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Wise Old Goat searching through books


On this site you will find a selection of various information and studies in a variety of topics that somehow have catched my attention through the years. It travels from childhood memories through worthwhile information not generally known to rather serious researches in some topics. Diving into actual archives and books always has been a natural part of it.

About this site
Creation vs evolution
Film & television
Novelist and speaker
    Marie Corelli
Writer and researcher
    L. Ron Hubbard
Speaker and writer
    Jiddu Krishnamurti
Comic artists
Nederlandstalig (Dutch)
På svenska (Swedish)

Some of the subjects considered on these pages!
Jiddu Krishnamurti 
  An interesting speaker (also in swedish)
Marie Corelli 
  An exceptional novelist of the English Victorian Era (also in swedish)
L. Ron Hubbard 
  Founder of Scientology, made some interesting discoveries
Rupert Bear 
  A comic figure born in 1920 and created by Mary Tourtel (also in dutch)
André Franquin 
  Comic artist, creator of Gaston & Marsupilami
Expressionism in filmmaking 
  Fritz Lang, Murnau, Dreyer, Eisenstein, does that ring a bell?
  The art of Gerry Anderson: ‘Thunderbirds’, ‘Stingray’, ‘Supercar’ etc...
Television favourites 
  Catweazle, Thunderbirds, Floris .....
Witch hunt through the ages 
  Mass-psychosis & sect behaviour
  Some explanation about, also various issues relating to alterations
Evolution vs creation? 
  Is live possible without it being created? (also in swedish)
Books & book collecting 
  Bibliographical research (Krishnamurti, Corelli & Rupert Bear)
Experimental music (1960/70)
  John Mayall, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Emerson, Bob Dylan........