this behaviour has a sense of idolatry hanging over it. I also do see various persons that appear not so fond of this routine, and reluctantly you can see them standing up and clapping. After all, clapping for some prerecorded video? You see, it becomes a kind of agonizing situation as one is pretty much forced to stand up and clap with the rest. If you don't you may be sitting there all by yourself. Now, for the newcomers that come to see such an event for the first time and watch all this adoration happening. I've seen such persons looking around at times, uncomfortable and with a questioning look on their face observing that what is happening around them. Afterwards they may leave and we may not see them returning, or they may as well just hook up with the rest.

Something similar we see happening in the course room. There is also here some routine to clap and stand up as well mostly at the end of the last study period of the day. Success stories and course completions are also presented, and then when the person utters his/her appreciation to L. Ron Hubbard, we see happening that I described in the previous at these events. A note can be made here that at the introductory courses (so-called Div 6 courses), this routine is usually skipped. Then when you move up on to the advanced courses (given at a different location) you may get groomed for the routine. How things are at your local organization may slightly differ from this though. Either way I didn't like the blind routine when I was first saw it and I don't like it today.

One may wonder what L. Ron Hubbard himself would do if he could visit there and see all this happening. Would he say something like: “Please, sit down, sit down!". Would he be flattered by the robotic behaviour? The indications from the early years are that he would not. In regards to that one might have to start realizing that the best tribute you can give to this L. Ron Hubbard is not to go into this silly idolatry business, but rather by what you do or not do with use of this subject matter in your day to day walk in life.

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Back to Main Index The need for an icon on a pedestal?

We had this Coert Steynberg, a South African sculptor, that for some reason or other had made this bronze bust of L. Ron Hubbard back in 1960. Two years later we see an interesting initiative in the Scientology periodical ‘Ability 140’ Jul-Aug 62 that says: “Hertzog Rheeder [from Pretoria North, South Africa], recently returned Saint Hill Graduate, has made an arrangement, approved by Ron, whereby interested buyers can obtain a small copy of an original bronze bust of L. Ron Hubbard. ... The bust will be in synthetic marble, white. Height of bust 12 inches. Price £10, 10s, 0d, sterling. The price includes postage and packaging.”.
On the condition that “Casting will only start on receipt of 100 or more orders with cash. In the event of less than 100 applications being received, the money will be returned to the applicants.”. I don't actually know if these smaller sized synthetic marble busts have been produced. They may or may not have.

But it had some repercussions much later in time. As at least since about the mid ’80s we see full (life) sized bronze replica's of this same bust at about every Scientology organization often placed in their reception area. You will see it as soon as you enter such an organization. And, interestingly enough it is standing on this pedestal.

Well, there is something to say about this. If this technology is something to have, then it will quite easily advocate itself! You really don't need to create some kind of icon of the person of L. Ron Hubbard, put that on a pedestal and start idolizing it. This is drawing the attention away from the subject of Scientology. And Scientology is about the subject of Scientology, and not about some devotional crowd that turn it into worship. This idea of creating such an icon of worship appears purposely sustained by the way how L. Ron Hubbard generallly is presented on particularly the Scientology events that we have had during the last three decennia. For these occasions I even regularly find that the bust (and its pedestal) may be moved from the reception area to the room where the event is held and placed right next to the film screen. I have seen people enthusiastically clapping their hands for this bust! At these events then the impression is given that L. Ron Hubbard did everything all by himself. As if no other person would have contributed, researched or anything. This however is just not true. Extensive portions of the technology came about with help of a whole variety of individuals. L. Ron Hubbard for example made use of so-called research auditors. You may wish to regard him as a trendsetter and for all the organizer. The names of these contributors however have since systematically been removed from the printed materials when these were reissued. At these events we hear nothing about these other persons’ contributions, it is the icon of L. Ron Hubbard that is persistently pushed upwards as if superhuman of some sort. No wonder that you end up with idolatry of this magnitude.

There is an anecdote to tell here actually. See, these life-sized bust replica's are not solid, and they are only held up at the front. There is nothing to support them in the back. The problem that surfaces is thus that there is a lot of weight pressure to the backside of the bust. The result is that about all the busts that I have seen are slowly bending backwards, and L. Ron Hubbard is, as the years go by, looking more and more up into the sky! I have frequently said to staff that they have to support it in the back, as at some point the bronze is going to break, but no one ever listened.

Now, it is one thing to have some sculptor offering to make a bust, and have some guy in South Africa taking the initiative reproducing some small replica's 2 years later. It is another to put life size replica's in all orgs in the reception area much later in time. Considering also that some attention on the person L. Ron Hubbard is essentially not a bad thing, just to remind people of who set the line in regards to the developed technology and who has the last word. This then doesn't imply that L. Ron Hubbard has to be worshipped or something. We find no indication during the earlier years (1950-72) that L. Ron Hubbard originated or promoted the demonstrated extravagancy that is displayed today in the organization. None of that was found until apparently a very changed person returned in September 1973.

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‘SO #1 Line’ or ‘You can always write to Ron’ (1961-85)

Back to Main Index Introduction, brief overview, and a few notices

There exist some obvious misconceptions for the original purpose of this SO #1 and why it was established. Especially since the 2nd half of the ’70s we see changes that go towards idolization.

This SO #1 Line appears to have contributed to drawing a lot of attention to the person L. Ron Hubbard. In particular since so about 1973-74. All this coincides with the occurrence that L. Ron Hubbard since that time very seldom (if ever) was seen in public anymore. This promoted line to L. Ron Hubbard may have been to compensate for that. You don't see him, you instead write to him, and he writes to you. Then during 1976-78 these, urges to write to L. Ron Hubbard messages, turn rather persuasive. It is like as if you have to write to L. Ron Hubbard and tell him all about your insignificances. The nature of these Standing Order notices were in for a change. The focus turned from asking to “hear about your recent activities and wins” than the previous “write about your case or problems”. The latter is about getting information, the former is just for creating a communication line of some sort with no particular or possible research aim. In particular the notices from this time period on seem to go in a different direction. As time progressed these messages also appear with more and more text, accompanied with pictures of L. Ron Hubbard that just get larger and larger. Especially with the periodical Ability this appears to be the case. What started out as some few lines in small text in 1962 accumulated in the late ’70s to sometimes whole page messages (particular in Ability) persuading to do write to L. Ron Hubbard.
The question has to be asked why the consensus so suddenly changed since1973-74 and escalating even so more during 1976-78. So much attention was given to that people would actually write to L. Ron Hubbard? Was it to convince people that he was still alive and well, and involved? Even though we don't see him in public, and does not in person announce any new releases anymore.

Questions have been forwarded about if it was actually L. Ron Hubbard himself that was answering to all these letters addressed to his person. The rumours have been going around that a special section within the Church of Scientology was created may be so around 1974-75 that got trained to answer these letters in the style of L. Ron Hubbard and even to imitate his signature. This concept gets confirmed in a writing that was circulating amongst Scientologists since mid-1983. It says:
“The SO 1 [write to Ron] line does not exist. For over ten years teams of persons have been answering your mail to Ron. The ‘signature’ is a rubber stamp.”
(from Dane Tops Debrief (mid-1983))
  (More about this debrief here (separate window))  
It really would not have been so hard to gather a group of people that could be used for such a purpose either. Nadine de Normanville (worked personally with L. Ron Hubbard at Saint-Hill in England as a C/S) confided to me that many a person in the earlier days were anxiously trying to copy L. Ron Hubbard, his way of talking, using his words, behavioural, imitating his writing style, and all that. This is pretty much as that which was common practice at the time of the Star Camps in Ommen (Netherlands) during the ’20s and ’30s at which Jiddu Krishnamurti was speaking. Nadine de Normanville during the late ’80s was working on a mission at Flag scanning through all folders of persons that were C/Sed by L. Ron Hubbard, locating any LRH originals, copies were then made and placed in the folders, the originals were send to some place at Scientology International. She was an expert in recognizing L. Ron Hubbard his handwriting. I met her at Flag where I was sharing a room with her, both of us performing on our missions.
The letters from 1984-85 appear commonly to carry a signature of L. Ron Hubbard put there by a rubber stamp. Some explanation may have been given in ‘The Auditor 59 (UK Edition)’, [ca Jan 71] that publishes a “A Message From Ron”. The 2nd paragraph reads:
“Some Standing Order No. 1s and petitions do not reach me but are locally handled. This has to be since the volume is staggering. The data in these is briefed and answers are written for approval and signature and any that are not what I would answer are rewritten with what my answer is. This has to be because TIME would make it impossible for one person to handle such volume. It takes up a score of people in Continental Offices and orgs and at Flag to answer these Standing Order No. 1s and petitions from over the world.”          RON    (16 December 1970)
Although we do not find any advise here about faking some signature in the above. Either way this message would clearly indicate that a certain volume of these SO #1 Line letters did not end up on the desk of L. Ron Hubbard. Actually in spite of this message from 16 December 1970 it has been claimed and believed during the later ’70s that L. Ron Hubbard always personally answered this mail. By then the volume of mail may have tripled or quadrupled, or even tenfolded as church promotion claimed, making it indeed a plain impossibility to attend to all that by just one person.
The question is also if L. Ron Hubbard would have consented with such a fraud as faking signatures. Either way we have this message from 16 December 1970 that opposes to any faking, but rather states a situation.

Back to Main Index ‘Standing Order’

A first mention of this Standing Order I found published in ‘Ability 136’, Jan 62:
Communications to Ron:  
  HCO exists to expedite the Communications and oversee the policies of L. Ron Hubbard. Excerpts:
Standing Order No. 1.
  ‘All mail addressed to me shall be received by me.’
Standing Order No. 2.
  ‘A message box shall be placed in all Scientology Organizations so that any messages for me may be received by me.’
Standing Order No. 3.
  ‘All HCO Personnel and Scientology Personnel should not discourage communication to me.’
  I am always willing to help.
  By my own creed, a being is only as valuable as he can serve others.
L. RON HUBBARD”          

We find these Standing Orders also printed in ‘The Organization Executive Course: HCO Division 1’ (1970 release) on page 42, there it is referenced as “[From HCO Policy Letter of 18 December 1961 STANDING ORDERS]”. A line thus established in late 1961, although ‘LRH ED 223 Int’, 19 Feb 74 “Letters to Ron” gives a hint that it was only “re-issued on 18 December 1961”. Can anyone elaborate about this to me, as I don't find any record or mention about this in the magazines from these earlier days.
 A fifth Standing Order is found in HCO PL 10 Jan 62 “HCO Standing Order No. 5 Students” which is found on page 43 of that same ‘The Organization Executive Course: HCO Division 1’ volume. I don't actually know about any fourth(?) Standing Order.

Ability:  Initially these notices appear quite seldom in this Ability periodical. As mentioned first in #136 (Jan 62), the next one in #141 (Sept 62), then #169 (Mar 65), #170 (Apr 65), #178 (Jan 66), then in #222 & #223 during late 1969. It is not until early 1972 that they appear more frequently. Then since #268 (Nov 73) they appear in about every issue.

The Auditor:  We first find one occurrence of the Standing Order 1-3 published in this magazine in #6 (ca Jan 65). Then it was not until ‘The Auditor 23’, [ca Apr 67] that we see the next occurrence in the form of the phrase:

Until the end of 1973 it is almost entirely only this sentence that we find in this particular magazine. This would appear rather proper as after all this magazine is directing its attention to and about auditor/auditing matters. Since early 1974 they appear mixed together with the Standing Order 1-3 notices. Since April 1967 any of these notices and variations of them appear very frequently in the magazine (almost every issue, 9 out of 10 or so).
This sentence would be self-explaining. As research was ongoing there evidently was an interest present to receive information about where stumble blocks may be located.

Advance!:  Starting with #12 (ca Jan 72) Standing Order 1-2 appear in the magazine. Then first with #22 (Dec 73-Jan 74) we see the appearance of the phrase: “You can always write to Ron about you case or problems.” directly followed with Standing Order 1-3.
“You can always write to Ron about your case or problems
  All mail addressed to me shall be received by me.
  A message box shall be placed in all Scientology organizations so that any message for me may be received by me.
  All Hubbard Communications Office Personnel and Scientology Personnel should not discourage communication to me.
  I am always willing to help.
  By my own creed, a being is as valuable as he can serve others.
L. Ron Hubbard”          

Till 1985 these notices or a variation of them appear in almost each and every issue of this periodical (there are only 2 exceptions).

Source:  This magazine got its first unnumbered issue published in about November 1975. Right from this first number we find these Standing Order notices appear in them headed with the text “You can always write to Ron about you case or problems.” (see example listed for Advance!). Variations of these notices continue to appear until 1985 in about each issue.

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Back to Main Index The ‘SO #1 Line’, original purpose, changes and the ‘LRH Communicator’

Go back L. Ron Hubbard about SO #1

Since early 1965:
“The SO #1 line (formerly only for LRH addressed mail) is the public and general incoming mail line to LRH, MSH and the Executive Director and is watched and kept in order by the Executive Director.
It is a very important line in that no major org breakdown has ever occurred without being preceded by entheta SO #1 mail from that area!
One can estimate the condition of service, admin and tech, (dominantly the latter), from the character of SO #1 letters from an area. ...
This SO #1 line is a detection line. One never responds to originators in any other way than Peace and Understanding. One uses the condition (theta or entheta) of SO #1 letters from an area to get a view of how well the field, franchise and orgs are practicing Scientology there.”          LRH
(from HCO PL 22 Feb 65 III “Executive Director Comm Line Sec ED*s”)
* MSH.  Mary Sue Hubbard.

Then September of that year informs about the Executive Letter Unit:
“This unit consists of a knowledgeable person who can answer SO #1 type mail, casual org mail and the public letters received by the HCO Exec Sec and Org Exec Sec. ...
... The answers are done by the person in charge of the unit.
In very small orgs this is done in its entirety by the LRH Communicator.
Note that there are several such general lines such as SO #1 and that such mail is not addressed solely to me but to other persons in the Executive Division. ...
The full intent of this unit is to take the following types of letters off the lines of Executive Division personnel before they reach the executive, answer them independently of any advice or help as to text and get them signed by the executive and mailed.
1.   SO #1 (LRH public letters).
  2.   ‘Org SO #1’ origins by org personnel not on official business. ...
The purpose of the unit is ‘to unburden executive lines so that the executive can plan, direct and get free of his desk and so get about in the org’.”          LRH
(from HCO PL 17 Sept 65 “Executive Letter Unit”)

In December 1970 a personal message was published from L. Ron Hubbard that attempts to give a reality factor about this Standing Order No. 1 line. This can be consulted in full in link below:  (pop-up window)
    ‘The Auditor 59 (UK Edition)’, [ca Jan 71], article “A Message From Ron (16 Dec 70)”
It once again effectively counteracts the later assumptions and public relation that L. Ron Hubbard would have been solely responsible for answering the lot of all these letters send to Standing Order No. 1.

In February 1974 an LRH ED was issued attributed to L. Ron Hubbard that informs about that “the lines which bring me letters are under heavy re-organization”. It does not relate however of any details about how this was done and which measures had been taken. The full text can be consulted here below:  (pop-up window)
    ‘LRH ED 223 Int’, 19 Feb 74 “Letters to Ron” 
This may have resulted in the creation of a special SO #1 Line unit instead of just the LRH Communicator. This LRH ED is also printed in full in ‘Clear News 103 (AOLA edition)’, [Feb/Mar 74] on page 3.

It was the LRH Communicator (abbreviated: LC or LRH Comm) that continued to be the person that was overall responsible for dealing with and handling the mail that came in to the SO #1 Line. It was part of the hat of that person. There existed various limited distribution references that instructed about how to go about it. There were:
    HCO PL 18 Dec 61R (Revised 13 Feb 81) “Standing Orders”
HCO PL 27 Feb 81 “Handling the SO No. 1 Line”
‘SO ED 1651R’ , 15 Feb 81 (Revised 5 Apr 84) “Handling the SO No. 1 Alerts”
LCO 202R “Checklist for So #1 Line”
I am curious about what these may say. If anyone can help me with a copy of these (or any revision of them), please contact me. I am not very likely to disclose publicly what they may tell, however it probably will solve my personal wondering's.

Mid-82 we see the release of another LRH ED that relates about an L. Ron Hubbard that “almost wept”. The reason given for this was that “the other day I suddenly noticed there were only two mail bags full for the week”, because of “an unauthorized person, using my lines, had inferred I did not ever see your mail”. For me this is a bit all too dramatic. In addition it being highly inconsistent with the previous reality factors about this SO #1 Line! You may decide for yourself what to think of this LRH ED, I've made it available in full here below:  (pop-up window)
    ‘LRH ED 346 Int’, 10 May 82 “The SO #1 Line”
This LRH ED is also found printed in full in ‘The Auditor’, [ca May 82] on its front page. And also in ‘Advance! 76 (US Edition)’, [Jun-Jul 82] although in this issue of Advance! it does not make mention that it had been taken from this LRH ED.

Go back ‘Standing Order’ line cancelled since 1986?

Some have thought that this HCO PL 18 Dec 61 “Standing Orders” had been cancelled so about early 1986 since L. Ron Hubbard obviously could not be written to anymore. These Standing Orders are also not found anymore in the present version in use of the‘Organizational Executive Course’ volumes (1991 release). The reality however is that this HCO PL had limited the distribution of this HCO PL already at an earlier date. There are:
    HCO PL 18 Dec 61R (Revised 13 Feb 81) “Standing Orders”
HCO PL 18 Dec 61RA (Revised 22 Mar 02) “Standing Orders”
Routing indicated on the ‘R’ version is only for LRH Comms and those working in the SO #1 Line unit. The ‘RA’ version appears only available in LRH Communicator Packs. It is only in part clear to me why this may have turned to such a limited distribution. The original release from 1961 does not seem to have been that, although it be noted that only the portion of the Standing Orders 1-3 from this policy letter had been quoted in ‘The Organization Executive Course’ volumes (1970-74 release). Still these revisions do not note anywhere on them Limited Distribution or it being Confidential what I have been told from reliable sources.

Back to Main Index ‘Standing Order’ notices and announcements published worthy of particular mention (1973-85) (a chronology)

1973 1980
1976 1982
1977-78 1984-85

Go back 1973:       
The first occurrence of the mention of the phrase “Write to Ron” is found in ‘Ability 257’, [ca Jan 73]. Thereafter it is used sporadically. It is however not until 1978-79 that it is used more intensely, adding an exclamation mark, and accompanying it with persuasive text to actually do write. I note this here as this shortened phrase can be perceived as having a much more persistent and persuasive effect than “You can always write to Ron”. It is not directly the same.

The first occurrence of such a Standing Order notice to be accompanied with a photograph of L. Ron Hubbard is found in ‘Ability 259’, Apr 73. Thereafter it is used only sporadically. Then more frequently since so about March 1976. Finally so about late 1979-80 it went from frequently to most of the time/always. In particular in Ability (the -large sized- issues of the magazine) these illustrations could get very large proportions as time progressed.

Go back 1976:       
Since this year the notices definitely are getting more persuasive for to do write. Be it also noted that “You can always write to Ron about your case or problems” is not the same as “He wants to hear about your recent activities and wins.”. A few examples follow here below.
The interesting portion of the notice found in ‘Ability 294 Minor’, May 76:
“Communicate to Ron this week  
  Ron has always encouraged communications to him, and enjoys hearing of your wins and experiences.
  Although Ron is currently involved in extensive research and the development of new techniques and processes in Dianetics and Scientology (as well as exciting projects in the fields of photography, music, nutrition, and social reform activities), he is never too busy to read and answer letters from his many friends around the world.”

The interesting portion of the notice found in ‘Ability 295 Major’, (Jun 76):
“You can always write to Ron  
Ron enjoys hearing from his many friends throughout the word. He wants to hear about your recent activities and wins.
  Take a minute to write to Ron this week.”

Go back 1977-78:       
The end of 1977 came with the first detailed explanations about how the information that was send to the SO #1 Line was actually dealt with. Amongst other this involved:
“The SO No. 1 line enables public to assist Ron in his invaluable research in many different fields, including –
    A. Technical research;  
    B. Organizational research (how orgs and missions are doing);  
    C. Information on world affairs for sociological research;  
    D. Dissemination successes;  
    E. Training wins;  
    F. Processing wins;  
    G. Case or problems which persons may want Ron to know about;  
    H. Many other areas.”  
  (from ‘Clear News 145 (AOLA edition)’, Nov/Dec 77, page 9: “Ron's SO #1 Line: What it is - Its value to Ron and Scientology” (see also ‘The Auditor 139 (UK Edition)’, Jan 78))  
The complete article appears to have been written and compiled by ‘Rod Quinn’, active as ‘T/LRH PRO* for Staff’. This is indicated so in ‘Clear News 145’, but this name was skipped from mentioning in ‘The Auditor 139’ that carried the same article.
* T/LRH PRO.  Temporary/LRH Public Relation Officer.

This is added upon by ‘Ability 316’, Jul 78 in article “The Value of Your Letters to Ron” that says: “One example was the ‘Tech Correction Roundup’ Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin, which Ron wrote after research following letters in from people like yourself. People write, and Ron listens.”. Referred is here to HCOB 24 Jan 77 “Tech Correction Round-up” that listed a whole variety of deviations of standard technology and which with this issue were corrected.

The full texts of these articles can be found in links here below:  (will both open as pop-up windows)
    ‘Clear News 145 (AOLA edition)’, Nov/Dec 77, article, “Ron's SO No.1 Line - What It Is, Its Value to Ron and Scientology”
  ‘Ability 316’, Jul 78, article: “The Value of Your Letters to Ron”
The nature of these articles quite clearly indicated that the original purpose of the SO #1 line had actually changed. It counteracts:
“This SO #1 line is a detection line. One never responds to originators in any other way than Peace and Understanding. One uses the condition (theta or entheta) of SO #1 letters from an area to get a view of how well the field, franchise and orgs are practicing Scientology there.”          LRH
(from HCO PL 22 Feb 65 III “Executive Director Comm Line Sec EDs”)
The focus is also put entirely on the person of L. Ron Hubbard. The SO #1 line was never all about L. Ron Hubbard which is very effectively confirmed by HCO PL 22 Feb 65 III “Executive Director Comm Line Sec EDs” & HCO PL 17 Sept 65 “Executive Letter Unit” (quoted earlier in section “The ‘SO #1 Line’, its original purpose, changes and the ‘LRH Communicator’”).

Below is the noteworthy portion of the notice that is found in ‘Advance! 53’, Jul-Aug 78. This may speak for itself:
“Can I really write to Ron?
It is a maxim in Scientology that ‘you can always write to Ron.’ But some people ask, ‘Can I really write to Ron? Certainly he must be too busy to bother with my letters.’
  Well, the fact is, Ron is never too busy to listen, never too busy to help. Ron values communication from Scientologists very highly. He wants to know how Scientologist are doing, what wins they are having, what they are running into.
  This is the way that Ron keeps in touch with the world of Scientology. People write him. People like you.
  Letters from people like you let Ron know about many things. The information that people send him helps him in technical research, organizational research, sociological research, dissemination, training – you name it.
  Ron likes to keep in touch with his many friends. He places the highest value on these friendships. He values your letters.
  ... [Standing Orders 1-3 and 2 further LRH quotations]
  Ron does want to hear from you. Write to him today, care of your nearest Church of Scientology.
  You can always write to Ron.”

The interesting portion of the notice found in ‘Ability 318 Major’, Sept 78:
“Write to Ron about his latest technical breakthrough.
Ron enjoys hearing from his many friends throughout the world.
  Find out about Ron's latest technical breakthrough, New Era Dianetics, then write to him about it.
  Ron likes to hear how his developments have been received, and the wins you are having with his technology.”

The interesting portion of the notice found in ‘Ability 319 Minor’, Oct 78:
“You can always write to Ron  
Tell Ron about your abilities gained, what you have gotten out of Dianetics, or just anything you want him to know.”

Go back 1979:       
‘The Auditor 154 (UK Edition)’, (Jun 79) reports: “81,023 Letters to Ron in one Year!”. It is interpreted as: “That's a sign of how many people realised that Ron meant it when he wrote:
  ‘You are my friends and I like to hear from my friends. Therefore the lines are wide open to your comm and from me to you. Love – Ron.’ (LRH ED 223 Int)”
. This issue of The Auditor also lists a table with letters received covering 1974 to 1978 (see illustration here under).
Statistics SO #1 LineNow who is going to answer all that mail? A simple calculation (81,023 divided with 365 days) amounts to 222 received letters each day for one year. That's a whole lot of mail to answer to. Let's assume that you answer 1 letter (includes reading it, getting paper, put in envelope, etc) in 1 minute, then still it would take more than 3½ hours of time each day for one whole year. This cuts significantly in the time you could spend on other things.
The following is what an old-timer Scientologist confided to me (came to Scientology in 1978 and shortly after joined staff and became a highly trained auditor): “Around Sep 79, maybe Oct, on a staff meeting it was shown the stats of ‘Letters to LRH’ it was about 70,000 (seventy thousands sic!) in only 9 or so months - and LRH was all answering them personally. Then everyday new PLs and HCOBs were released, all written by LRH. Every checksheet was a PL. And if you have ever put together a checksheet you can say how much time it takes. By all my honor to the old man, but that was impossible.”.

We can actually compare this with an article that appeared in ‘Clear News 130 (AOLA edition)’ 10 Dec 75 entitled “The AOLA Letter Registrars Are Answering Over 800 Letters a Week!!!”. It doesn't say how many Letter Registrars there were at AOLA but as it is plural it will be at least 2 of them, so let's assume that. Each of them then writes 400+ letters a week. It was expected/claimed that L. Ron Hubbard would write a total of 1554 letters each week (222 x 7). That is almost 4 times as much as each of these AOLA Letter Registrars did. Which in the article is proudly presented and commended. Mind also that this was the actual job of these Letter Registrars. L. Ron Hubbard however did it only as a side task. That any person would have done all that by himself under these conditions is indeed a sheer impossibility!

Go back 1980:       
The interesting portion of the notice found in ‘Advance! 63 (US Edition)’, (Mar 80):
  As you move up to OT, surviving better and better on all dynamics – let Ron know about your wins! He wants to hear how you are doing!”

The interesting portion of the notice found in ‘Ability 336 Minor’, (Apr 80):
“Write to Ron  
about your wins in surviving better with Scientology
  Write to Ron and let him know your wins and gains from his latest breakthroughs, such as the new Purification Rundown.

Go back 1982:       
‘Source Special Edition’, (Mar-Apr 82) has inserted Ron's Journal 34 “The Future of Scientology”. On the backside of this 4-page insert it amongst other says:  
“Ron would like to hear from you
You've read Ron's Journal 34.
Write Ron and let him know what you think.”

For that purpose this issue also had inserted a sheet of paper with the letter head:
“My Personal Message to Ron about RJ 34”

Go back 1984-85:       
Headings of the notice found in ‘Advance! 82 (US Edition)’, [ca Jan 84]:
“Write to Ron
You have a communication line to Ron!”

Headings of the notice found in ‘The Auditor 193 (US Edition)’, [Sept-Oct 84]:
“Ron Wants to Hear From You! Write Him Today!”

Headings of the notice found in ‘The Auditor 195 (US Edition)’, [Jan-Feb 85]:
“Ron Wants to hear of your wins applying Scientology and Dianetics technologies! Write him today!”

Back to Main Index Write to ‘International Management’ (1983-85)

Early numbers of the periodical ‘Scientology News International’ had this “You can always write to International Management” notice in them. By the time Issue 8 was issued in early 1986 it had turned to “Write to: Guillaume Lesevre, Executive Director International”. It was this person that actually headed the International Management Executive Committee (IMEC) that issued this periodical.

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Back to Main Index Write to ‘Executive Director International’ (ED Int) (1986-present)

At present this role/function has been taken over by the Executive Director International (ED Int). A position that had been established by HCO PL 11 Dec 80 I “Executive Director International” which is circumscribed as “THE MOST SENIOR ECCLESIASTICAL POST IN THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY OF CALIFORNIA”, as well as functioning as the “Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Mother Church”. “The Exec Dir Int assumes Ron's hat as worn by him prior to 1 September 66.”  Starting with early 1986 on we see the following notices appear:  
“The essence of good management is CARING what goes on.”  LRH
HCO PL 10 Nov 66 Good versus Bad Management
Following Ron's long-standing tradition of maintaining wide open the communication lines of scientology, you have an open line to the Executive Director International.
The Executive Director International cares. he would like to hear from you on any matter. You are appreciated and your communication is valuable.
   “The prevention of shrink and the continuation of expansion is the prime reason for the Executive Director's existence. To do it the Executive Director must have the proper Comm lines”.
LRH, HCO PL 22 Feb 65 Executive Director Comm Lines.
He is interested in your wins and will help you with any matter you care to write about, providing you with the exact Source reference on that subject.
Any communication sent will be given swift and on-Source attention.
Write to: Guillaume Lesevre, Executive Director International
4833 Fountain Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027 U.S.A.
           (from ‘International Scientology News 8’, [ca Feb-Mar 86])
The exact same text appears for the first time in periodical The Auditor since ‘The Auditor 201 (US Edition)’, early 86. It is obvious that the Open Line to L. Ron Hubbard was replaced and re-established with the Open Line to ED Int.

Biographies and L. Ron Hubbard (1961-present)

Back to Main Index The original status quo

“This morning I received a cable from an Org. An urgent cable. Did it say, ‘How do you assess for a Pre-Hav* level’ or something sensible? No, it didn't. It said, ‘Send us some biographical data for a newspaper article.’ I spit. That Org is doing the lousiest job possible in Technical and is all worked up to get publicity. What's this? Do they think a society in this shape will approve Scientology into power? Hell no! And to hell with this society. We're making a new one. So let's skip the approval button from a lot of wogs* and settle down to work to make new people and better people. Then maybe you'll have a society.”          LRH
(from HCO PL 26 May 61 (Reissued on 21 Jun 67) “A Message to the Executive Secretaries and All Org Staff; Quality Counts”)

Per the above it does not appear that L. Ron Hubbard wasn't all that keen in having some official biography written on his person. At least it is quite clear that he was not at all interested in that in the earlier developing years. Although it is true that bits and pieces of his life and experiences did appear implemented and were mentioned in his lectures. These however were regularly relayed in an anecdotal manner that usually only served to exemplify the matters he was discussing. It wasn't about him, it was about the concept and information he was forwarding to his listeners. All that what apparently did matter to him was his research, his findings, and to get them into proper use. We see this pounded at again and again.
“Clearing is now in the reach of every Scientologist.
Excellent Auditor training is now in the reach of every Academy.
And these are the only things in the long run that will count. ...
Deliver the goods. That's a crude way to put it. But if you want a new and better civilization you won't get it by advertising or worrying what people think of you.”          LRH
(from HCO PL 26 May 61 (Reissued on 21 Jun 67) “A Message to the Executive Secretaries and All Org Staff; Quality Counts”)

At times however questions had been asked about L. Ron Hubbard, who he was, and such. Naturally it would be wise to have a set of answers to these common questions asked. But it never really got to much more then just a brief synopsis or sorts placed at the back of published books.
An exception comes in the form of an article in the Scientology periodical ‘Ability 111’, Jan 59 “A Brief Biography of L. Ron Hubbard” (consult here, pop-up window). Further we find a rather brief but nonetheless flattering presentation included in HCO Information Letter, 24 Nov 63 “Essential Information Every Scientologist Should Know”. Its purpose was to “assist Scientologists” in to “correct certain misconceptions held by newspapers and areas of the public” (consult here, see in particular the section with heading “LRH”, pop-up window).
We also find a little notice in HCO PL 12 Sept 65 “Foundation Course Change”, that makes notice of the following:
“These should contain anything mentioned above, lists of Scientology books, a short LRH biography and anything else of interest to give them high reality on the extent and actuality of Scientology.”          LRH
Finally, worthy of notice is also the little publication ‘A Summary on Scientology for Scientists’ (issued in 1969, reissued 1977), that originally was OFFERED FOR PUBLICATION TO CERTAIN JOURNALS OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCES. Various information is relayed here about the person L. Ron Hubbard and battles fought. It is written by L. Ron Hubbard himself. The full text of this publication can be consulted here (pop-up window).

Back to Main Index An L. Ron Hubbard recording his autobiography on tape? (Jun 72)

On 14 Nov 1998 we have a Chris Owen placing this message on a newsgroup (A.R.S.) on the Internet:
“In the spring and summer of 1972, L. Ron Hubbard and his family were living in the luxurious Villa Laura in Tangier, Morocco, while his Sea Org flagship ‘Apollo’ was undergoing a refit.  Hubbard had produced brief biographical notes in previous years which, combined with his frequent personal recollections in lectures, formed the basis of the biographies in many of his works.  Now that he had time on his hands he set about recording a taped autobiography.  This was transcribed and on 6 June 1972 was sent to David Gaiman of the Guardian's Office World Wide at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead in England.  However, it was never published and never copyrighted.  It only came to light 12 years later in the trial of Gerry Armstrong, Hubbard's former official biographer, when it was released as evidence.  It has subsequently been used in the most recent biographical publication on Hubbard, ‘Images of a Lifetime’ (Bridge Publications, 1996).
The transcript takes up a good 30 pages and is by far the most complete autobiographical statement by Hubbard.  It is far more detailed than his other such statements, and - this will not surprise anyone who has read critical biography of Hubbard - it markedly contradicts many of the documented facts.  It also reads rather like one of Hubbard's pulp stories - he evidently thought of himself almost as a fictional hero, a trait which is equally evident from his childhood diaries.”
Then in this posting and a 2nd one following on 15 Dec 1998 this Chris Owen starts “dissecting” various pieces of text. He first places snippets (supposedly from this transcribed biography) and let it follow with his annotations.

There are a few things though that are not really clear to me as yet. As in (1) where do we find an available copy of this transcript made from this tape recording, I would assume this Chris Owen must have gotten it from some place; and (2) the snippets that we find in the publication ‘Images of a Lifetime’ do not match the ones that Chris Owen is reproducing in his 2 postings in this newsgroup, why is that?
Another thing would be what happened with the supposed original audio recording?

The problem we are having here is that all this is simply not properly being authenticated. Anyone can run off some supposed transcript from some supposed audio recording, and indicate on it that this is an accurate transcript about this and that. Here proper authentication would be considered of the greatest importance because Chris Owen here notes that this supposed transcript “markedly contradicts many of the documented facts”. Since, this has hit the media channels and it seriously has been damaging the reputation of the person L. Ron Hubbard. People just agree upon that this would be authentic material of some sort. Well, factually we know nothing about that actually.

It leaves us with all sorts of unanswered questions. Most prominently, (1) why would L. Ron Hubbard suddenly be interested in writing some sort of biography, when he was never interested in that previously?; and (2) why was it never published during the time it was recorded and a transcript readily made, why did it had to mysteriously surface in 1984 where a Gerry Armstrong was accused of stealing these very materials?

Gerry Armstrong, who is that? Somebody was stealing such materials? I actually explain these occurrences elsewhere on these pages. Consult at below link:  (separate window)
    “Origin and consequence of the affair involving Gerry Armstrong”

Back to Main Index Presentation of L. Ron Hubbard - The marking of a change (Sept 73)

It is is only until 1973 that particular attention was drawn to his person. September 1973 marks the time that suddenly an extensive use of photographs of L. Ron Hubbard found their way into being published in the various Scientology magazines. Late 1973 marks the time of the preparation of the book ‘Hymn of Asia’ (released December 1974) that suggest as if L. Ron Hubbard was the successor of Buddha of some sort. This attention to his person was in fact quite sudden. The question to ask is why all this?

September 1973 also sees the release of the little book ‘Mission Into Time’, which basically is an enlarged re-release of ‘A Test of Whole Track Recall’ (released 1968 as a Limited Edition). The publication ‘Mission Into Time’ was first distributed and printed in Denmark, immediately followed by the US edition in October 1973.
An error actually has slipped into its presentation in ‘The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology: Volume VIII, 1972-1975’ (1976 release), on page 212 we see that the publication is dated to September 1972. Nonetheless the actual books are quite clearly copyrighted 1968 & 1973. Also ‘What Is Scientology?’ (1978 edition) dates it to 1973. Odd enough the error has been upheld in ‘The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology: Volume X, 1972-1976’ (1991 release) on page 206. It is of significance to actually date this re-release properly as is explained following here below.
Now, this re-release of September 1973 added a rather detailed and sort of lengthy biographical overview of L. Ron Hubbard to it. The previously mentioned ‘The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology: Volume VIII, 1972-1975’ (1976 release) notes even on page 212: “The book begins with perhaps the best biography of L. Ron Hubbard in print. It includes his explorations and expeditions in the physical universe in this century on planet earth, as well as his explorations into the realm of the mind.”.
See chapter entitled “Introduction: Explorer of Two Realms” (pages 3-24). It can be consulted in full here (pop-up window). Now, if we regard what this chapter tells, then we can conclude that since September 1973 the presentation of the person L. Ron Hubbard clearly goes into a different direction. Suddenly his person has been placed into the spotlights. The earlier position of L. Ron Hubbard in the previous years had been rather clear-cut. And now this? Why would this have occurred more than 22 years after the release of the book Dianetics? Keeping in mind the rumours that have been going around and the fact that L. Ron Hubbard mysteriously had been out of reach during December 1972-September 1973. Whatever the true story is behind these rumours, we can quite positively establish that the person, or rather the presentation of his person, went for a turn!

Interesting to be mentioned here is also the allegorical presentation of the person of L. Ron Hubbard in ‘What Is Scientology?’ (1978 edition) as part of the illustrative introduction to this book (82 pages full of illustrations) that was placed foregoing Chapter 1. Let's suffice to say that this kind of presentation of his person was rather different then it had been prior to September 1973.

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Back to Main Index The initiative for an ‘official’ biography on L. Ron Hubbard? (since Jan 80)
(Includes:  Omar V. Garrison;  L. Fletcher Prouty)

Here we find documentation and testimonies about two persons that had been approached to write this official (Church of Scientology approved) biography.

Omar V. Garrison

Finally we arrive then in 1980. The ‘Appendix’ of ‘ Memorandum of Intended Decision’ by Judge Paul G. Breckenridge Jr. (Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No. C 420153; dated 20 Jun 84) relates:
“On January 8, 1980, Defendant Armstrong wrote a petition to Hubbard requesting his permission to perform the research for a biography to be done about his life. ... Hubbard approved the petition, and Defendant Armstrong became the L. Ron Hubbard Personal Relations Officer Researcher (PPRO Res).”
“In June of 1980 Defendant Armstrong became involved in the selection of a writer for the Hubbard biography. Defendant Armstrong learned that Hubbard had approved of a biography proposal prepared by Omar Garrison, a writer who was not a member of Scientology.”
(details about the matter with Gerry Armstrong I have addressed in a separate article entitled “The tale of Gerry Armstrong and his ‘affirmations’” that can be consulted here, separate window)

Further information from Omar V. Garrision about this at link here below:  (pop-up window)
    “Declaration of Omar V. Garrison, dated 18 Apr 83”

Thus suddenly an ‘official’ biography to be written? So why would he submit to this now, 30 whole years after the main book on the subject of Dianetics/Scientology had been published? And 10 years after the job undertaken had been wrapped up?
“So technical progress has been: ...
(from ‘LRH ED 117 Int’, 26 Aug 70 “Current Cases”)

L. Fletcher Prouty

There is an additional record of a biography to be written on L. Ron Hubbard according to L. Fletcher Prouty (a retired U.S. Force Colonel that for 9 years was associated with the Pentagon), according to a letter he wrote 1 Jun ’95, to Patrick Jost. These events as described here below are dating to the early ’80s:
“Many years ago I was asked to write the biography of LRH by the Bridge people. I worked on the project for years and even was invited to American Booksellers Ass'n meetings where I was featured as the ‘LRH Biographer’ to be. ...
Then LRH died, and things cooled off for a bit. I was busy and without their continued support, or retainer from Bridge, I had no recourse but to stop my work and to get on with other things.”
Further commenting in this same letter:
“... I am personally convinced that LRH was a most extraordinary man and that his true ‘biography’ if ever printed will be a blockbuster supreme. His ‘role’ in the government was enormous.”

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The late ’80s then saw the initiation of a biographical project. This project collected and presented various biographical material on L. Ron Hubbard, which publications have become known as the Ron Series. It is simply a collection of nice colourful booklets (ca 72 pages each), aiming to unfold various aspects of his life and oeuvre.
Here it can be noted that the full attention is on the person L. Ron Hubbard. We do find that various parts of his life have been left out systematically in this series, unfavourable or uncomfortable occurrences may not be mentioned. We then find no personal information, about his wife or his children. It's like they don't exist. The presentation of the information I also deem to be a bit pompous. In the sense that we get the impression that he must have been sort of superhuman, at least this is the impression we get from how the information is being presented in these releases. With this I mean to say that they are not an objective factual and complete presentation of pure data, it is rather that it has been patched up in order to raise the icon of the person L. Ron Hubbard.
To date as far as I know, the following 21 titles have been released in this series:
    Ron - The Writer (Issue 1): The legend begins (1989)
Ron - Master Mariner (Issue 1): Sea Captain (1991)
Ron - The Auditor: From Research to Application (1991)
Ron - The Philosopher (Issue 1): the Quest for Truth (1991)
Ron - The Philosopher (Issue 2): The Spirit of Man (1991)
Ron - The Writer (Issue 2): Changing a Genre (1992)
Ron - Master Mariner (Issue 2): Yachtsman (1994)
Ron - The Music Maker (1995)
Ron - The Poet/Lyricist (1995)
Ron - The Humanitarian: The Road to Self-Respect (1995)
Ron - The Philosopher: The Rediscovery of the Human Soul (1996)
Ron - Adventurer/Explorer: Daring Deeds and Unknown Realms (1996)
Ron - The Humanitarian: Education (1996)
Ron - The Humanitarian: Rehabilitating a Drugged Society (1996)
Ron - The Writer: The Shaping of Popular Fiction (1997)
Ron - Letters and Journals: Literary Correspondence (1997)
Ron - The Humanitarian: Freedom Fighter, Articles and Essays (1997)
Ron - Letters and Journals: Early Years of Adventure (1997)
Ron - The Artist: Art and Philosophy of Art (1998)
Ron - Letters and Journals: The Dianetics Letters (1998)
Ron - The Photographer: Writing with Light (1999)
Announced for release in this series have also been:
    Ron - The Aviator
Ron - The Administrator
Ron - The Horticulturist
But I found no record of them having been released.

The year 1995 also saw the release of ‘L. Ron Hubbard - A Profile’. This appears to serve best as a broad overview and introduction of the person L. Ron Hubbard, and a brief listing of his main achievements.

Then the year 1996 saw the release of ‘L. Ron Hubbard - Images of a Lifetime’ A very large sized (and heavy) bound book printed on high quality paper. Not a biography per sé, but only intending to be a pictorial allegory of the earlier years of L. Ron Hubbard. It is rather interesting that the photographic track in the book basically ends at 1972. Only a few photographs are still to be seen dated 1974, but we find nothing from the period after that till 1986. It is also quite noteworthy that we find no photographs that include Mary Sue Hubbard or any of their children, they are simply not on any of the photographs that are contained in this publication. Nonetheless he himself regarded them being an important part of his life.

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(Includes:  An official biography released (2012))

Since the early 2000s we find indications that an official biography (compiled by the Church of Scientology) would be in preparation. Here we have a Dan Sherman that at main Scientology meetings is referred to as the Official LRH Biographer. At these meetings he then relates about various incidents from the life of L. Ron Hubbard, showing photo materials, documents, and even presents video interviews with persons that had met L. Ron Hubbard one time or another and that were telling about their experiences and impressions. I have viewed quite a few of these video representations, and they are rather interesting. My impression is however also that the focus is entirely surrounding L. Ron Hubbard, as if no other person had contributed anything to the development of the subject of Dianetics and Scientology. These video presentations do give the impression that they have been edited.
Another problem presents itself in the form of that one has to ask oneself why we do not see any interviews with 3 of his today living children, Diana, Suzette and Arthur? Where are they? Wouldn't they have something to tell? The last appearance of Diana dates to 1979, scheduled to speak at an event. At least Diana and the deceased Quentin (Class XII auditor) used to speak at meetings, they were both quite active and spoke regularly at Scientology organized events. Arthur was the artist in the family, it would appear that he was responsible for various of the painted dust wrappers that fancied the basic book releases from the mid ’70s to the mid ’80s. During the re-release of these 22 books during 1988-89 they were all exchanged. It is rumoured that Diana at present would still held some senior position at some place in the Scientology organization. The latest I can find about her dates to 1993, in which year we see the release of this publication ‘Division 6: Testing Line Drills’ that carries an introduction signed with “Cmdr. Diana Hubbard, Div 6 Internal, Executive International”. But why haven't we seen her anymore at any meetings since 1979? So, why do we never see Diana, Suzette and Arthur?

Matters appear to have gone completely over the boards. Today the subject of Dianetics and Scientology is being presented as if about everything had been done single-handedly and was solely written by L. Ron Hubbard. This is being reflected in about all the latest releases and those that are presently in use and available. Now, this presentation is not quite correct, not quite. Today within the Church of Scientology the person L. Ron Hubbard has pretty much been given the status of being some sort of superhuman. Nonetheless the authentic resources as found on tape recordings and early written records make it rather clear that he did not present himself as such, nor was he doing all these things all by himself.
Today it really isn't anymore as it once was expressed in HCO PL 26 May 61 “Quality Counts”. (see quotations in chapter “The original status quo”)

An official biography released (2012)

Then finally in March 2012, on the LRH Birthday Celebration event, we see the release of ‘The L. Ron Hubbard Series: The Complete Biographical Encyclopedia’. A 16-volume set dealing with various facets of the life of L. Ron Hubbard, or so we are told. From this release it would seem though that L. Ron Hubbard never had married or has had any children, as we simply learn nothing about all that. I take it a 17th volume was put back into the archives, presently not on sale. We are obviously missing here the tale and reminiscences of his wife Mary Sue Hubbard and the 4 children he had with here, of which 3 are still alive today.
One may also ask oneself if these series of volumes can rightfully be called a biography as we are missing out on detailed information and facts. For example who were the members of the Apollo Stars, when did they dissolve as a music group, and what was the reason for that? You won't get that sort of information from these volumes. The volumes only presents story telling. It is going around telling things, but fail to give specifics that one would like to learn about. The main value of this release would be the high quality reproduced photographic materials and artifacts. Biographically speaking it carries very little value. It is just another attempt for idolization of the person L. Ron Hubbard, and a lot of bragging how grand he was, doing all these things all by himself, and having no wife or children.

It comprises of the following volumes:
    L. Ron Hubbard: A Profile
Humanitarian: Education, Literacy & Civilization
Humanitarian: Rehabilitating a Drugged Society
Humanitarian: The Road to Self-Respect
Freedom Fighter: Articles & Essays
Philosopher & Founder: Rediscovery of the Human Soul
Dianetics: Letters & Journals
Adventurer/Explorer: Daring Deeds & Unknown Realms
Early Years of Adventure: Letters & Journals
Writer: The Shaping of Popular Fiction
Literary Correspondence: Letters & Journals
Music Maker: Composer & Performer
Poet/Lyricist: The Aesthetics of Verse
Photographer: Writing with Light
Horticulture: For a Greener World
Master Mariner: At the Helm Across Seven Seas

Interesting here is that I have found that quite a few entries in these series of books offer pieces of text signed with L. Ron Hubbard. I did recognize many of these selected pieces of text as extracts taken from internal church releases, amongst other Flag Orders. A problem here is that these entries fail to indicate where it originally was published or where it is taken from! The source referencing as we find in these series of books commonly are simply missing.
Also interesting are the efforts the organization has taken to have these series of books placed in libraries all around this planet. In order to establish that they have started these donation projects in where the Scientology parishioner is persuaded to donate funds for this purpose.
You can read more about the Church of Scientology promotion of these series here (external link) (last checked: 3 Sept 2019).

Noteworthy annotations

Back to Main Index Wife and children ...

Now, where is the family of L. Ron Hubbard? Why do we never see his 3 still living children at any International Scientology events? Why do neither of them appear in these interview sections of these tape plays shown at these events, as if they would have nothing to say? They haven't been around or are spoken about since 1980! Now, why is that?

We don't either learn about his family in any of these biographical releases issued by the Church of Scientology. Why is that?

At Saint Hill Manor, 1959

The Scientology periodical ‘The Auditor 43’, [Dec ’68] had a special colour photo supplement in where L. Ron Hubbard listed various of his “Favourite Things”, it included boats, photography, his wife, their 4 children, and the dog Vixie. All these photographs came with accompanying text from L. Ron Hubbard. About his wife he wrote: “Mary Sue, my dear wife, who has helped and contributed so much since the early days of dianetics.”  LRH.
Nonetheless even when she died in 2002, the Church of Scientology made no mention even of that occurrence! Astonishingly enough however, something they did do, was physically removing her name from the list of contributors in the next issue of Impact, the periodical of International Association of Scientologists (IAS). I guess then that if you die, then suddenly you are not worthy to be listed as (or being) a contributor anymore.

It has frequently affronted me why the regular Scientology parishioner just does not respond to that! Do they think for some reason that it would be normal or correct that the Church of Scientology has literally blacklisted the direct family and ascendents of L. Ron Hubbard? You just don't get the parishioner to talk about that, but you can notice they get uncomfortable if confronted with this. After all what can they say that justifies it? Some people really need to start to wake up here! Now, what was Scientology all about again?
At one time I even received the clarification from some parishioner who figured that it would be logical that we don't see his family, as then people would direct devotion to them instead of to L. Ron Hubbard. Excuse me? I pointed out that the subject matter does not require any devotion. Then I inquired if he then thought that it was better that Mr. David Miscavige receives that said devotion, as it appears he would appear at the center of everything, even releasing new tech himself creating this Golden Age of Tech. In this way he was as it were overshadowing L. Ron Hubbard. After I had pointed that out to him he frowned and turned awfully quiet, you could hear a pin drop. He didn't say another word about it. I persistently find that matters are being justified, but not necessarily through the use of reason!

More info about Mary Sue and Quentin here, and some further family photographs here (separate windows).



     ..R, ..RA, ..RB (etc) or #R, #RA (etc):
For example: ‘HCO PL 24 Sept 70R’ & ‘HCO PL 24 Sept 70RA, etc. The given date denotes the first time it has been published in issue-form. The R, RA indication may also follow after an issue-number. The R stands for ‘Revision’ and would refer to that it has been revised since it was first published. If it is revised a 2nd time it is indicated as RA, a 3rd time RB, then RC, and so on.
Advanced Organization Los Angeles’: A Scientology organization which services higher level auditing & training, located in Los Angeles, USA.
     audit, auditing, auditor:
The application of Scientology processes and procedures to someone by a trained auditor (listener). The goal of the auditor is to make the receiver of the auditing look at incidents and reduce the mental charge which may lay upon them. The auditor may not evaluate and has to adhere to the Auditor's code.
Case/Supervisor’.  1. That person in a Scientology Church who gives instructions regarding, and supervises the auditing of preclears. The abbreviation C/S can refer to the Case Supervisor or to the written instructions of a case supervisor depending on context. (BTB 12 Apr 72R)  2. The C/S is the case supervisor. He has to be an accomplished and properly certified auditor and a person trained additionally to supervise cases. The C/S is the auditor's “handler.” He tells the auditor what to do, corrects his tech, keeps the lines straight and keeps the auditor calm and willing and winning. The C/S is the pc's case director. His actions are done for the pc. (Dianetics Today, Bk. 3, p. 545)
     Flag Order (FO):
This is the equivalent to a policy letter (HCO PL) in the Sea Org (senior organization within the Church of Scientology). Contains policy and sea technical materials. They are numbered and dated. They do not decay, HCO PLs and FOs are both in effect on Sea Org orgs, ships, offices and bases. Black ink on white paper. Distribution to all Sea Org members. It is vital for SO units to have master files and quantity of FOs from which hats can be made up for SO personnel and courses. (HCO PL 24 Sept 70R)
HCO Area Secretary’.  1. The HCO Area Secretary (HAS) has the function of establishing the org. (HCO PL 7 Jul 71)  2. The HAS establishes, forms, puts there, corrects, posts, hats, equips, org boards, stats, corrects the org. All on a long term basis. (FO 2794)  He is in charge of the HCO Division (Div. 1).
    HCO PL:
Hubbard Communication Office Policy Letter’. Color flash–green ink on white paper. Written by LRH only, but only so starting from January 1974. These are the organizational and administrative issue line. For more information go here (separate window).
An usual abbreviation for ‘L. Ron Hubbard’.
     LRH Communicator:
The person in a Scientology organization who represents and forwards the communications from L. Ron Hubbard and assures that his orders, dispatches, directives, policy letters and secretarials are issued and complied with.
     LRH ED:
L. Ron Hubbard Executive Directive’. Earlier called SEC EDs (Secretarial EDs). These are issued by LRH to various areas. They are not valid longer than one year if fully complied with when they are automatically retired. They otherwise remain valid until fully complied with or until amended or cancelled by another LRH ED. They carry current line, projects, programs, immediate orders and directions. They are numbered for area and sequence for the area and are sent to staffs or specific posts in orgs. They are blue ink on white paper with a special heading. (HCO PL 24 Sept 70R)
Short for ‘organization(s)’.
     ‘The Organization Executive Course’:
Subtitled in the 1970-74 release: ‘An Encyclopedia of Scientology Policy’. This is a series of books that contain the HCO PLs, and any references that are primarily dealing with administrative matters. They are divided up division wise. The HCO PLs are printed in green ink on white paper, and the volumes themselves come in green bindings. These books may also be referred to as the ‘green volumes’ or even ‘OEC volumes’. The ‘old green volumes’ then would refer to the 1970-74 release, the ‘new green volumes’ instead to the 1991 release. See a listing of published volumes here (pop-up window).
     preclear (pc):
1. A person who, through Scientology processing, is finding out more about himself and life. (The Phoenix Lectures, p. 20)  2. A spiritual being who is now on the road to becoming Clear, hence preclear. (HCOB 5 Apr 69)  3. One who is discovering things about himself and who is becoming clearer. (HCO PL 21 Aug 62)
A series of steps which are auditing actions and processes designed to handle a specific aspect of a case and which have a known end phenomena. Example: Introspection Rundown. (LRH Def. Notes)  As a rule this mostly works as a corrective action and not as a mandatory part of the Bridge.
     Sea Org (SO):
Short for ‘Sea Organization’. This is the senior organization within the Church of Scientology that see to it that Advanced Organizations (AOs) and the Class IV-V organizations do function well. They send out so-called missions if there are indications or if they find that improvement or corrections are called for. They also provide for dissemination and other programs that the Scientology organizations are to comply with. Missions may be send out to implement these and instruct the organizations.
     Sec ED:
Secretarial Executive Directive’. A Sec ED is an early LRH ED. An Executive Directive that is written and issued by L. Ron Hubbard. 
Short for statistic(s).
     ‘The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology’:
This is a series of books that contain the HCOBs, and any references that are primarily dealing with technical matters. The HCOBs are printed in red ink on white paper, and the volumes themselves come in red bindings. The references are arranged in chronological release order (per issue date). These books may also be referred to as the ‘red volumes’. The ‘old red volumes’ then would refer to the 1976-80 release, the ‘new red volumes’ instead to the 1991 release. See a listing of published volumes here (pop-up window).
worthy oriental gentleman’. 1. This means a common ordinary run-of-the-mill garden-variety humanoid. (SH Spec 82, 6611C29)  2. A wog is somebody who isn't even trying. (SH Spec 73, 6608C02)

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