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Some of the external links provided here may by some persons or entities considered controversial. Be it noted though that primarily these links are supplied that account for further study, and/or information regarding the topics relating to the subject of Scientology and/or angles that have been tackled in the studies into the subject of Scientology and related, as found on this website. None of these links provided are for the sake of dissemination, propaganda or any similar such reason! If you wish a link added on this page it has to answer to these criteria!
It also should not be mistaken as if I approve of or particularly would agree with all the data found at these various links. There are no such criteria exercised!
I am also aware of that some websites linked to will not be appreciated by the Church of Scientology representatives. This simply can not be helped. Mind that the subject of Scientology is explicitly opposed to any such exerted control! It is though noted that anti-Scientology websites, as a rule, do not even link to them. Mind also that my sole aim has been and still is to provide for historical information. In addition none of the websites listed are so called anti-Scientology websites. The subject will defend itself, and I am sure it will do so successfully!


A selection of official websites ...
The subject of Scientology analyzed ...
Valuable historical notices and testimonies ...

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‘Official Church of Scientology Home Page & Online Videos’ 
Go to ABLE Homepage
“Purpose of reversing the social decay that threatens our societies by resolving the worst problems that plague man today — drugs, crime, illiteracy and immorality”
  ‘Citizen Commission of Human Rights’ “Dedicated to investigating and exposing psychiatric violations of human rights. It also ensures that criminal acts within the psychiatric industry are reported to the proper authorities and acted upon.”
  ‘The Anatomy of the Human Mind Course’ Video's on Dianetics from ‘Axiom 10 Productions’

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    ‘Scientology Myths’
“What is fact? What is fiction?” 
(Notice: Website is pro Church of Scientology, it presents various unique information and interesting angles onto matters, mind though that the conclusions made are not always historically correct and/or biased)
  ‘Another look at Scientology’ “An ex-member takes a critical look at both sides of the controversy” (Bernie's site) (his blogspot)
  ‘My Responses to Various Criticisms of Scientology’ (site mirror)
Attempts to clarify various usual misconceptions from a pro-Scientology point of view (Freddie's site)
  ‘Freie Scientologen’ An array of research papers (primarily in German language though), but it carries an English and even a Dutch section
  ‘Robert Dam on the Church of Scientology (CoS)’  An array of personal observations and experiences in a variety of topics
  ‘Church of Spiritual Technology - Owns and controls all of Scientology’
(site mirror) []
A database of documents and timelines relating to the Church of Scientology corporation
  ‘Veritas - What's behind the L. Ron Hubbard Library?’ (site mirror) Investigates the Church of Scientology corporation
  ‘True LRH’
(the original website has gone offline after Oct 2017, link provided is from web archive)
An effort to track and document Scientology publications and what had changed with these since the ‘Basic Book’ re-releases in 2007

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    ‘Antology’ (by Antony ‘Ant’ Phillips) This is of particular interest because here we have a Scientology old-timer from England that got hooked up in 1954. On this blog he writes about his experiences and the things he has been involved in.
Various articles:  (by Patricia Krenik)
- “The Beginning”
- “Overview of Early Days in Dianetics and Scientology”
- “The LRH I Knew”
- “Running ‘Objectives’”
- “About disconnection..., a reply”
- “Standard Dn. vs. NED, a reply”
A founding Scientologist from 1951 reminisces and relates about important information about the beginning days of Scientology.
  “L. Ron Hubbard, the Navy & World War II: Revisited” (by Margaret Lake) This presents a rather thorough study of the military past of L. Ron Hubbard complete with documents. An independent initiative.
(This is an article found on the website ‘Scientology Myths’ - note that this is a different website than the one going by the same name listed in previous chapter!)

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